Macron warns: If you want to achieve peace in Ukraine, don't humiliate Russia

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Macron warns: If you want to achieve peace in Ukraine, don't humiliate Russia

2022-05-11 12:09:11 26 ℃

According to the European News Network on the 10th, French President Macron warned that if you seek any peaceful solutions for Ukraine issues, do not humiliate Russia because of the Russian -Ukraine conflict.

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Macron told reporters in Strasbourg that once the conflict was over, Moscow and Kyiv will eventually have to sit down to negotiate with the other party, which caused any further tension atmosphere to be unfavorable to the situation.

"We will establish peace in the future, and never forget this," Macron said on Monday, "I mentioned this before, we will have to do it with Ukraine and Russia so (realize peaceful). Ukraine and Ukraine and Russia will decide when to discuss and negotiate when it ended (conflict). But if one of them is denied, or rejection of each other, or even humiliation, (realizing peace) cannot be done. "

Macron's suggestion this time was put forward on the "European Day" -On May 9, 1950, the then Foreign Minister of France, Schumanman, issued a "European Coal and Steel Association" plan, which is considered to be the beginning of the post -war Western European integration process. Essence On the same day, it was also the victory day of Russia. This year, a grand parade was held on Moscow this day.

The European News Network said Macron has been working hard to mediate Russia and Ukraine's conflict. On May 3, Macron and Putin talked the phone again to discuss the situation in Ukraine. Ke Gong said that during the call, Putin informed Macron the evacuation of Russia to carry out special military operations and civilians from the Mali Upoore Steel Factory. Putin also expounded Macron the principles of Russia's principle of Russia's negotiations, and emphasized that Russia is open to dialogue. Tas News reported that this was the first time Macron had phone calls with Putin after the re -election of French President. The last time the two presidents called on March 29.

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