The military parade of Russia came to Japan just after the end of Japan.

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The military parade of Russia came to Japan just after the end of Japan.

2022-05-11 00:02:51 18 ℃

On May 9, Russia held a military parade at the Red Square in Moscow. Putin expressed respect for the Russian armed forces in Ukraine in the speech, saying that the soldiers "fight for the motherland" and "fight for the future". However, just the next day, Japan's rivalry, Japan, began to make bad worst on Russia, and "stabbed a knife" behind it.

The Red Square parade was held at 10 am local time to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the victory of the Patriotic War. After the Russian Minister of Defense Shogu reviewed the troops, Putin delivered a highly noted speech. He remembered the hero who sacrificed in the Patriotic War, reviewed NATO's actions in Ukraine, and explained the reasons why special military operations were carried out in the Donbass region. In his speech, Putin had neither "declared war on Ukraine" nor announced military mobilization. On the contrary, he announced that he would sign a decree to mobilize the power of Russia to help the family members of Russian soldiers who sacrificed in Ukraine. It is reported that the ambassadors and senior diplomats of some countries attended the parade, mainly from embassies of the Middle East and African countries, such as the Ambassador to Turkey and Pakistan in Russia. More than 11,000 officers and soldiers participated in the red field parade on the 9th, but due to weather, the parade -type air review part was canceled. Originally, the highlights of the air review include the "Z" formation formation of 77 aircraft and the "Doomsday Aircraft" Il-80 Air Strategic Commander, which flew over the 7th.

For a long time, Russia's victory Japanese military parade has attracted much attention from the world media, mainly because Russia will show some of their advanced weapons and equipment in this military parade. For Russia, Victory Japanese Parade can boost military and civilians' patriotism Morale can also use the weapons and equipment of the Victory Day to deter the West, and can also build the Victory Day parade as a weapon publicity platform to attract the attention of some international customers. However, this victory day parade seemed very special, and the time and scale were much compressed much.

Western countries are highly concerned about Putin's speech, and the British Secretary of Defense Wallace first issued a fierce attack. He said on the 9th that Putin showed "a trace of despair" in his speech on Monday, and argued that NATO was "only 6%of the Russian land border." He also said that Ukraine is likely to defeat the Russian army. Germany's "Augsburg Report" said on the 9th that after Putin's speech, Germany's largest politician in the Wild Party Knit in the wild believes that Putin's speech may become a "war turning point". very dangerous. If the situation is good for Putin, he can upgrade at any time.

"On the day of victory without a new victory, Putin's speech allowed the world to guess." CNN said that leaders and national defense officials spent several weeks guessing Putin's new plan announced in Victory Day, including the use of this historicity Let's upgrade special military operations and announce a real war. The German "Munich Water Star" interpreted on the 9th that Putin avoided the war and kept the "back door" open. It is reported that it is surprising that Putin did not upgrade the conflict and pose a threat in the Red Speak, and did not say that the entire Ukraine was conquered. "In general, his speech was short, only about 10 minutes, without aggressive words."

In a sense, under the background of Russia and Ukraine's conflict and Western sanctions this year, Russia tried to reiterate its position on this victory day parade. Just as before the parade of Victory Day, the Vice Chairman of the Russian Security Council Modvedev said through social media: "The Western silence and aversion to the new Naziism in Ukraine are disappeared.

However, Japan, as Japan, is also an enemy. Japan has adopted hostile attitude towards Russia at the beginning of the Russian and Ukraine War, and imposed sanctions on Russia many times to provide assistance to Ukraine to fight against Russia. On the second day of the Russian Red Square military parade, on May 10th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced a sanctions list, announcing that 8 Russian citizens and 133 residents from Lugusk and Donetsk were implemented assets. Sanctions such as freezing and other sanctions on Russian groups including scientific research institutes and shipyards, including scientific research institutes, shipyards, etc. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan also announced the implementation of measures such as prohibiting high -tech products to Russia.

On May 5th, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida announced that it would jointly strengthen sanctions against Russia with the Seven Kingdoms Group and decided to add personal assets to about 140 Russian citizens. At the same time, the Russian military groups that were prohibited from exported to them were increased to more than 70. In addition, sanctions on cutting -edge items such as exports to Russia were announced. Starting from March 18, Japanese companies are prohibited from exporting 300 kinds of goods in Russia (the main supply of semiconductors); the private deposits of senior Russian officials in Japanese financial institutions are frozen; The performance and exhibition of Russian art in Japan in Lake "Lake" has canceled symbolic honors that once awarded Russian leaders.

Japan's sanctions on Russia quickly stirred Russia's countermeasures. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in early May that 63 people including Japan's Prime Minister Kishida and Foreign Principles Lin Fangzheng were included in the prohibition list. The Islands on the South Thousand Islands, because the island has been regarded by Russia as its national territory, if Japanese officials have noise again to make noise of the so -called "ascending the island", it is equivalent to illegally broke into Russia, or it will be reasonable from the Russian military reasonable. Strike. I have to say that Russia's steps are indeed accurate and fierce, and the fantasies of Japan on territorial issues are directly broken. Then I think of Russia's announcement of the suspension of negotiations with Japan on peace treaties. Promote the solution of territorial issues. It can only be said that Japan is clever and clever. I wanted to use the Russian and Ukraine conflict to seek its own interests, but I did not think about it, but I was in Russia. Japan seems to have fallen into a very passive situation. Another attractive news is that Japan will be invited to participate in the NATO summit held in June this year. For a while, external public opinion has speculated whether NATO will be included in Japan. From the real level of perspective, the possibility of Japan joining NATO is not high. On the one hand, there are territorial disputes in Japan and the surrounding countries. Farly from Japan, the deepening relationship between Japan and NATO countries does not meet its geopolitical planning. Considering that the current security situation of the Indo -Pacific region and the international order are being impacted by unprecedentedly, it is not impossible to make a progress in Japan. Cocoon self -binding.