China detains Japanese diplomats?After the Japanese wicked, the Chinese directly captured the words directly.

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China detains Japanese diplomats?After the Japanese wicked, the Chinese directly captured the words directly.

2022-02-28 12:10:20 82 ℃

Japan and China have special relationships, not only close to the location, but also economically compare China. This island country saw the rise of China's years, the psychology is the same as the United States, very unbalanced. On the anti-China issues, Japan and the American allies are consistent, always rushing in the forehead, Gamang's tools. In recent years, Japan has continued to provoke China on sensitive issues, leading to abnormal development of China and Japan.

However, China is not polite if it is obsessed with the countries that violate their rights and interests. According to media reports, a diplomatic person in Japan was detained by China on 21st. This is a normal behavior, but Japan has strong opposition and even makes foreign division and China.

China defends its rights

The Chinese response is clear that Japanese diplomats do not match their activities and their identity is obliged to accept Chinese local investigation. I hope that the Japanese must comply with China's law, and at the same time make certain requirements for their diplomats, do not engage in activities and their identity. The so-called activities that do not match their identity, in fact, it is a spy or spy, or published improper speech on certain sensitive issues.

However, China has not announced the specific situation of this incident. However, it can be determined that the behavior of Japanese staff has violated China's law, so China is decisively investigated. The reason why Japan has been negotiated, I am afraid it is to do the thief. Even when China-Japanese relationship is tense, China's move of Japanese staff will not take care of what, after all, this is a way to defend your rights.

Celebrate the unnecessary force of the United States

Japanese staff also urges to use their identity to engage in espionage to destroy China's security and stability, this behavior should be highly vigilant. The Chinese government is not allowed to make a threat to China's security and stability. In these years, Japan is very exciting in the United States to prevent Chinese aspects, and other anti-China countries have a hand-painted feet in China's internal government issues, provocating China, aggressive.

However, the performance of Japan and its strength is completely inconsistent, after all, its status in Asia is already in the past, and Japan should accept this fact. It always makes improper moves in the United States, not only reduces your identity, but also damages the relationship between neighboring countries, Japan's practice does not pay.

If Japanese really makes a move to China's interests, it will inevitably be in China, and Japan is probably not regret. Therefore, Japan should learn from the relevant countries.

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