In 31 countries, Zerrenzki announced the list of thanks!Japan and South Korea are excluded outside

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In 31 countries, Zerrenzki announced the list of thanks!Japan and South Korea are excluded outside

2022-05-10 05:11:08 25 ℃

In more than 31 countries to assist a large number of weapons to Ukraine, Ukraine also announced a list of thanks. However, in the list of thanks announced at the beginning, Japan and South Korea were excluded and caused dissatisfaction among netizens. Later, the Japanese government posted to Ukraine, and the Ukraine side again released the video to list Japan on the list of thanks.

The Japanese people are dissatisfied with Ukraine's approach

In terms of military equipment, Japan provided a large number of weapons to Ukraine, including the drone used for reconnaissance. After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, Western countries launched positive assistance to Ukraine. Japan also followed up and rescued Ukraine, including also made a package for Ukraine's economic support.

It was just that Ukraine did not thank Japan at first, making Japanese netizens dissatisfied, and expressed sadness in Ukraine. Japanese netizens even fired Ukraine's national products and rejected the Japanese government to continue supporting Ukraine. After the conflict of Ukraine at that time, Japan followed the United States and other countries to support it.

Faced with Ukraine's dilemma, Japan first provided a large number of military weapons to Ukraine, and during the refugee receiving this, the Japanese government also broke through the usual attitude. Turning around the negative attitude and actively accepting Ukrainian refugees. According to relevant data, Japan has received hundreds of Ukrainian refugees.

No return on a good deed?

Now the Japanese government and the Japanese folks have been embarrassed. Ukraine forgot to add Japanese names on the list of thanks. Not only did this happen, but also a previous Ukrainian account posted a video about fascism, which instantly ignited the Japanese people.

In fact, Japan does not have a strong sense of presence for Ukraine, and every time a major incident in the international community, Japan chooses to follow the United States, which makes Ukraine think it is not necessary to Japan. Japan often supports Ukraine, but it is the first time that this embarrassing return is for the first time. It is no wonder that Japanese netizens are dissatisfied.

In addition, the relationship between Japan and Ukraine is extremely subtle. The two countries are far apart. In addition to economic and trade cooperation in the international community, there are very few further exchanges.

This time, not only Japan was excluded, but South Korea was also excluded. The South Korean media said that Ukraine thanked the country to provide fatal weapons, and South Korea has always refused to provide more harmful weapons to Ukraine. It only provides some basic weapons and Medical supplies, so there is no South Korea on the list. It is reported that the newly -appointed Korean president Yin Xiyue may have to increase efforts to support Ukraine. In addition, when President Ukraine delivered a speech in the South Korean Parliament, only about 1/6 of the members were present.

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