On January 28th, Japanese volcanic eruptions; US military base was fried; Russia arrested the American former diplomat

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On January 28th, Japanese volcanic eruptions; US military base was fried; Russia arrested the American former diplomat

2022-01-29 00:09:55 50 ℃

Accidents will happen, people have always happens. In many cases, tomorrow and the accident, who do not know which will go first.

January 28 this day, it happened three unexpected events in the world, with the United States and Russia and Japan are closely related.

First is that the Japanese right, in the context of frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions also occurred.

28 pm, located in Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan Sakurajima volcano suddenly erupted, a full column of smoke up to 3,400 meters, billowing smoke billowed into the sky, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued a level 3 alert directly calling for local people away from the volcano, saying crater within 2 km, there will be situations such as lava and volcanic rock slide.

In these, three details can not be ignored.

1, Sakurajima volcano is also one of the world's most active volcano in Japan, an eruption occurs 4-24 hours basically every other.

But the difference is, the larger the size of the eruption, since last April, the eruption of smoke height for the first time over 3000 meters.

At the same time, due to the Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima City, near the southern tip of Kyushu, while the city has nearly 60 million people, once the violent eruption occurred, casualties and property damage caused can not be ignored.

2, this is not the first time the region Kyushu volcanic eruption events.

Last October, also located in Kyushu, Japan's Mount Aso volcano, also there was a violent eruption, the emission of smoke up to 3500 meters, and a radius of one kilometer area also pyroclastic flows appear. At that time, the Japan Meteorological Agency also released three alarms.

You know, the Sakurajima volcano, Mount Aso volcano is famous in Japan, and the world-famous active volcano, recently also been identified in order to "super volcano."

Obviously, in the three-month period, Kyushu area was struck by two large-scale volcanic eruption events, it is no accident or coincidence that simple.

3, just days before the occurrence of Sakurajima volcano, which is 22, Kyushu, Japan 6.6 earthquake also occurred when the Japanese government has also issued a warning, asking people to pay attention to in the coming days, the larger the area from happening again possible scale earthquake.

Obviously, the Japanese government asked people pay attention to the Kyushu region of "next few days", and the point in time now Sakurajima volcano eruption seems to be coincidence.

In addition, prior to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, southern Pacific Ocean Tonga, only violent submarine volcanic eruption occurred in the incident in Kyushu, Japan, and these days are 4-5 in the earthquake occurred.

Some people may ask the estimate, both of which have a link?

Of course there is! After the volcanic eruption in Tonga, more than 30 Japanese fishing boats in coastal areas because the tide will change and sank.

Plus, Tonga volcanic eruption of power, equivalent to the 1000 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, who do not know if it will lead to plate motion, thereby affecting Japan.

Do not forget, the southernmost tip of Kyushu in Japan, not only the sea, or from the immediate area of ​​the Pacific plate.

In short, this time in Japan, the earthquake did not occur is a volcanic eruption, there are increasingly serious epidemic, the situation is indeed very optimistic.

In response, the Japanese government really need to work on prevention and alert, and actively take precautions to ward off the crisis, or will soon do to prepare.

In addition, have to say, Recently, the world happened too many severe natural disasters and extreme weather, such as tornadoes swept through the nation, severe storms, floods occurred in India, and a few days before the occurrence of Tonga volcanic eruption, etc. . Perhaps this is a strong note of warning issued on human nature.

Therefore, in the current climate crisis increasingly serious, the human should care for the environment, protect the earth, mankind will depend the survival of the common home, build a better.

However, the Japanese side "disaster" continues, the United States here bothering a lot.

28, there are US military personnel stationed in the Iraqi capital airport, suddenly suffered a number of rockets attacks, in which at least six were shot down in the vicinity of the airport runway, resulting in some damage to the aircraft.

At present, no organization or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Although, in December last year, US combat troops have withdrawn from Iraq, but the US military base in Baghdad's airport, there are still many US military personnel are stationed, according to the Pentagon as saying that they will provide the Iraqi military intelligence, equipment maintenance and training and other services.

Obviously, as the American embassy in Iraq, the US military base was bombed several times, like this "do not know who" started the attack, apparently also ran the United States to go.

But as to exactly who did it, and what is the purpose of the attack, no more than two may be.

First, may be some "radical groups" that is, as is after US combat personnel to leave Iraq, "take advantage", the US military to fight a surprise, for the purpose of retaliation for the United States.

Second, the United States may be "self-direction" of a play, the purpose is to show that "radicalism" in Iraq remains a serious threat, the US military to return to Iraq to provide reasons and opportunities.

After all, Iraq is located in the heart of the Middle East, and neighboring Iran, Turkey, Syria and Saudi Arabia and other countries, has an important significance in the geopolitical situation in the Middle East.

As the United States had to think hard and concocted "washing powder incident," started the war in Iraq, the United States is very reluctant to withdraw troops from Iraq's.

So, in order to return to Iraq, maintain the US strategic deterrence and influence in the Middle East, and have always been "scheme" USA, which is likely to come out. Therefore, although this attack is to go on the US base, it will eventually cause casualties and losses to the US military.

For such a sudden attack, whether it is for the anti-"radical organization", or to prevent the United States from making the name again, Iraq has been vigilant.

Finally, let's talk about Russia publicly arrest the US before diplomat.

On the 28th, the Russian police arrested a US man, who was suspected of smuggling and holding contraband, and filed a criminal proceedings. If the crime was established, Foger will face the maximum 20-year preservation penalty.

It is reported that Fuger is a US aura in Russia, resigned after May 2021, and a English teacher in Mosko Mysterie School.

In August last year, Foger flew from New York to Moscow from New York, the Russian customs clerish in the nominated suitcase, the contraband, including marijuana, who hosted, in the nominating bag, and the Foger couple were immediately detained .

Subsequently, the Russian police have been investigated that During the presence of violations from other students and other personnel during the US Diploma and English Teacher, Fogur presented it to their students and other personnel, so they officially arrested them and filed a criminal proceedings.

In other words, the Fogr husband is arrested, belongs to "people and wins", and it is impossible to argue.

And, due to the resignation of the Fogr couple resigned from the diplomat, it is no longer possible to enjoy diplomatic exemption.

This means that once the crime is established, this former American diplomats are likely to have a good meal in Russia.

I have to say that in the European situation, the international community is watching the US Russia, and the US before the US, the US, the news of the arrest of Russia, but also because of suspected smuggling and selling contraband to students, this is undoubtedly The image of the United States is unbearable again.

In addition, it has to mention that the US diplomat is "illegal and chaotic" overseas, and the situation of being captured is no longer twice.

At the beginning of last year, there was a US secondary diploma "stealing" a railway traffic light, and there is a major car accident.

In December last year, Turkey was arrested for American diplomats suspected of selling fake passports to Syrian citizens.

I have to say that this series of "thieves touched" in the US diplomat is really in line with the US, the US Secretary of State, Pengpeio, said - "We lie, deceive, stolen, we use practical action to practice American values. "

It can be seen that when the CIA Secretary and the Secretary of State, the "Bing" of the United States is very well understood.

But in any case, today's world is no longer an older world that can be a big trip, whether it is the hegemony of the White House, or the illegal violations of the US diplomat in overseas, will be boycotted by the international community.

After all, it will be self-defeating, and it will be still going on!

And do it, cherish it, US Jian.