Also play new tricks?There is no other practical action after Lithuania, but starts at the name.

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Also play new tricks?There is no other practical action after Lithuania, but starts at the name.

2022-01-28 18:11:18 65 ℃

After a long time, Lithuania used many ways to address China's pressure, and they were looking for foreign aid, but also to the EU and WTOs, and never want to make some practical action in the alleviation relationship, and finally Still nothing.

Recently, Lithuania came up again with new tricks. According to foreign media reports, on January 27th, Lithuania President Najersa said in an interview that he will urge Lithuania's foreign minister to fix the name of the "Taiwan Representative Office" to alleviate the contradiction between neutral.

However, it seems that Lithuania is making "concession", in fact, in return, and also doing hands and feet on the name. Their amendment, in fact, is to change the "Taiwan Representative Office" to "Taiwan People's Representative Office", which seems to have changed, but there is no correction.

It is to know that Taiwan's "Representative Office" in Europe has a unified name called "Taipei Representative" instead of what they said, "The Taiwan People's Representative Office", which is completely in the middle of the middle. Lithuania thought that there was a change in the name of the rename, it can be seen as a correction error, in fact, did not realize that they are really wrong.

Lithuania plays a heart in the name, nothing more than two aspect is used. First, use stupid to test water. They pretend that I don't know what the Chinese want, when the outside world is adviseting them to recognize them to China, the power of public opinion is also forced to take practical actions as soon as possible. Coupled with the outside world, it is also the meaning of the United States, so Lithuania also has no choice.

But change, changed, there is no clear request, Lithuania took the opportunity to diamond this empty. Make a change in the rename, but change the soup without changing the medicine, and then facilitate the push public opinion to China. Since then, Lithuania go to "Caution" has also said that the renaming has changed, if China still does not accept your hand, they can also play, it is not still in China.

Second, that is, the rename is also the same as the authorities. If you want to think, the Taiwan authorities will definitely refuse to rename, so it is not only for the steady station, and in order to cope with China, Lithuania will think of this two full beauty.

Unfortunately, not only China will not buy, the office authorities are also jumping up against this. Everything is now, Lithuania thinks that they can't give sincerity, and China will so easily forgive them? Otherwise, China still has no pillow, etc.

"Taiwan Representative Office" does not change the name, what is the name of the change, China does not change attitude. Unless the Lithuanian and Taiwan authorities "break", give enough guarantees, will not be able to make some secret movements behind the Taiwan authorities, and China will have loose, and it is possible to make the neutral relationship began to transform.

Anyway, Lithuania is consumed, and what is lost in China. Waste more than a day, you will have more economic losses to Lithuania. Nowadays, there are already many people who have to withdraw from Lithuania. Over time, the number of income will only be increased, and they want to be smart to play, and finally unlucky is not Lithuania.

There are many people waiting around the last end of Lithuania, but it will definitely not express sympathy. On the first two days, Slovenia helped the Lithuanian speaking, they have begun to panic, they are subject to some pressure from China. There is now no country to save Lithuania in the water fire.

China is really wise to use "warm water frog" to deal with the hard Lithuania. If Lithuania is really eased, you should clear what you have to do, and you can delay the time to play the heart, it is just their own.