American Chinese professor personally feels: Americans "began to lose self-confidence"

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American Chinese professor personally feels: Americans "began to lose self-confidence"

2022-01-29 00:09:27 45 ℃

Reference Information Network On January 28th, Singapore "Joint Morning Post" website issued article "Americans began to lose self-confidence", the author is a professor Han Dongping, a Political Professor of Warren Wilson College, USA. The full text is extracted as follows:

Recently, the "2022 Global Trust Barometer" published by the world's largest public relations consulting firm, showing that the Chinese reached 91% to government trust, which increased by 9 percentage points year-on-year, accounting for 27 investigative countries; Americans The trust of the government dropped to 39%, down 5 percentage points year-on-year. This survey result from the famous US public relations company has once again attracted attention.

In 2019, Harvard University announced that from 2003 to 2016, the 13-year survey conducted by all sectors of China, and the Chinese have derived from 93.5% of government support. Like the survey of Edman, the survey of Harvard also shocked the Western journal.

In 1990, I was studying in the United States, first to the University of Fallomont, and went to the University of British. But I was shocked by the two polarificism of the United States. In Vermont, I live in the poor area, and my poor neighbors are illiterate, no work, relying on social relief day, and drugs, racial discrimination, high crime rate, etc., let me see the other side of the American society. Most American students do not think this is a problem. In their view, any society has poverty and bad side.

In the class, whenever the professor and classmates discuss the so-called "American Democracy", I have to point out the two-pole differentiation of the United States, stubbornly think that the United States can do better, such as the help of the poor to provide an appropriate work. Let them be self-sufficient, enjoy the dignity of people. But I have not allowed any professor and classmates to accept my point of view. I read the eight-year book in American universities, no teacher and classmates agreed with my point of view.

In 1998, I graduated from my doctor and began to teach political science in American universities. When I criticize "American Democracy" insufficient, some American students are not used to, and individual students write to the principal and say that I am anti-US, ask the principal to expel me.

In 2005, I wrote a short term in the New York Times, and questioned the report on China. After the text is published, there are many people write letter to our school, including some of the golden owners of the school, and ask the school to expel me.

However, since the United States invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, Americans were more and more ill.

War let the United States spend a lot of money, since 2000, the US government has fundamentally rely on the Daily Daily. The current United States has evolved into the biggest debt countries in history from the maximum creditor country after World War II.

The fiscal crisis and the increasingly severe two-pole differentiation, coupled with the US government, exacerbated the interior of the United States and the opposition.

I have lived in the United States for 32 years, and I personally experienced this transformation of American society. It should be the old saying of Chinese, 30 years of Hedong, 30 years of Hexi. Americans lose their self-confidence in their own country, and Chinese are more and more confident.

I think, whether it is China or the United States, or any other country, it will be effective in curbing, solving the problem of two-polarization, will be the victor of this world.