As soon as the support rate of coming to power, how did Yin Xiyue break the game?

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As soon as the support rate of coming to power, how did Yin Xiyue break the game?

2022-05-14 06:05:55 6 ℃

[Text/Observer Network Column Author Han Dahai]

On May 10, the 20th President Yin Xiyue of South Korea officially opened the term of office, and the internal and external situation in front of him was still quite complicated.

Yin Xiyue's support rate after being elected

The polls carried out on May 3 and 4 on May 3 and 4, South Korea, showed that although Wen Zaiyin stepped down on May 9, its support rate was still as high as 45%, which was the highest among South Korean presidents. In all ages, the support rates of people in their 30s and 40s are 51%and 59%, respectively.

Unlike Wen Zaiyin, although she was successfully elected, Yin Xiyue would inevitably fight a hard battle on the issue of public support. Just after the presidential election, Gallop carried out the President's elected person to perform the outlook for the publicity. The results show that 55%believe that Yin Xiyue can perform his duties well in the future, and 40%of people hold opposite opinions. Compared with about 80%of the positive evaluation of about 80%of the former president, the expectations of Yin Xiyue's expectations of Yin Xiyue seem to be much lower than in the past.

In addition, according to the polls of Gallop's first week of this year, the positive evaluation of Yin Xiyue's current duties accounted for 41%, and the negative evaluation accounted for 48%. Compared with the results of the investigation in April this year, the positive evaluation decreased by 2 percentage points, and the negative evaluation increased by 4 percentage points. Under normal circumstances, the Korean people should be full of expectations for the new government, so in the polls after the presidential election, the support rate of the new president is generally higher than the election period. It is rare in Korean history.

Why is this?

There are three main reasons for the decline in Yin Xiyue's support rate.

The first is the migration of the presidential office.

Yin Xiyue immediately published the Presidential Office's migration plan immediately after being successfully elected, and said that "although it is a difficult thing, this is a decision for the future of the country. Good work, and the agreement between practice and the people. "

As a result, this problem quickly became the core issue of South Korean political situation. The fierce debate between the political circle and the national public opinion, with the continuous fermentation of related disputes, forcibly publishing the migration of the presidential office in response to Yin Xiyue's migration of the presidential office without specific plans. At present, 750,000 people have been willing to oppose the migration of the presidential office on the Qingwatai National Request website.

In response to this petition, Wen Zaiyin said that "it has been promoted to the country's century plan without discussion, and said that it is to communicate, it feels very contradictory." This shows the negation opinion on Yin Xiyue's migration plan. Yin Xiyue also put forward a suggestion to oppose or slowly promote the migration of the office, but Yin Xiyue still forcibly promoted the migration plan of the presidential office, and finally started the term of the new president in the Longshan Ministry of Defense in Longshan, Seoul on the morning of May 10th. Essence

On the morning of the 10th, Qingwatai opened for the first time in 74 years. Picture source: Central Daily

Followed by personnel selection.

Yin Xiyue served as the chief procuratorial period, and established the image of "fair prosecutor" among the people through investigating the corruption incident of government officials. This image is also one of the important factors he has successfully elected president. The people who support Yin Xiyue are also looking forward to his selected chief or senior officials who are more capable and cheap than those of the Wenzai government. Unfortunately, this expectation is gradually disappearing over time.

Some of the State Prime Ministers and Chief Candidates who form the first cabinet of Yin Xiyue government are currently suspected of corruption cases, former official courtesy, and real estate speculation. This is a political attack. Earlier, Yin Xiyue, who has always attacked Wen Zaiyin's government, and the suspicion of the candidate involved in the candidates recommended by the National Power Party, was argued with distress with the past.

In addition, although Yin Xiyue explicitly stated that the personnel selection principle of the next government's cabinet is based on the "ability" as the evaluation criteria, some candidates do not seem to meet this selection criteria. clear.

Finally, due to the withdrawal of the Convention Convention.

