Germany will provide weapons to Ukraine, US media: historic transformation

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Germany will provide weapons to Ukraine, US media: historic transformation

2022-02-27 12:11:51 262 ℃

German Prime Minister Wyrtz said in social media on the 26th that 1000 anti-tank weapons and 500 "poison thorn" levels will be provided to Ukraine. He said that Germany "is responsible for its ability to support Ukraine to resist the Russian army." Sirz said, "Russia invaded Ukraine is a turning point. We have a responsibility to support the invasion of Ukraine to defense Putin."

After this move over the Second World War II, Germany has always policies, and Bloomberg said this is a "historic transformation".

Previously, the German government also said in a statement that it has agreed to provide 400 German rockets to Ukraine through the Netherlands and 14 armored shipping vehicles, and 10,000 tons of fuel is supplied by Poland.

German government spokesman Stephen said that these weapons will be delivered as soon as possible to support the Ukrainian army.

This move marks a major change in Germany, and Germany has always pursued policies that do not transport weapons to conflict regions, refused to provide fatal weapons to Ukraine. The previous Berlin only provided Ukraine with approximately 5,000 military helmets and a field of field hospitals to help Ukraine against Russia's invasion, this approach was launted by the German alone.

For example, the Ambassador Arms, Andriy Melnyk, said that Germany's aid is only "a millennium", Kiev Klitschko's direct words, this assistance is a "joke". He also ridiculed, the German Defense Ministry apparently did not realize the threat of Russia. "What kind of support will Germany will provide, is there a pillow?"

Transport weapons to the Ukrainian side of the conflict, this movement of Germany has been a policy of Germany after the Second World War, said this is a "historic transformation". Turz is now facing the first international crisis that has experienced since the new platform, making this decision, put Germany's tradition of transporting weapons to the conflict area. The root of this tradition is the aggression crimes committed by Nazi Germany during World War II.

In fact, German polls do not support the government to provide weapons to Ukraine.

According to the "Voice of Germany" report on January 28, Yougov's proven only 20% of people think that once Russia invades Ukraine, Germany should deliver weapons to Kiev. The most determined refusal to provide weapons to Ukraine is the left-wing party voter (71%) and the German option party voter (67%), the largest opposition parties in the party voters have all positions, the governance of the Socialist Party, the Green Party and the Self-Party Elective The proportion of weapons in Ukraine is 61%, 55% and 54%, respectively.