Omikon kicked the door of North Korea, the new president of South Korea was concerned about North Korea nuclear weapons, and China and Russia opposed the expansion of sanctions to North Korea

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Omikon kicked the door of North Korea, the new president of South Korea was concerned about North Korea nuclear weapons, and China and Russia opposed the expansion of sanctions to North Korea

2022-05-13 06:02:00 12 ℃

North Korea has always been a mysterious country. When the new crown epidemic rays all over the world, North Korea has always maintained a pure land, but it is unexpected that Omikon, who is extremely infectious, broke the door to North Korea. On the other hand, North Korea's recent military trends are obvious. The United States has recently taken measures to take measures. Of course, China and Russia cannot stand by.

According to a report on May 12th, the North Korean National Emergency Epidemic Prevention Department conducted a sampling test on some patients with fever symptoms in Pyongyang on May 8 and found that some people were infected with Omikdon virus. This is the first time that the new crown epidemic has explored the new crown diagnosis in the local area since the new crowd epidemic has perimed in many places around the world.

At present, Kim Jong -un, the top leader of North Korea, has ordered the national blockade that residents cannot go out and say that they must overcome the "unexpected crisis."

According to reports, the residents of Pyongyang suddenly received the order on the afternoon of May 10 and were asked to stay indoors. After the authorities ordered it, the public hurried home. Pyongyang Bus Station on the afternoon of May 10, and residents walked home. I don't know when the emergency situation is lifted.

A foreign diplomat who worked in Pyongyang said that even before the new crown pneumonia was popular in 2020, it was not uncommon to order instructions for a short period of time. At the beginning of May, the North Korean authorities also suddenly ordered residents to stay in the household, but sources in Pyongyang said that the blockade was related to the "sandstorm". Because North Korea is worried, the new crown virus will enter the country with the dust of the transit, so it has previously ordered that Pyongyang residents should stay indoors.

Over the years, North Korea has always regarded the development of nuclear weapons as a weapon for self -reliance, while South Korea is particularly afraid of North Korea's nuclear weapons.

Yin Xiyue, the new President of South Korea, came to power on May 10 and held a chief staff secretary meeting on May 11. At the meeting, he instructed the staff to closely monitor the North Korean nuclear test. Yin Xiyue said that the current security situation is severe. It is necessary to strictly monitor the impact of South Korea ’s security and national government operations and do a good job of response; and the current economic situation in Korea is quite optimistic. Strictly monitor various indicators, study the cause of price rise and corresponding solutions.

South Korea's new defense minister, Li Zhongzheng, said at his inauguration ceremony on the 11th that the current security situation facing South Korea is very severe. In the context of the continuous strategic competition in the United States and China, North Korea optimizes nuclear military capabilities and pose a serious threat to the Korean Peninsula and regional security order. If North Korea initiates tactical provocations, South Korea will resolutely actively respond to North Korea's comprehensive security threat. Han Jun will strengthen the exercise to boost the morale of the army and make a good preparation for combat at any time.

The Ministry of Defense of South Korea also held the first senior cadre meeting of the entire army after the establishment of Yin Xiyue government on the 11th to evaluate the North Korean nuclear test trends and response plans. The meeting evaluated the preparations of the nuclear test site of the Fengxi Li Li of Jizhou County, North Korea, and the movement of the Korean intercontinental missiles and submarine missiles, and inspected the status of the South Korean land, sea and air force.

The South Korean military stated that, given the end of the North Korean nuclear trial preparations, and it is possible to conduct the seventh nuclear test when the US President Bynden visited South Korea. Familiar with the measures.

Since January this year, North Korea has tested multi -type missiles, including intercontinental missiles. Satellite images show that North Korea may prepare to restore the nuclear test, and the US State Department warned in early May that North Korea will be tested in May. Therefore, on May 11, the United States proposed to "expand sanctions on North Korea" in the UN Security Council meeting. In response, China requested to slow down sanctions, and Russia supported China.

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Golling Feid said: "It is time for North Korea to stop and start taking action. We must quickly strengthen sanctions on North Korea instead of slowing down."

Gorinfeid refused a resolution drafted by China and Russia, and China and Russia advocated slowing the sanctions of the United Nations on North Korea in 2017.

Gollingfeid said they had reached an agreement on updating the negotiations of individual US sanctions in the United States. She said: "We can't wait until North Korea to do a provocative, illegal and dangerous actions in North Korea. We must say loudly."

Zhang Jun, a permanent representative of the United Nations, said that the possibility of intense upgrades is worrying. All parties must restrain their sanctions on North Korea in a distrust atmosphere.

Zhang Jun told reporters: "What China wants to avoid is a new nuclear test. This is why we don't want additional sanctions, because this may force one of them to take more active actions."

Russia's permanent deputy ambassador to the United Nations Yofstyee to support China, calling on the restoration of the US and North Korea dialogue. (Inoue frog)