Start the fire on the fire?The United Nations Station is in the West, the sound condemns Russia, China Li is quite Putin

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Start the fire on the fire?The United Nations Station is in the West, the sound condemns Russia, China Li is quite Putin

2022-02-27 12:11:39 79 ℃

Just after the Russian President Putin, the Russian steel flood was only in less than an hour and a half, destroying the entire combat system of the Ukrainian government army, and cacked the disorder to enter the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

At the same time, the entire Western world has also blown a pot, US Secretary of State Brewlin's first time, and the Russian behavior is qualitatively "aggression", and so, the United States will jointly launch Russia to launch the Russia. Sanctions. However, the United Nations is also very popular, and it is involved in the condemnation of Russia in Western countries.

A few days ago, the United Nations held an emergency meeting for the Ukrainian crisis. The United Nations Secretary-General said that he only had one thing to say, that is, reminding Russian President Putin, stopping the Russian military forces to attack Ukraine steps, give peace.

Gutrez hopes that the parties will solve contradictions through diplomatic dialogue, rather than let hazard sitting step by step, and he calls on all parties to protect civil infrastructure in Ukraine, stop hostile retaliation.

In Gutres, the special military operations carried out in Taubas region have violated Ukraine's territorial integrity and national sovereignty, which violates the Charter of the United Nations.

He said that the United Nations will continue to support Ukraine recognized borders in the international community, support Ukraine to defend sovereignty and territorial behavior within the territor.

Never have a real feeling, this sentence is placed in Russia, but it is not yet. In Ningxia, it is constantly breaking the promise of no longer eastward. When the Russian strategy is surviving, it is frequently provoked Russia's frequent provocation in Ukraine. When the Russian military withdraws the army breezed Baston region, it is time to invade Ukraine in the US-British and other countries.

Gutrez did not accuse the Western countries like the current accused Russia. When it was forced to Russia to fight against Russia, Gutres regarded Putin as a "lady" of war.

The only one and Russia, it is China, and China has repeatedly emphasized that it is the maintenance of Russia's safety guarantee requirements in the Western countries headed by the United States. It will cause the current situation.

In addition, a non-legacy of the China Western countries has given a notice from the Chinese to Russia, and a notice published in China has sent a fixed pill for Russia.

my country's customs published "Announcement on Allowed Russian Wheat Imports", which is follow-up to Beijing and China to sign a series of cooperation agreements at the beginning of this month.

At that time, China and Russia signed 15 cooperation orders, orders, single-saying energy, in the next decade, Russia will export 100 million tons of oil to China, but China chooses to publish announcements at this time, time is really coincidental.

As a strategic partner against Russia, in the core interests of Russia, China has always supported the position, and the Ukrainian problem is one of them very good.

Just like Taiwan issues in China, Putin's support for China, two countries rely on, on major issues, in the international community, to maintain similar or consistent positions in the international community. What do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message below, let us exchange discussions.