The 78 -year -old Australian Family Foreigner in the Solomon Islands, but I did not expect that there would be such a shame and humiliation day ...

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The 78 -year -old Australian Family Foreigner in the Solomon Islands, but I did not expect that there would be such a shame and humiliation day ...

2022-05-14 06:05:53 5 ℃

( The 78 -year -old Australian foreigner who had played for the country had never expected that he would not expect it anyway. If he retired, he wanted to give full play to the remarks and suggestions. There was a day when he was "fork" by his prime minister's bodyguard.

According to the Australian SBS TV station reported on the 12th local time, former diplomat Trevor Sofield, a former diplomat in the Solomon Islands (hereinafter referred to as the "Supreme State"), said angrily accused that he tried to face Australian Prime Minister Morrison and report to the government. The errors made when dealing with the diplomatic relations with the country were "roughly blocked" by security personnel. The live video showed that this thin old man was pinched by a number of tall and strong man bodies, and he almost fell in the push.

When Morrison was drawn for the election, it quickly set off the anger of Australian netizens.

In addition, according to the latest news on the 13th of the British Media Sky News Network, Morrison said it to say that he did not see Treg at all, nor did he know that the other party had a resume of diplomatic work in the institute. He was only following the security team's instructions. "When they said that I should leave, I would leave."

The circle is Trevor Sofield

Comprehensive Australian media reports such as SBS TV and Sydney Pioneer Morning Post, things happened at the campaign rally in the northern part of Tasmania on the 12th of Morrison on the 12th. Essence Seeing this, Treg hoped to communicate with its foreign relations with the Australian government and the country in person.

It is reported that at the senior commissioner of the Solomon Islands in the Solomon Islands from 1982 to 1985, it was one of the first representatives of Australia in the country. Not only is the experience old, but also understand the local situation.

Since China and the Solomon Islands have signed a "bilateral cooperation framework agreement" that aimed at the latter to maintain social security, protect the local Chinese diaspora, and provide humanitarian assistance and disaster response to the country in the South Pacific region Australia and the United States, which have been regarded as "threats", have been regarded as "threats", and they even threatened to take measures to force them to cut off their cooperation with China.

However, in Treter's view, this decision made this decision is precisely because the Australian government has made a big mistake in dealing with the country's diplomatic relations -ignoring the people, including the country, including the country. The voices of peace and stable development.

However, this retired foreigner, before he had time to say this, he "died without a teacher" -The security personnel were strictly guarded by the security personnel. The people didn't even return.

Under the push, Treord almost tripped by the stones on the roadside

The live video showed that this thin old man was pinched by a number of tall and strong man bodies, and he almost fell in the push.

Trefa later described the scene at the time that he took a few steps in the direction of Morrison and was surrounded by two tall men. The other party grabbed him and pushed him away, forcing Treord to ask: "I want to talk to the Prime Minister, what do you push me to do? I just want to say something to the Prime Minister."

Just stopped from the indoor to the parking lot, Trefer finally looked at the long -standing team and accused the reporter at the scene. It is a public area, and he believes that these security personnel should not be so arrogant to stop him from reporting to Morrison.

"I was very disappointed with the rude behavior of the Morrison security team, (the first encounter) really made me very disturbed." He emphasized that today Australia lost its position in the South Pacific and as a former diplomacy against the country. One of the strategists can provide experience and unique insights.

"This should be a free country. If our democracy is like this, it is really a tragic thing." Australian media said that Treg was almost trembling when he said this. "An ordinary citizen cannot reconcile A prime minister who is visiting the voters talks, which election is this election and which country?! "

After a little calmness, Treter also revealed his voice to the reporter at the scene. He said straightforwardly that he would no longer vote for Morrison and the Liberal Party he represented, because they messed up the Australian and Solomon Islands. relation.

There are criticism that Australia has always ignored the needs of the South Pacific countries, including the country, not only visiting these countries often, but also reduced their assistance to there. He mentioned that even though Australia announced a large -scale aid project that supports the country in the region in 2016, the project came too late, and there were very few countries in various countries.

He also revealed that before the outbreak of the country, he sought help from Australia, but was rejected. When understanding the situation, the person in charge of the Australian side gave Treg in a word at the time. The other party said, "We are not interested in helping those annoying small countries, and they can take care of themselves."

The most incredible thing for Traf is that this government has "incompetence" to the point where it is completely unaware of the cooperation between China. "We don't know what happened this time this time, and it was impossible to happen before." From this he believes that Australia should re -build relations with the South Pacific countries, and enable completely different people and different assistance projects to redesign and cooperate, sit down and listen to the opinions of those who truly understand the South Pacific.

This incident immediately set off the anger of Australian netizens. The labels of related news and "#IHATMORRISON" (I hate Morrison) were quickly brushed into the popular Twitter trend of Australia. Power "bullying" the foreigner.

In addition, according to the latest news on the 13th, Morrison, who held a campaign and rally in Melbourne on the 13th, is difficult to escape from public opinion, but he did not see Treter at all, and before that, he did not know that the other party had a country in the country. The resume of diplomatic work, claiming that he was taken away from the venue, and only followed the security instructions of the security team. "When they said that I should leave, I would leave."

He was further asked, "Is this the way that the Prime Minister treats a person who has played for the country" and whether he can clarify whether the security personnel's work protects it from the danger of personal danger or protects it from political embarrassment. " Mori avoided the problem of disrespectful treatment by the former diplomats, and it was very important to repeatedly emphasize that it was important to comply with security regulations. His security team was a professional.

Subsequently, Morrison mentioned the first meeting of Australia's diplomatic relations in the Pacific region. He claimed that he admitted to Australia's past performance in the Pacific, like "colonial ruler", and did not respect the people of the Pacific region. In the future, he will continue to cooperate with the Pacific national leaders to jointly solve national security issues.