Northern Ireland's independent call has risen, and the United Kingdom began to make the last effort.

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Northern Ireland's independent call has risen, and the United Kingdom began to make the last effort.

2022-05-14 12:23:05 7 ℃

From the perspective of East Asian countries, the United Kingdom is a very strange country. He is a "joint kingdom" composed of four political entities: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They all have a strong independent tendency, especially with Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Recently, North Ireland's independent call has risen. Northern Ireland is committed to winning the British New Fen Party to win in the parliamentary election. It is speculated that in the short time, independent referendums will be held in Northern Ireland. This has also triggered a political earthquake in the UK, and Britain has also begun to make final efforts to try to retain Northern Ireland, hoping to avoid the country's split.

According to British media reports, the British and Wales Chief Attorney General Bredman has approved some of the contents of the "Northern Ireland Protocol". However, at this critical moment, the European Union jumped out and stopped, and the vice chairman of the European Commission, Sevkovic, said that the unilateral action of Britain was unacceptable.

The purpose of the British move is to alleviate domestic contradictions and avoid northern Ireland to independence. The European Union has no patience about Brexit Britain, and must maintain the EU's single market. The contradictions caused by Britain and the European Union around Northern Ireland are caused by Brexit.

The European Union insists on executing in accordance with the Bellfaster Agreement, which stipulates that there is no clear land boundary between Ireland and Ireland, both of which are part of the EU's single market; and the Brexit Agreement contains specializing in specializing The "Northern Ireland Protocol" that resolves the North Irish issue stipulates that North Ireland is like the British single market as the British, but the EU freedom circulation rules and the EU customs alliance rules are still applicable.

In other words, Northern Ireland, as part of the United Kingdom, has no border with Ireland, but the British island has a customs border with the British main part. The northern Ireland pro -British faction and the British government resolutely oppose them, and they want to revise the Northern Ireland Protocol.

You know, the economic and trade barriers are easy to cause division. Northern Ireland itself was centrifugal with Britain, and the Republican Army, which advocates the independence of Northern Ireland, stopped the armed struggle in the 1990s. Independent tendency.

If this artificial border is not eliminated, the connection between Northern Ireland and Britain is further weakened, which will really become a de facto independent country. The purpose of Britain is obvious, that is to take Northern Ireland to leave the European Union and the European Union, but this is resolutely opposed by the northern Ireland nationalist.

Now that the Xinfen Party comes to power, it will definitely accelerate the independent referendum. The "Nothing Empire" that runs across the world that year. What makes Britain more painful is that the crisis in his domestic division is not only this place. Scotland's independence tendency is also a difficult issue for Britain.

England and Scotians are incompatible in various aspects such as culture, religion. On May 8, 2021, the Scottish Independence Scottish National Party has won a majority of parliamentary seats for the fourth consecutive time. In 2014, Scotland once organized an independent referendum, but most people advocated staying in the UK.

However, the current Scottish polls have changed, and there are not a few people who advocate loses. In addition, in recent years, British national strength has been declining, which is also an important reason for its domestic separation movement. Over the past few hundred years, the United Kingdom has the most likely to split and dispel capitalist countries in other countries. At present, many contradictions in Asia, Africa and Latinar are caused by the British colonial era.

Due to various reasons, these ugly behaviors of Western countries have not been truly liquidated, but good and evil have been reported in the end. Now Britain also faces serious internal division problems. He historically brought the division, war and crisis to other countries. Now Finally coming to myself.