"The days of China have no allies will not return!"

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"The days of China have no allies will not return!"

2022-01-29 00:09:44 44 ℃

According to the concept of news reports, recently, for my country's international influence gradually increase, more and stronger relationships with multi-national, American, Europe and Asia review site specially published an article entitled "China's economic engagement in Asia - - impact on US policy, "the article, the moment for our country in many fields, including economy, including analysis.

Reported that the US media believe that with the rapid increase in China the status quo level of activity in the international arena, as well as China's economic development, China has established friendly and cooperative relations with many countries, all the way along its remarkable results cover a number of countries, now in the our great country rise to become the international economy, "no friends" "Without allies," the days are gone.

Chinese economic investment intentions in Africa has been questioned

US media pointed out that China is committed to the development of multi-party relations. On the relations with Africa, China has always adhered to the principle of community of human destiny, to promote the common development of the world. According to the survey data from China's Ministry of Commerce show that China's direct investment in Africa has continued to grow, China has provided about $ 126 billion in loans to African countries, until 2016, China has become the largest source of imports in Africa.

It is because of Chinese investment and economic exchanges for the unconditional Africa that reached a high level of political agreement between China and Africa. But it is precisely because of this, China's investment intentions has been questioned in some countries led by the US. They believe that the name of Chinese investment in the name of non-progressive "exploitation", everyone knows, China is making lunch for the people of Africa.

Question is obviously jealous of the further development of China-Africa cooperation

In fact, studies have shown that Chinese investment in Africa, for Africa brings an independent and significant impact. Studies have shown that long-term investment which is not included in the common Western imperialist investment conditions, making the development of Africa has been a greater independence. It is because between Africa and China because of this long-term investment to promote economic behavior of the political agreement between China and Africa, that is, in essence, Chinese investment in Africa to promote the interests of consensus around China. The impact of this to the impact of the group other than the benefits. Therefore questioned China's main purpose non-investment intention is to sow dissension, to reduce the impact of Chinese investment in Africa produced as much as possible.

In fact, the effectiveness of economic diplomacy is far greater than military diplomacy

It is worth mentioning that, for African countries, not just China more emphasis on US policy-makers too seriously. In related news pointed out that for Africa, 2018, Trump government to develop a "new strategy for Africa", that the expansion of economic and security relations based on mutual respect.

Unfortunately, due to the new strategy developed by Trump and did not put a few large economies in Africa as a host, but repeatedly referred to China, so the final effect is not significant. In addition, from certain level, the development of Trump real purpose of the strategy, not the establishment of diplomatic relations with Africa, but is intended to deal with China.

US investment in Africa did not cause an increased political coherence of the United States and Africa, but is decreased further indicates that China and Africa established cooperation relationships on the economy, while the United States is more of a military contacts. There is no doubt the effectiveness of military exchanges is far behind economic diplomacy.

Partial information Reference Source: Global Times