The American Special Summit is not harmful, but the insult is extremely strong!

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The American Special Summit is not harmful, but the insult is extremely strong!

2022-05-14 12:22:47 5 ℃

American comics are a bit politically incorrect, but it is quite interesting to see. This major event in the United States has actually insulted these 10 neighbors. Let's talk about it first, what big deal? The United States and ASEAN Special Summit! Break the ASEAN leaders invited the United States to meet with Biden. This should be the first time in history. In Biden's words, this has opened up the "new era". Of course, as a Chinese, we must be sober, and the United States will not work hard. It is very simple. It is the purpose of the United States to attract ASEAN, deal with China, and pave the way for the so -called "Indo -Pacific Strategy" in the United States.

On the surface, everything is very peaceful. Biden invited ASEAN leaders to take care of his family. Perosi had lunch with them. Agence France -Presse commented: "When taking office, he described China as the biggest international challenger. It proves that although it has concentrated on the "invasion 'of Russia to Ukraine for several months, it still regards Asia as a priority." Well, the meeting was aimed at China in Washington and Yu Guang was aimed at China. But what do ASEAN leaders think? It is estimated that it is uncomfortable. Because it is very simple, they feel that they are courteous on the surface, but more insults.

The three interesting details are not harmful, but the insult is extremely strong.

Details one, $ 150 million. As the most significant measure, Biden announced in front of ASEAN leaders that it would invest $ 150 million to 10 ASEAN countries. You read it wrong, it is $ 150 million. Specifically arranged like this: 40 million US dollars, reducing carbon emissions; $ 60 million to deal with maritime safety (who you mainly deal with, you know); $ 15 million, cope with the epidemic; others, promote the digital economy, and so on. This is 10 countries with a total of $ 150 million. It must be known that just two days ago, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution to assist Ukraine $ 40 billion.

One is 150 million and the other is 40 billion. What do you think of ASEAN leaders think?

Even Western media can't stand it. I saw the article of Reuters that the United States was really dwarfed compared with China. In November last year, China announced that in the next three years, it will provide ASEAN with US $ 1.5 billion in development assistance to help ASEAN countries resist and restore the economy. ASEAN leaders collectively went to the United States, and the United States announced $ 150 million. At the same time, it aid 40 billion in Ukraine.

Isn't this insulting people?

Details two, Biden has no time. Looking at the schedule, the special summit lasted for two days. Activities related to Biden, from 6 pm to 7:30 in the evening of the 12th, Bayeng White House Welcome Dinner; from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on the 13th, Biden met with you. Is this all?

I don't know, but according to the original plan, this is all. Seeing someone interesting, Bynden took the shortage of ASEAN leaders. There are no bilateral meetings. Anyway, Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the ASEAN rotating chairman, will not meet alone. The reason for the United States is that Biden "has no time."

But you can imagine that China holds the ASEAN Summit, and it will be pulled after opening it. Does the rotating chairman leader not see it alone? China dare not imagine diplomatic etiquette, but the United States has made it. Is this the way of hospitality in the United States? Kao Kim Hourn, a consultant to Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen: Bayeng, you will also increase the relationship with ASEAN, from strategic partnership to comprehensive strategic partnership. Guests are more generous to leaders to Washington. " What made Hun Sen even more uncomfortable was that in Washington, in a public occasion, a shoe was thrown towards him. Although it is not thrown, this is the security of the United States? It is very interesting that Americans have no time to see, and we see it ourselves. Anyway, while the opportunity to meet in Washington, Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Mingzheng and Honor held a meeting separately.

Details III, forcing the ASEAC to express their positions. What state?

Do you condemn not to condemn Russia? Do you sanction not sanction Russia? Also, Indonesia, do you invite Putin? This is obviously difficult for ASEAN.

You know, in ASEAN, in addition to Singapore's following the West and various condemnation and sanctions on Russia, other countries have a delicate attitude and try to be neutral. In the United University's condemnation of Russian aggression resolutions, Vietnam and Laos have voted for abandoned votes; the Philippines clearly stated that it will not sanction Russia; Indonesia is the G20 chairman this year, and also expressed invitation to invite Putin ...

This makes the United States very angry. For example, for the Bali G20 summit this fall, the Bayeng government stated that you should not invite Putin in Indonesia. If Putin participated, Biden would not participate. This made Indonesia's dilemma, offending the United States, the consequences were serious; but offending Russia, Russia was not a good stubble, and I couldn't commit it. what to do?

Indonesians also have a way. Indonesian President Zoko called Putin and Zerlezki respectively, and then sent a solemn invitation. Putin came to the conference, and Zeleice, you also come. The United States and ASEAN Special Summit must be under various pressures, but after all, ASEAN is also ASEAN, and it will definitely be euphemistic but resolutely back.

