US media: China uses a "second-level sanctions" similar to the United States in China

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US media: China uses a "second-level sanctions" similar to the United States in China

2022-01-28 18:11:20 42 ℃

According to the Global Network reported that due Lithuania trying to provoke China Taiwan issue, China led to great dissatisfaction, confrontation with Lithuania, the economic pressure on the Chinese side for the first time the United States similar to a powerful "secondary sanctions", so that Lithuania Under pressure to bow to admit to China. Have to say that this pressure is applied is of great significance, and now the Chinese are putting this pressure on multinationals operating in China, to cut off contact with those companies and some overseas countries of the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania accepts sanctions

Since the Lithuanian side direct trade relations between China and the relatively limited, but many Lithuanian party companies with Chinese factories supply multinational companies have maintained very close economic and trade relations, according to "Reuters" reports, such as German companies have seen their business in China stalled, so Germany was recently carried out to put pressure on the Lithuanian government to reach China's requirements.

After mistakes in Lithuania, China does not let the opportunity to promptly corrected, but the face of China's position is very not got the idea Lithuanian side, the Chinese side demands cubic show sincerity, he illustrates his point with practical action, Cube also did not begin to correct, but issued a statement prevarication text questions are not, in that case then Lithuania must obediently accept the Chinese sanctions.

Hardcore controversy

Has not correct their attitude of Lithuania after the Taiwan-related issues due to pay a huge price, Vilnius authorities began Shuaqi small mind, irrelevant and make a statement to respond to China several times, despite the certainty of his own show will correct their mistakes, but from a practical point of view Lithuania action, or hardcore.

This Washington after witnessing Lithuania sanctions, is also very "kind" reminder Lithuania, when about to let Taiwan authorities, "Taiwan Office" was renamed to correct for the people of Taiwan "office" in order to ease and China's tensions between.

The Chinese side responded

Lithuania against various measures, China has long made it clear beforehand, expressed door for dialogue is always open diplomatic Vilnius, but on the condition that the country must come up with substantive action to correct their wrongdoing, in short, no matter Vail Vilnius politicians what hit wishful thinking, the release of any political balloons and the like.

China's attitude is still very clear, Bandiao cross in the middle of the relations between the two countries, the largest political obstacles, there is room for all the talk, talking about anything else.

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