US Deputy Secretary of State calls on China: persuade Russia

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US Deputy Secretary of State calls on China: persuade Russia

2022-01-29 00:09:23 28 ℃

(Observer Net News) US Secretary of State Bulin and China State Council, Wang Yi, Director of Foreign Minister, just passed the phone on the 27th, US Deputy Secretary of State, Newland, tiered: Calling on China to use its influence on Moscow, resolved in diplomatic channels Ukrainian crisis.

"If Ukraine has conflicts, there is no benefit to China," Newland said that this will have a major impact on the global economy, and a huge impact will also be formed in the energy field.

Reuters report screenshot

US Deputy Secretary of State, Newland

In the past few months, the United States and its many allies said that Russia has set tens of thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border, and plans to launch a so-called "invasion" to Ukraine.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army is also intended in the Russian, Russian side, said that the number of Wu army reached 125,000, about half of the number of all people of the Wu Armed Forces. However, in the report of Western media, the number of usfelcomes is rare.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said that Russia is based on the country needs to mobilize the army in the territory of the country, unintentionally threatened or violating him. Further threatening Russian security.

After the "War Crown Status" lasts, Russian President Putin took the initiative to throw a "security guarantee" program to the United States and NATO, clearly require "NATO to stop eastward", "Ukraine can't join NATO".

However, the three rounds of negotiations in the beginning of the year, after several rounds of rules of Russia, the security issues did not progress, the United States and NATO's core appeal to Russia did not give Russia's satisfactory and acceptance answers.

The US State Hospital News Report said that Burlin emphasized Russia's further "aggression" Ukraine will bring global security and economic risks, and expressed the slow situation and solved the problem through diplomatic channels.

Wang Yi clearly showed the Chinese position.

Wang Yi said that solving Ukrainian problems, or go back to the original point of the New Mingsk Agreement. The New Mingsk Agreement is a UN General Assembly, which is the basic political document recognized by all parties. It should be implemented. As long as it is in line with this agreement and spiritual efforts, China will support. At the same time, we call on all parties to keep calm, do not stimulate the situation, speculation, and rendering the crisis.

Wang Yi emphasized that the security of a country cannot in harm the security of other countries, and regional security is more unable to strengthen or even expand the military group as a guarantee. Today, in the 21st century, all parties should completely abandon the cold war thinking, form a balanced, effective, sustainable European security mechanism through negotiations, and Russia's reasonable and security should pay attention to and solve.