Attack Ukraine Bourden Putin is astreated, and all kinds of conditions are powerful, waiting to harvest Europe.

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Attack Ukraine Bourden Putin is astreated, and all kinds of conditions are powerful, waiting to harvest Europe.

2022-01-29 00:09:09 46 ℃

When World War II attack on Poland, the west line of said call has a phoney war. Who would have thought the current crisis in Ukraine has become such a state. In order to encourage Putin to fight Ukraine, Biden should be worried to death. Now many in the world are waiting for Putin to play Ukraine, including the Russian people. The results are not the most urgent of only two and a half people, the first one is Chak Lensky, the second is Vladimir Putin both parties. There is a German Scholz, he only half. Why is this so?

Who would have thought two people is the idea of ​​a turn, Biden beg Putin hands

In order for Russia to play Ukraine, Biden can be said to Putin has done a lot of work. The first is to tell Putin that Ukraine is not a NATO country. If the war in Ukraine and Russia, the United States will not send troops, but will provide military assistance. The military aid is how much?

I say we may not believe, the first batch of 90 tons, the second batch of 80 tons. 90 tons, not 90 million tons. You know, the US transport capacity in the world, the last man and the Russian military equipment quickly airlifted to Kazakhstan proved armored vehicles can all be easily transported. The United States than in Russia as a stronger national transport capacity, transport capacity has never been a problem.

Biden to Ukraine but only 90 tons of equipment, the second batch of 80 tons, this is the problem. 90 tons of ammunition for only a howitzer battalion played five minutes, enough to shoot a rocket positions round. In other words, give military aid to the Ukraine, they did not seem to. According to the NATO table-top exercises, Ukraine can block the original 40 minutes. Ukraine is now launching a wave of howitzer at most, to a top-45 minutes more than five minutes completely meaningless.

The second is to tell Russia, the United States will never fight a nuclear war. what does this mean? This is almost the first point, even though you play is to tell Putin Ukraine, the United States will not send troops. If American troops would mean nuclear war, but also means a world war. It is to tell Putin, the United States will not put a single soldier sent to Ukraine.

The third must do more, and even diplomatic staff in advance of the foot. Not only the United States can withdraw its embassy staff were withdrawn, even the British diplomats were dismissed. This is Putin with the winning numbers, I beg you to hurry bombing Ukraine. No matter how you fry will not be a diplomatic dispute. The fourth is to let it be by the UK, as long as the Russian offensive Ukraine, the United Kingdom and all NATO personnel will take the lead in retreat. Now Ukraine NATO does have some special people, their mission is to help train Ukrainian forces.

I dare you dare run

Not only that, Biden also hinted at what price Ukraine to play as long as Putin did not. Why so say? Because Biden made it clear that if the Russian offensive Ukraine, Russia will have its own economic sanctions. We all know that economic sanctions against Russia, the United States is the daily work that now, because it is nothing of the sanctions, Russia began to sanction the individual entities. There is a very interesting news. In order to sanction Russia, the United States announced a ban on the export of Russian weapons to Russia. So, when the United States to consider prohibiting the export to the Russian Slavs? In other words, if Russia against Ukraine, the equivalent of the United States will not do anything.

Second, Russia beat Ukraine highly anticipated all over the world

One might think that Biden's behavior very strange? Ukraine now kneeling to lick the West to be added, why sell Ukraine? Because if Russia really hit the Ukraine, is simply welcomed, the people want. In addition to the above said two and a half people, almost all countries have applauded things.

First, start with the United States continues to encourage Putin hands. If Russia really hands-Ukraine, Wall Street giants can immediately short the EU market, which is simply a big good news for the Fed to raise interest rates. Now the United States is sorely lacking money. Although the United States economy in the world, but the United States also stall shop is very large. This is a light military spending 770 billion.

Unipolar hegemony that is a good thing? This is a heavy burden for a country. Now the United States can not feel a little bear. This year have been clamoring for the Fed to raise interest rates, harvest target is nothing less than the European Union, Japan and other small fry. If Europe in turmoil, the Fed raising interest rates will naturally make a lot of capital back to the US to buy European bonds.

In addition, as the United States is still the EU's second-largest rival. The EU is also a center of consumption, the euro is a global currency. Chinese exports to the United States after the selection of the European Union, Iraq, North Korea and other countries after the sanctions the United States, chose to use euros. Such an economy, the United States from the Soviet Union has been the proof.

From the beginning of the war in Kosovo, the United States to do is continue to impact Europe with refugees. If Russia beat Ukraine, Ukraine will cause a lot of refugees into Europe. Moreover, since the outbreak of the economic crisis in Europe after being harvested, it will be more need cheap labor as a refugee. By the time Europe it is easy to become another United States. Muslims, Western Europe, Eastern Europeans and indigenous people's red, black and white conflict suddenly absolutely no less than the United States. By the time the United States may be more to control the economy of the European Union.

Next, the United States can use NGO to tell Europe, only I can protect you. The Cracks of the EU and the United States can be eliminated. This is also a great thing for other third world countries. Now there is nothing to do with NGO around the world, it is a born. Recently, the riots of Kazakhstan are an outcome of the CSI, NGO. The world's NGO is now in Russia, and other countries can finally be happy with peace. But for Russia and Ukraine, and the left wing of Germany is absolutely not a good thing. Russia really hit Ukraine, although it can be restored to the Soviet Union, but the North Cixing No. 2 will completely have no play. Putin is hoping to integrate Europe through the North Cixing No. 2. Now the EU is missing is military and energy, and if there is Beixi No. 2 and Russia, this is not a problem.

The second unwanted is Ze Lingski. Because it is really playing Ukraine. The President of the Ukrainian Republic will be Yanyukovic and their disciples, where there is from Ze Lingski. Finally, I don't want to play is Wyrtz and left wings. After all, the Beixi No. 2 is able to solve economic problems, Germany, France has cast a lot of money here.

At that time, the EU's two major powers did not say, but they had to continue to be controlled by the United States. This is why today's Ukraine's situation seems to be sent, but it is an important reason why it is completely. On January 27, Russia agreed to continue to abide by the Minsk Agreement, not in the border, confirming that these two and more people don't want to do it.

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