Li Kaixheng: Southeast Asia is more mature to China

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Li Kaixheng: Southeast Asia is more mature to China

2022-03-03 00:08:27 75 ℃

For Southeast Asian countries in the big country's game clamp, whether they can make mature, rational diplomatic choices, and their national interests, prosperity and even develop fate. According to the latest annual survey of Eucalyptov, East, Eucalyptus, Southeast Asia, the awareness of this area is increasingly objective, and the paranoia is decreasing and the color of emotionalization, which is undoubtedly active information on regional peace and development.

This survey of Southeast Asian countries reveals that regional people are more balanced more than two countries. For example, while rebounding on the recognition of Washington leadership, there is also a significant improvement in China's trust, and I believe that Beijing will make more contributions in providing global public goods. At the same time, the views of the regional international politics in Southeast Asia are also more pragmatic. More than half of the people believe that the most political and strategically influential countries in the region is China, and it is believed that the US influence is 1/3. Regional people joined China to the evaluation of "comprehensive and progress across the Pacific Partnership Agreement" (CPTPP), etc., are also more active.

Interestingly, although the Biden government has actively developed with the relationship with Southeast Asia, Southeast Asian society feels limited, it is considered that the US is a reliable strategic partner's people also decline, from 54.7% last year to 42.6 %. This also shows that even if the US senior officials come to Southeast Asia to sell "Yamai Strategy", the region is not easily "flicker".

Relevant data reflects the objective changes in Southeast Asia in recent years, especially the regional people's game including China and the United States more mature. The survey reflects a simple fact that although China and individual Southeast Asian countries still have the sovereign and marine equity disputes in South China Sea, in recent years, China has come to China's development reality, objective impact, and consistent equality diplomatic principles, which is increasingly making Southeast Asian countries. Acknowledging China to promote the "positive energy" of the regional development. Especially under the new crown epidemic, the vaccine provided by China has brought about an important support for epidemic prevention, and the successful epidemic prevention policy will continue to maintain the vitality of the supply chain industry chain. It also helps maintain the global supply chain industry chain. Normal operation.

In contrast, in addition to the so-called values ​​slogan such as "freedom", the United States, the United States, it is important to pay attention to Southeast Asia, I hope to use the country of Southeast Asia as a tool to curb China. The US President Biden took the lead in announced the launch of the "India-China Economic Framework" in Southeast Asian countries, but this kind of active "India" has not intended to provide substantive support for the economic and social development of Southeast Asia.

The geopolitical reality experienced by other countries and regions has also prompted Southeast Asian countries to further see the status quo. For example, the Ukraine chooses between Russia and the United States and the United States choice to the West, but in the current crisis, only the "support" from the United States West is true. The foreign policy of Southeast Asian countries has always balanced, pragmatic, this is why Southeast Asia can maintain basic stability, economic development is also superior to most other regions of the world, and the region's fundamental guarantee for the future.

China has always emphasized support ASEAN to play a central role in regional affairs. As a neighboring country, China has been seeking further enhancement and friendly relations with Southeast Asian countries. From this year, the Singapore Yosov East South Asian research institute is investigated, there are still some paranoia in the inside of Southeast Asian countries to look at China's issues, which does not match the objective positive role of China's peace and development in regional peace and development. Not commensurate with future demand in Southeast Asia. However, in general, the results of the survey results show that Southeast Asian society is indeed more mature. (Author is the deputy director and researcher of the Institute of International Problems, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences