The British government bursts scandal: Diplomatic ministers Tras is painful to "ridiculous"

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The British government bursts scandal: Diplomatic ministers Tras is painful to "ridiculous"

2022-01-29 00:09:49 43 ℃

[World Wide Web reports reporter Zhang Xiaoya] Downing Street "party" scandal has not subsided in recent days to discredit China's big British Foreign Secretary Atlas fell into a vortex of public opinion. Comprehensive "The Independent", "Metro" and other British media broke the news on the 28th, a few days ago Atlas travel by charter flights to Australia about British taxpayers spent about 50 million pounds (about 4.26 million yuan), because she can take this efficient and cheap commercial flights, this "waste" move immediately sparked controversy in the UK, politicians denounced the behavior of government officials "absurd."

"The Independent" says Atlas did not have to take every day, flights from London to Sydney, but aboard a private jet Airbus A321 government departments and from Australia, and during a visit to Australia flight within Australia 2.2 ten thousand miles.

"Metro," said that if she chose a commercial flight, she will reach the destination faster, but will at least spend less 492,000 pounds.

More than that, "The Independent", adding that Atlas is expected to travel to and from Australia this week, burning 150 tons of fuel, producing nearly 500 tons of carbon dioxide; The report also cited data track elaborate website: go process, Tel Sri Lanka's first aircraft to Dubai from Lundui Si refuel, and then went to Kuala Lumpur to add fuel, and finally flew to Sydney; in return, her plane took off from Adelaide, also has refueling in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, and finally arrived in London. In contrast, commercial flights will arrive in London as early as 9 hours than this tour plane.

In addition, according to the British Foreign Office information, a total of 14 people aboard the flight, including Atlas, she worked at officials and security personnel. To this end, said the British media, the flight crew of at least two groups. I understand that she choose private jet travel is for "security reasons", worried conversations could be heard by other passengers.

Atlas act immediately sparked discontent UK. Labor Party deputy leader Angela Reina charged that regard, aboard a private jet act show "Conservative government money for taxpayers is how lack of respect," "disgusting, the government ministers sitting in air travel everywhere , but in the (domestic) raising taxes, refused to do anything to help life crisis is under pressure of working families. "

A spokesman for the Scottish National Party also criticized, said it was "absurd abuse of taxpayers' money to finance her luxurious living." Environmental charity "British Free Flight" (Flight Free UK) director Anna Hughes same dissatisfaction, said: "Liz Truss has been exhibited for action to address climate crisis we need to take a lack of understanding, this is no exception. "

The face of criticism influx of Atlas responded: "I was sitting in a government aircraft - that's why we have a government airplane: It allows government ministers to handle government affairs, I just take the plane to Australia of."

When asked if she thought the plane was to take such a "good use" of public funds, she replied: "We have a government aircraft, it is for the convenience of the government ministers to travel." "Every decision of the Government are is based on value for money. we have a government plane, so that ministers, such as I, as foreign Secretary, you can go overseas to work and, ultimately, serve the British people. "

Ironically, the day before returning to London in the Atlas, the 26th Conference of the Parties, "the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" (COP26) main Xialuoke Sharma, an event at the Royal Institute of International Affairs of the United Kingdom on said world leaders must "keep its promise" on climate change.

Downing Street has bogged down "party" scandal, the British media said Atlas is widely regarded as a leader to take over as British prime minister to step down after Johnson. British media but not without worries that this is not the first time Atlas expenses due to problems caused by the British public discontent. "The Times" broke the news earlier this month, the Conservative cabinet minister rejected proposals to find a cheaper restaurant, but with taxpayers' money worth £ 1,400 held a luncheon.