Sri Lanka New Prime Minister: Must get rid of the economic crisis

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Sri Lanka New Prime Minister: Must get rid of the economic crisis

2022-05-14 00:02:38 7 ℃

(Observer News) Comprehensive foreign media reported that on May 12, local time, Sri Lanka President Gotapaa Rajapaksa appointed unified Kuomintang leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the new Prime Minister as the new Prime Minister This is the sixth time the 73 -year -old man has been the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. After taking office, Vikrama Singer said, "We are facing a crisis, but we have a way to get rid of it."

Peninsula TV report screenshot

That night, Victor Masinger swore at the presidential residence of the President of Coronapu, Sri Lanka. Lately, he was interviewed by the media in a temple. He said, "We are facing a crisis, we must get rid of it." When asked if there was a solution, he replied, "absolutely there is."

According to the Indian Asian International News Agency, Victormaxin also said, "I have accepted the challenge to boost the economy, and I must complete it."

Vikra Masinger has served as the Prime Minister 5 times since 1993, namely the first time from 1993-1994, the second time 2001-2004, and the fourth and fourth (re-election) from 2015-2018 (re-election) , Fifth of 2018-2019. After his tenure, he will break the "world record" of the number of presidents. Reuters believes that he is a pro -Western free marketist who has rich experience in dealing with the International Monetary Fund, and the organization is currently discussing the problem of helping Sri Lanka. In addition, he has established good diplomatic channels with many countries.

Photos of President Gota Baya Rajapaka Twitter Twitter

President Gota Baya Rajapaksa issued a post on Twitter to congratulate the Victor Masinger. He said, "I expressed my heartfelt wish to the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. After spending a very difficult task. I look forward to working with him to make Sri Lanka stronger again. "

President Gota Baya Rajapaksa tweet

Former Prime Minister Maxinda Rajapaksa, who just resigned, also congratulated Twitter. He wished the new Prime Minister "everything goes well during the trouble of trouble."

Former Prime Minister Maxinda Rajapaksa tweet

However, Peninsula TV pointed out that Victor Marinha was accepted only when President Gota Baya Rajapaka invited a number of political parties, including Sri Lanka's biggest opposition party. "The leaders, they all rejected the national economic crisis.

Sagala Ratnayaka, a Sri Lanka unified Kuomintang national organizer, said that when "no one accepts this challenge", Victorma Sinda agreed to serve as the Prime Minister. He also said, "Now is not When the good time of Prime Minister Sri Lanka, this will become the most difficult task of Victormaxinha. "

Policy selection center think tank Bhavani Fonseka believes that Victor Masinger is appointed as the Prime Minister who will not terminate the protests for several weeks. "This appointment does not bring the protesters what the protesters want The primary appeal of the protesters is to let Gotapabaya Rajapaksa resign. "

The BBC pointed out that although Victor Marinha has served as the Prime Minister many times, he has not been able to fulfill his term. In the last election, the unified Kuomintang barely obtained a parliamentary seat (a total of 255 seats in the Sri Lanka Parliament), and Victor Masinger became the only representative of the party in the parliament. It is reported that one of the main reasons for people who don't like Victor Marinha is that he has a close relationship with the Rajapaksa family.

Corporal Bishop, Malcolm Ranjith, said, "people want an upright person, not a person who has repeatedly defeated politically."

Victor Marina (Data Map) Picture Source: Peninsula TV Station

Affected by factors such as the epidemic, Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis since 1948 independence. Under the influence of lack of foreign exchange, shortage of materials, high prices, and tight power supply, since the beginning of April this year, the protests that the current president has stepped down has become more and more intensive. After more than a month of peaceful demonstration, this protest was upgraded to a violent conflict on May 9th. To alleviate the situation, former Prime Minister Maxinda Rajapaksa announced his resignation that day.

However, the move did not calm the riots. The situation gradually improved until the Sri Lanka Ministry of Defense released the "local gun decision" on the 10th. As of press time, the country's riots have killed at least 9 people and more than 300 people were injured.