Nepalese has a $ 500 million, and the United States has extends to the Chinese backyard. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already said first.

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Nepalese has a $ 500 million, and the United States has extends to the Chinese backyard. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already said first.

2022-03-02 00:07:42 118 ℃

According to Global Network, February 27, Nepal Parliament has approved the Millennium Challenge Company Agreement and referred to as the MCC Agreement. It is worth noting that there is only one day from the "last pass" date (February 28).

It is reported that in 2017, the Nepalese government signed the MCC protocol with the United States. The agreement is in the interest of Nepal: The United States will fund $ 500 million, and the Niye government has 130 million US dollars to build an infrastructure for Nepal, maintaining approximately 300 kilometers of roads such as Ma Headla Highway and builds 300 kilometers of power transmission lines and 3. Substation.

In fact, this $ 500 million is not white, and there are many contents in the MCC agreement, which is questioned by Nepal to infringe national sovereignty. The agreement stipulates that the Audit right of this capital, Nepal has no right to ask, including $ 130 million funds provided by its government; the conditions in an annex to the agreement need to be "consent to India" can be implemented; After the agreement takes effect, its status will be better than the constitution in Nepal.

Some scholars said that after the MCC protocol was approved, Nepal would be included in the "India", Pengpeio, also announced the partner of the Niki India. There are two main purposes, one is the construction of national investment infrastructure along the "all the way", and the other is to develop the total package model to grab the economic cake. From this point of view, this is likely to threaten the development of "all the way" in our country, and their true purpose is very good.

However, the MCC protocol did not take effect immediately. In order to ensure the implementation of the agreement, the MCC's political changes were prevented from impovering it, and the US proposal, after the Nepalese House was approved, the protocol clause was implemented.

According to Global Times, some people think that this practice is very similar to the money to buy national sovereignty. Some scholars are still sighing, the MCC agreement answered a wonderful question: Nepal's national sovereignty is $ 500 million. The agreement also attracted the opposition of Nepal, many people embarked on the street representation protest.

Some people lifted MCC coffins, and some people protested in front of the US Embassy in Nepal, and some media that made publicity advertising for MCC were also boycotted. The protocol card is in the approval process, and one card is 5 years.

It is reported that Nepalese Prime Minister Olie, Oli, who has wanted to submit the MCC agreement to the House of Representatives, but at the time of the MCC Agreement, he had always opposed this agreement, and he tried to prevent Orl. Soon after, a woman around Mahara suddenly contracted that the media in Nepal began to report crazy, and the public opinion quickly fermented, and Mahara was arrested. Although it was later clarified, he has been forced to resign. This makes people have to doubt, there is no shadow of the United States behind the incident.

The agreement has been dragged to the end of 2021, and the United States began to do it. According to reports, MCC Deputy President Fatima Sumar visited Nepal Kardmandu, and said: "Nepal has two options, ratifying the MCC protocol or gives up 500 million US dollars, the United States can not wait." This fund is For more poverty Nepal, it is not less, but due to the terms of the agreement and the pressure of the people, the parliament adheres to the approval.

Nepalese local media reported that November last year, the US State Council Assistant Secretary of State and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State went to Nepal. Assistant Secretary of State and Nepalese held a meeting, discussing the relevant issues related to the MCC Agreement; and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State went to meet the leaders of the private groups, promoting the benefits of Nepal to reduce the opposition of the Agreement.

Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu said before the end of the visit: "If Nepal has no approval agreement, the $ 500 million funds will be given to other countries."

The Global Times noted that under the continuous pressure of US officials and MCC organizations, some English media in Nepal began to fight, and they issued the MCC protocol and suited their importance to the country's economic development and Nime. At the same time, some media have also begun to turn the spear head to China, called "People who oppose the agreement with China", and quoted the political analysts Mandar: "Do not approve the agreement, you should exit all the way."

The people who have different opinions on the agreement shall not fight, while Nepal's House of Representatives has 275 seats. If you want to ratify MCC, you need more than half of your support to achieve this goal is not easy. In July 20, July 2000, Chairman Dusa, chairman of the General Assembly, became a prime minister, and he was seen as a pro-beauty and printed.

It is reported that when Duspag is on the stage, it has become a group, to investigate the territorial dispute between China and Nepal, some media still speculate, want to wanted to wonder the neutral relationship. Until the former Prime Minister Oli is explained, "China has no territorial problem", Duspa transferred his attention to the MCC protocol. "Kathmandu Post" said that he had guaranteed it to the United States many times and will work hard to promote the approval of the agreement.

After being resigned by the framed mahara, Prahangda served as a leader of Mao Zhongxin. At the end of 2021, Dusa told reporters that he has sent a letter to the MCC headquarters with Pula Cang, and the agreement will soon be approved. Not long, Prahangda denied this saying.

But the Global Network reported that on 27, 2022, the MCC agreement was officially entered into force by the Nepalese Parliament. Obviously, under the persistence of Prime Minister De Upa, Pula Cang and many Members should have been "doing work." The Parliament also released the "interpretative statement", including "Nepalese's constitution higher than the MCC Agreement", "Nepal will not become the military and safety allies of MCC", "" United States in Nepal should comply with Ni law Constraints. The largest opposition party in Nepal said: "The explanatory statement does not make sense." We all know Nepal is China's "neighbor", next to Tibet, is the extension of Himalayas. Director Qian Feng, Director of the Research Department of Tsinghua University National Strategy Research Institute, also reminded that Nepal has been as a bridgehead in Nepal, and we should be alert to the United States.

Lenovo's conflict in Russia, NATO ignore the interests of Russia, and the eastward expansion, and intentionally let Ukraine join. Once it becomes a part of NATO, Russia will be subject to military threats, and the strategic space will also be greatly compressed. Nowadays, the United States has signed the MCC agreement with Nepal, but also ran to the entrance of the Chinese country.

We should be vigilant and should be opposed to "stress diplomacy", which cannot make the country to go to the door to bully. my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also been in the first: "Have you ever thought about the consequences of a big country."