Sudden!North Korea added 18,000 heating cases a day, 6 cases of death; since the end of April, the national outbreak spread, and the heating case has exceeded 350,000 cases.

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Sudden!North Korea added 18,000 heating cases a day, 6 cases of death; since the end of April, the national outbreak spread, and the heating case has exceeded 350,000 cases.

2022-05-13 18:02:34 24 ℃

On the 12th, North Korea reported that it was reported that the country first reported to the new crown diagnosis case for the first time.

On the morning of the 13th, the relevant data was updated. According to CCTV quoting the North Korean and Central News Agency on the 13th, Kim Jong -un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party and Chairman of North Korea, inspected North Korea's National Emergency Prevention Command on the 12th. It is reported that since the end of April, unknown fever has spread throughout North Korea, and the heating cases caused by a short period of time have exceeded 350,000 cases, of which 162,200 have been cured.

It is reported that on the 12th, 18,000 new heating cases were added nationwide, and six people died (including a new case of new crown pneumonia), and a total of 187,800 people were receiving isolation treatment.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ready to provide help at any time

South Korean government: can assist in preventing and controlling at any time

According to the North Korean Society, the North Korean National Emergency Prevention Department sampled some patients with fever in Pyongyang on the 8th of this month and found that some people infected the Omikon virus. This is the first time that the new crown epidemic has explored the new crown diagnosis in the local area since the new crowd epidemic has perimed in many places around the world.

The North Korean Labor Party held a meeting of the Politburo of the Labor Party on the 12th and decided to raise the new crown epidemic prevention measures to the highest level. At the meeting, Kim Jong -un, the General Secretary of the North Korean Workers, emphasized that urgent measures should be taken to completely block the spread of new coronary viruses, strengthen border control, and completely blockade in various cities and counties across the country.

At a regular press conference on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on May 12, a reporter asked: Some media reports that North Korea has discovered a case of new crown pneumonia. Will China cooperate with the North Korean side and vaccine?

In response, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian said that China and North Korea were friendly neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. The two sides had the fine tradition of watching and helping. Since the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, the DPRK has been firmly supporting the Chinese side. We have the same sense of epidemic prevention in the current facing North Korea. As comrades, neighbors, and friends, China is ready to provide support for the North Korean party to fight against the epidemic.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean Ministry of Unification stated on the 12th that it hopes that North Korea's new crown epidemic will calm down as soon as possible and will not spread.

The South Korean Ministry of Unity stated that the South Korean government believes that the assistance to Korean residents and North Korea ’s anti -epidemic prevention and health cooperation are humanitarian affairs and can be advanced at any time. In the future, if things need to cooperate between North Korea and South Korea, or cooperate with the international community, South Korea will actively handle it.

The border began to close the border in January 2020

According to the Xinhua News Agency in September 2021, it was quoted by the North Korean Society, and Kim Jong -un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party, requested to further strengthen national epidemic prevention measures at a expansion meeting held on September 2, 2021 to cope with the continuous spread of the global sanitation crisis belt The dangerous situation comes.

It is reported that Kim Jong -un emphasized at the third Politburo expansion meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party that all party organizations and cadres must re -inspect the work of the national epidemic prevention system and the department, focus on political offensive, maintain high vigilance, make epidemic prevention prevention The front is tense again. Departments at all levels should fully consolidate the material foundation required for epidemic prevention work, improve the professional level of personnel of the epidemic prevention department, and further improve the Korean -type epidemic prevention system.

In order to prevent the new crown epidemic from entering the country, North Korea began to close the border in late January 2020 and adopted strict control measures. At that time, it was reported that "there was no new crown case in China so far in China."

Earlier in August 2021, the North Korean Labor Party reported the "Labor News" and reported on the research results of the North Korean Academy of Sciences, and said that the scientists and staff of the Institute of No. 111 Institute and the Biological Engineering Branch and the Institute of Midway Scientists first independently develop nucleic acid testing equipment in line with the world level.

In June 2021, the Ministry of Unification of South Korea stated that if North Korea made relevant responses, South Korea is willing to cooperate with North Korea with a new crown vaccine. The Ministry of Unified said that there are many forms of specific cooperation plans. South Korea can provide vaccines directly to North Korea, or provide new crown vaccines to North Korea through the World Health Organization "New Corollabolic Pneumonic Vaccine Implementation Plan (COVAX)".

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