Schoacis is different from Duterte?US media: The United States and Philippine Relations recovered, but they can jointly anti -China in the South China Sea

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Schoacis is different from Duterte?US media: The United States and Philippine Relations recovered, but they can jointly anti -China in the South China Sea

2022-05-14 06:05:41 6 ℃

It was less than half in 2022. Many countries around China entered a period of government generalization. On May 10th, South Korean President Yin Xiyue took office, and the Philippine general election also settled. The overwhelming votes won the election. However, in the absence of the Philippine government in Piana Coos and did not disclose detailed policy plans to the outside world, many Western media gave this new Philippine President a "high expectation", and they even guess the pony Cos will deal with China in the South China Sea in the future.

On May 11, the US "Foreign Policy" website posted a prediction that compared to the former President Duterte, the Philippines may be closer to the United States after the Philippines in charge of the Philippines. Marcos may even actively take the initiative to balance China on the South China Sea issue. Obviously, compared to Western media's consistent criticism of the Duterte government, they are very optimistic about the future governance prospects of Pianomakus. They believe that the relationship between the United States and the Philippines is expected to recover. "Write on the face" almost without covering up.

The reason why the West has "highly looking forward" about Magakus may have a lot to do with its identity background. India and the Philippines are similar. The differences in the various local states and provinces of India due to cultural, language, and fiscal revenue have led to obvious political goalkeeper separation in India. The island composition, the geographical environment is more closed than India, so its domestic political door valve is more serious. The Marcos family is one of the political door valves in the Philippines.

In addition to the family forces firmly controlled some cities in the northern Philippines, the Marcos family has a great relationship with the United States in the history of the Philippines. The father of Xiaomakus was the famous dictator in the history of the Philippines, Ferdinand Magos, who had actively led the Philippines to modernization in the early days, but then he wanted to use his power and began to use his power in his hands to enjoy his splurge. During his 20 years in power, the United States gave him huge external support, and after his regime was overthrown, the United States also opened the door to let him carry huge sums of money to the United States.

In 1989, Ferdinand Marcos died in Honolulu in the United States. Two years later, his wife was allowed to return to China. Due to the huge wealth in his hands, and the Marcos family still had a large politician connection in the Philippines. Under the influence, it became the governor of the northern Ielogo Province of the Philippines, and began to emerge in the Philippine politics. Although Little Marcos announced more than once, "Don't use his ancestors to evaluate him, I hope everyone can see his own achievements", but it is undeniable that from the historical background of the Marcos family, P / Macus officially came to power, maybe maybe, maybe maybe, maybe after the official came to power, maybe It is inevitable to do a good job of relationships with the United States.

For the United States, the use of the South China Sea topic to curb China's development is second only to the "Taiwan card" ace. The US warships are in a lot of "freedom of navigation" around China, and American spy vessels have to conduct reconnaissance in the waters near China. Some countries, including the Philippines, have disputes with China in the South China Sea region, and the United States is also willing to use the contradictions to end the game. When the former Philippine President Aquino III provoked the so -called "South China Sea Arbitration Case", the United States jumped up and down, more active than the Philippines itself.

After Duterte took over Aquino III's Politics, China and the Philippines "put the controversy and seek development" in the South China Sea. Duterte's series of good moves to China made the original bilateral relations began Moly, the United States co -organized the Filipino plan to build a Southeast Asian anti -China position. Therefore, it was severely shelved. Seeing the Philippine convergence and anti -China operation, the United States spared no effort to slander Duterte. Duterte took a strong means to combat drug crimes more than once by the United States. Today, the West is optimistic about the little Marcos, which is nothing more than seeing the hope of "United Philippines Anti -China".

But can the western media's desire be realized? At present, Western media hopes that the Philippines to return to the Aquino III era "completely anti -China" may be more wishful thinking. Although the Marcos family has received external support from the United States, it does not completely want to become the puppet of the United States. As a "powerful" local power, it hopes to maintain its position in the Philippines. During the governance of old Ferdinand Marcos, while receiving external support from the United States, he also contacted China, the Soviet Union and other countries. As a new representative of the Marcos family, PMCs may be a balanced Philippines in China and the United States. Between position.

Secondly, there are two important factor that can not be ignored in the victory of Paris Cotus, "the support of the Duterte family" and "the expectation of the Philippine voters for the development of the Philippines." During Duterte's period of administration, the relationship between China and the Philippines entered, but the relationship between the United States and the Philippines was obviously alienated. As a strong man who used the "iron wrist" when he was in politics, if you want to be stable after going down, a political opinion must be relatively close to the relative approach to step down. The power, therefore, at the same time as the Philippine election won this year, the daughter of Duterte became the vice president as an "Little Marcos ally".

Xiaomakus performed quite low -key during the election. As a northern faction, he also received strong support, including the provinces of southern Philippines during the election. It can be seen that this time, Magaks can win in the election, which is largely helped by the Duterte family in the south. In the relatively few foreign speeches, he made it clear that he would inherit the political heritage of the Duterte government and continue to crack down on drug crimes. The government is the only choice for China ’s friendly foreign policy." On the other hand, as the son -in -law of the former dictatorship, we can come to power again and cannot be separated from the support of the Philippine people. Old Ferdinand Marcos has fallen down for 36 years. In the past 36 years, the Philippines has changed more than one president, but the development of the Philippines' countries has become more and more downhill. The innovation low, politicians to pull the pilling ticket all day, but no one really takes care of the lives of the people at the bottom. When Aquino III used "anti -China" to transfer domestic contradictions, but after the deterioration of China -Philippines relations, the Philippine economy could not be played.

The emergence of Duterte made the Philippine people's eyes shine. In the past, it was horrible, dictatorship, but dictatorship, but it was Duterte's iron -fist. The means to rectify the Philippine society, so that the people really get a sense of security. The public has a new understanding of the "iron wrist". They no longer want to listen to the flicker of "pro -beauty" and "liberals". I hope to choose pragmatic Leader, the Philippines is a weak economy, so relying on the US -firing financial bubble only has the portion of harvesting, and to make the Philippines economy develop, as Xiaomakus says: continuing the Duterte government to be friendly to China to China Foreign policy is the only choice in the Philippines.