The Prime Minister of Cambodia was attacked in the United States.

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The Prime Minister of Cambodia was attacked in the United States.

2022-05-14 06:05:41 12 ℃

( According to Reuters reported on the 13th local time, when the Cambodian Prime Minister Hongsen, who was visiting the United States, recently condolences to the American Cambodian group in Washington, was attacked by a throwing shoe lost shoes in an exile in the United States. middle.

His younger son Honani subsequently published an article on social media, saying that he would not forgive such bad behaviors, and all extremists would eventually eat the evil results.

The mainstream English media of Cambodia reported that Khmer Times reported that on the 11th, hundreds of American and Canadian Cambodian people gathered in the Washington Special Administrative Region Wasteen Hotel to meet with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and attended him to attend The United States-ASEAN Special Summit expressed support and congratulations.

Picture from Cambodia Middle Times

The accident happened when Hun Sen took a group photo with a person who supported the public. Suddenly a leather shoes threw away from the crowd to Hun Sen and almost hit him.

The Cambodian media quoted by Reuters reported that the attacker was a 72 -year -old Cambodian extremist in exile. He claimed that he was caught by Hun Sen's bodyguard after the incident. The US police arrested him immediately, but quickly released it and urged him to leave Washington as soon as possible and return to California.

The attacker told reporters that he later participated in another protest held on Thursday (12th), the purpose of throwing shoes was to insult Haden.

In this regard, Hun Sen's young son and People's Party member Honani posted an article on his personal social media account to scold the attacker's behavior.

It stated that the people of Cambodia and members of the People's Party, including himself, could not tolerate nor forgive the extremists to his father, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, and the chairman of the People's Party. Extremely eaten the consequences of self -eating.

According to the observer report earlier, from the 12th to 13th local time, the US President Biden held the United States-ASEAN Special Summit in Washington, and the leaders of 8 ASEAN countries attended the summit. Cambodia is the current rotating chairman of ASEAN. Reuters said that this is also the first time that Hun Sen has been invited to visit the White House since Hunson's leader of the Cambodian government in 1985.

On the 11th, Hun Sen met with former US Senator Donald M. Benton in Washington, emphasizing that Cambodia hopes to be friends in the United States, but not a side selection between the United States and China. He said that the Cambodian Constitution stipulates a neutral policy, so Cambodia wants to be friends in the United States and all countries.

Hongsen went to the United States from the Phnom Penh Post

On the eve of the summit, Cambodia Prime Minister Gao Jinhuan also revealed an intriguing details: the summit did not arrange for leaders of ASEAN countries to meet with Biden alone.

Gao Jinhuan pointed out that ASEAN leaders "should be treated with respect and equality" and have the opportunity to spend "meaningful" time with Biden. It stated that as a large country and the eastern country, the United States should be more generous to visitors, especially when Biden discussed the discussion of raising strategic partnerships into a comprehensive strategic partnership.

He believes that as the leader of the ASEAN rotating chairman, Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen meets with Bayeng. But the US ambassador to Cambodia Patrick Murphy subsequently replied that the two sides did not arrange bilateral talks. Because the summit is already very long, and "Biden is busy."