China and the United States have once again call, Bhinken has made three guarantees on the spot, but can we believe?

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China and the United States have once again call, Bhinken has made three guarantees on the spot, but can we believe?

2022-01-29 00:09:18 29 ℃

According to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, January 27th, the State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi should call with the US Secretary of State Britland. This call is the same as a few times, it is still in the United States. In the phone, Wang Yi made a clear requirement to the United States in control and disagreement, Taiwan issues, and Beijing Winter Olympics. Bulin made a guarantee in the call, claiming that the United States will take responsible attitude management and disagreement, the United States adheres to the "one middle" policy without changing. At the same time, he also said that the United States will come to the country athletes during the Winter Olympics, and finally he also blessed the Chinese people happy New Year.

It is not difficult to see from Blinken speech. This time has been greatly improved in this American attitude. No new Xinjiang, etc. . So this time, the US probability is also asking for China. But the three guarantees given by Burlin, can I believe?

On the topic of management and disagreement, the United States will not talk about "responsibility". There are many consensus among China, of course, there are many differences, many of which can be resolved by communication. In terms of communication, China has a big national style in front of the United States, even if the United States has repeatedly abandoned the meaning, even before the call, we still start from Sino-US relations, and maintain communication with the United States. However, the United States has never paid credit, causing differences between China and the United States that cannot be effectively managed, Blinken's "Responsible" is at least an empty talk before this call.

Taking the "human rights" topic of the United States in the United States as an example, the US continues to smear in the issue, and China has proposed many negotiations to the United States, and also rumors related rumors. But the United States chooses to ignore the position of the Chinese side, and we will carry out political fuck in self-discipline. Due to the difference in cultural and system, there may be disagreement on human rights, but human rights this is diverse and rich, and the United States should not take the posture of "Teacher", and should not be engaged in long arm.

On the Taiwan issue, we have completely lost trust in the United States. Previously, Biden had met in the heads of the two countries and clearly stated that they would pursue "one middle policy", but the United States began to drill the Taiwan issue, and lost its belief in China. Recently, the US House has introduced the radical "Competition Act". In the bill, the US government requested the US government to take substantive action, the friendly relationship between the development and the authorities, which is clearly violated "one.

In addition to playing "Taiwan" on the countertop, there is a lot of happiness in the United States. Lithuanian event is the United States behind its strategy, through its own political influence, forcing individual countries to continue to keep the so-called "bonding relationship" in the Taiwan authorities, almost every month will send the warship through sensitive Taiwan Strait to give the island "unique molecule" Release the error signal. In the United States, we will not forget.

In the Winter Olympics, the United States performs more hypocrisy. On the one hand, I didn't send officials to attend, and on the other hand, I was busy with the official application for visas. In order to hose the winter Olympics to my country, the United States continues to press the allies in the international, forcing allies and yourself.

As a top world strong country, the United States often threatens to "lead" world, a world-class sports event, Brinken is only blessing American athletes. On the contrary, even American politicians are so demon in the Winter Olympics, we still bless the US athlete to achieve good results.

It can also be seen from here to the view of the world's pattern, and the United States always wants to maximize their own interests, and even do not hesitate to destroy international rules. The final result is destined to be ignited. China emphasizes mutual benefit and win-win, from the overall development of all parties, so it is increasingly recognized by the world. Therefore, the real enemy of the United States has always been self, it is not China, this Trump is very clear.

The United States has basically no reputation in us, when Chinese folks lose trust in the United States, then the Chinese and American want to build trust will be very difficult. For the US commitment, we should listen to their words, after all, the US tear commitment is not a few.