Recent The National Power Party also expressed concerns about Yin Xiyue's withdrawal of the core election convention without fully explaining the background to the people.

Yin Xiyue promised to provide 5 trillion won compensation to the self -employed operator and industrial and commercial operators who suffered losses due to the epidemic. "Level compensation" scheme with scale calculation. In this regard, self -employed and industrial and commercial artists expressed strong opposition, and ordinary people also expressed negative opinions on Yin Xiyue unilaterally withdrawing the convention.

According to reports, the price increase rate of consumers in South Korea has now reached about 4%, and South Korean people are experiencing the highest price increase rate in 10 years. This year, South Korea's economic growth rate is also likely to reach 3%of the previous forecasts. The main investment banks have also reduced South Korea's expected economic growth to about 2%.

At the same time, the deep -rooted problems such as surge in real estate prices, youth unemployment, and polarization of society still exist. In the process of Yin Xiyue's election, the real estate policy of the failed government of Wen Zaiyin played a great role, but under the trend of rising real estate prices around the world, it is expected that the Yin Xiyue government is also difficult to properly solve this problem in the short term. Special area standard for medium -sized apartments (85 square meters or less than 102 square meters)

In addition to domestic problems, Yin Xiyue's international environment is also severe than in the past. Russia and Ukraine's conflict has led to increasing uncertainty in the international situation. The contradiction between China and the United States is still continuing. North Korea has continuously strengthened its military threats to South Korea by improving the capacity of nuclear weapons and missiles. These international factors are under increasingly stress on South Korean foreign policy. The South Korean people have both expectations and concerns about whether Yin Xiyue's government can overcome this international environment in response to new international order.

Extension of the presidential election: local elections

In order to solve the current problems and actively implement relevant policies, the Yin Xiyue government must win in a place to be held on June 1st.

At present, the legislative power of the South Korean Congress is in the hands of the common Democratic Party that occupies 172 seats, and the power of the common Democratic Party in the local parliament also has an overwhelming advantage. If the National Power Party fails in the local election held immediately after Yin Xiyue takes office, the policy implementation of local councils will encounter many obstacles, and at the same time, the overall national and political operations will be greatly hit. Therefore, Yin Xiyue and the National Power Party must actively strive for the victory of local elections in the presidential election to win in order to obtain the driving force for national government operations in the political situation of the Dae -lino.

Generally speaking, after the president is elected, the national politics execution is very high, so nationals generally support the ruling party and the new president. In the nationwide elections held after the presidential election, the "theory of stability in regime" will inevitably be more advantageous than the "political trial theory", so the possibility of winning the ruling party has become higher. In the history of South Korea, after the president took office, in the nationwide election, there are also many examples of victory in the ruling party. However, the recent poll results show that whether Yin Xiyue and the National Power Party can win in local elections is unknown.

In the face of local elections, such a voice also appeared within the National Power Party: "I thought I won in the election and could also win easily in the local elections, but the atmosphere of local elections is completely different from expected, which is terrified." After the election, the support rate of the candidate will reach 70-80%, but it is less than 50%now, which is a very serious situation. "" This goes on, it may be lost in local elections. "

After being elected, Yin Xiyue also focused his energy on local elections. From April 11th to May 4th, Yin Xiyue began a local tour as an exception as a presidential election. Regarding the background of the tour, Yin Xiyue said that this was to confirm the performance of the regional conventions promised during the election, but many people believe that this is a action taken for local elections. The common Democratic Party also retorted that "this is naked involved in the election" and "Yin Xiyue violated political neutrality." The South Korean Central Election Management Committee also told Yin Xiyue's local tour that "presidential election should restrain the interference election."

In the case of continuous controversy, like the previous forcibly migration of the presidential office and appointment of suspected corruption, he regarded the voices of criticism and opposition, and continued to affect local elections as presidents. It is expected that Yin Xiyue is likely to further implement support and development policies in regions with fierce competition in local elections to actively affect the support rate of the ruling party in local elections.