New US Ambassador to China, why is him?

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New US Ambassador to China, why is him?

2022-01-28 18:11:29 62 ℃

China New Network January 28th (Reporter Meng Xiangjun) The US Ambassador US Ambassador to China has finally ushered in a person in the air in the air.

Washington January 25th, Nicholas Burns sworn as a new Ambassador to China.

Data map: US Ambassador to China Burns.

Burns born in 1956 in New York, USA, will speak in four countries, but does not include Chinese. Its deputy secretary of State, Greece and NAT ambassador, etc.

[Why is Burns? 】

As a senior diplomat, Burns' experience is quite rich - since the 80s entered the United States, from Ren to Obama, his career has at least across the 5th US President. He is closely related to the Democratic Democratic Circle of Bulin Ken, Shali Wen.

In August 2021, Bunden nominates Berns for ambassador to China. This important person selection surfaces, causing external attention.

Professor Li Haidong, a senior Department of International Relations, said that Bernes is a "parties considered more appropriate". Regardless of reputation, ability, experience, style, regardless of the Democratic Party or the Republican Government, they are generally affirmed.

Data map: US President Biden.

In addition, Biden is a highlight representative of the construction and democratic Party, and Berns is the supporters of the political elite, and the two appreciate each other. During the assistance of Biden Campaign, Berns provided many valuable, trustid advocates suggestions.

Another important factor is that Biden hopes that Burns will make the United States to the experience of Europe (Russian) diplomacy after the Cold War, "Turn" in the Asia-Pacific region, and Li Haidong believes.

[Reality facing Biden]

"The domestic issues facing Biden are very complicated. It is necessary to deal with it. Bunden is over a year, but the service of the Ambassador to China is still vacant, reflecting the administrative efficiency, from the program, it is pressure ". Jin Guorong, Vice President of the School of International Relations, China, pointed out in China and

Li Haidong also said that Biden may not expect that the hospital approval Berns dragged so long, damaging his diplomacy.

Data Map: American White House.

This reflects the tear of the US Congress and the White House, quite serious. Democratic, Republican two-party party is also a lot of political transactions between Congress nominated certification. Li Haidong analyzes that the United States is unhealthy and domestic political environment produces huge damage to its diplomacy.

Li Haidong pointed out that the White House was deeply strong and constrained by the United States. Jin Canrong further analyzed that the current American strategic community, the decision-making layer split on Hua attitude, and the political power is not big enough, the political foundation is not strong enough, and it is impossible to fully coordinate.

[Challenge of Sino-US Relations]

Two experts believe that Biden spent a year to explore how to deal with China, ultimately in the so-called "Competition, Confrontation, Cooperation), the competition is mainly, and the individual areas can be Thoughts on cooperation.

Data Map: US medium-term election, a voting point in Manhattan, New York.

2022 is the "period of the" period "in the US. Two experts said that every election year, the US domestic political atmosphere will be very unfriend, criticizing China as if it is "political correct." This year, the flexibility of US policies is very challenging.

Moreover, Li Haidong pointed out that many disputes and challenges between China and the United States are because of the US interference, this approach has great destructive. In the United States, the power politics is inextricably related to the relationship between the big country, making it difficult for people to optimize their policies.

What is Burns come? 】

Sino-US relations are intricate, the current most important challenge is how to better control and control. Jinqirong said that Sino-US relations are now in a structural competition. As a ambassador, Bernes is mainly to fulfill the will of President, and the role is limited. Burns's inauguration ended the "very state" of the Ambassador to China, helping to communicate between China and the United States, but don't have too much expectations.

Li Haidong pointed out that although Berns has undertaken the role of Hua, "Communication Pipeline" role trusted by Biden, but is still only the communicators and executors of US foreign policy, not the initiator. The right to decision is in the White House, not on the ambassador.

Data Map: Burns attends the US Senate Nomination Hearing. China News Service Reporter Shaoxin Photo

US Deputy Secretary of State, Sherman, published, was presented to him, and said that he would "as a strong voice" to protect and promote US interests. Ambassador will be responsible for "helping guidance" to compete with the central government policy.

Once the end, Burns must reflect flexible and flexibility. If you still have a confirmation of the nominating college-oriented language logic to the Chinese affairs, "this ambassador is not good", Li Haidong believes. (Finish)