But in your site, to bear your pressure, ASEAN is also awkward.

Of course, there are many other insults.

For example, this summit time, the United States originally announced March. ASEAN countries are very angry. If you do n’t discuss with us, you throw a time. We still have the established arrangements and do n’t go. After looking at the ASEAN leadership schedule, there are indeed arrangements, and there is indeed no time.

Finally, in March, only Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong went to the White House. In desperation, Biden announced another time, this time on May 12 and 13. In fact, I only came to 8 countries in 10 ASEAN countries. Myanmar leaders were rejected. The Philippines announced that Duterte announced that it would not go. It's also left away, why bother with this embarrassment. Finally, what do you think?

First, we still have to be sober. Sober in the United States, the core is to pull gangs to deal with China. In Wang Yi's words: The United States under the banner of promoting regional cooperation, but playing with geopolital games; shouting to return to multilateralism, but in fact, it is engaged in closed lines of his "club"; However, I tried to engage in another set of "gang rules". We don't need to deny that there are close relations with China in ASEAN countries, but there are also subtle relationships. It does not rule out that some countries will have a secret style with the United States on some issues, and even use the United States to balance China's influence. Second, we still have to calm down.

We can't just take it at all, because it is simple, ASEAN is not young, and will not be easily fooled in the United States.

When talking about the influence of China and the United States, I remember that a Southeast Asian leader said in the past few years: the United States is now the most important partner in Southeast Asia, but in the past few thousand years, and the next thousands of years, China has been their most important. neighboring countries. ASEAN is not stupid. What's more, in the first quarter of this year, China and ASEAN were the largest trading objects. This kind of close connection is not comparable to the United States, Europe, and Japan. Mahathir, the oldest qualified politician in Southeast Asia, said with emotion at a time:

I have asked me in many places, how do you think of China, you are afraid of China. I said that there is nothing terrible in China. We have nearly 2000 years of relationship with China. China has never come to conquer us, but after two years of the Europeans, they have conquered us, so we are more afraid of Europe than China. people.

Therefore, we also see that it is very interesting. In March of this year, Li Xianlong visited the White House. In his speech, Biden mentioned at least 6 "India", but Li Xianlong mentioned "Asia Pacific". Why is this? Because Southeast Asian countries are very clear, who is a friend and who is an enemy. Helping the United States to block China, this kind of thing is not good for others, and the decision; maintaining a balance between China and the United States, the two ends are good, which is the most in line with their own interests.

Third, we still have to be confident. Confidence that we are on the correct side of history, and our diplomacy is also a set. Why is Honor so unbelievable? It is very simple. The United States is not used to Cambodia or many countries in ASEAN. Of course, the United States knows more that Cambodia is Cambodia, and it is not possible to pull it. Of course, it is definitely necessary to tell a few words. Therefore, 3 days before the US official Xuanfeng meeting (please pay attention to the time point), Wang Yi and Vietnam Foreign Minister Pei Qingshan made a phone call. According to the draft of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi said to Pei Qingshan that China and Vietnam will promote the friendly tradition of "comrades and brothers" and strengthen strategic communication. It is probably what the South China Sea is not chaotic. The regional tide cannot make Ukrainian tragedies reopening around. Pei Qingshan said that Yuefang has always regarded relations with China as a top priority for foreign policies. In the context of the complex evolution of the international and regional situation, Yuefang is willing to work with China to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea ... In the first three meetings of Washington's meeting, three three conferences in DC. God, Wang Yi also met with Cambodia's deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Blaoson, and the video met. Wang Yi told Bulazo Kun: introduce the Cold War thinking into the region, incite the opposition of the manufacturing camp, and will destroy the situation of peaceful development in the region over the years. Asian countries should be vigilant and resisting. China has played a positive and constructive role in the peaceful development of the region, but does not accept any damage to the peace and stability of the region and the unity and cooperation of the region. Which "out -of -domain country" is it? You know. Blaso Kun said that China's development path is made by the Chinese people's wisdom, determination, and struggle. The realization of peace in China is an irresistible historical trend, which is conducive to making new contributions to the regional long -term peace and common development ... Everyone You can find a detailed manuscript and experience the confrontation and connotation in the conversation. In this era of great games, the United States is indeed trying to solve it. On the one hand, it has strangled Russia in the West, but on the other hand, it is not forgotten China is the most important opponent. Of course, the arrogance and prejudice of the empire can be seen everywhere. ASEAN countries are also in their eyes, and the five flavors are mixed in their hearts. For China, the most important thing is to do your own thing. The upper and lower hearts, the people are happy, and the economic prosperity is naturally "virtue is not lonely, there must be neighbors." I have said before that after the United States and the ASEAN Summit, you can see that many Southeast Asian politicians will talk, communicate, and cooperate with China through various channels. The play must start from the prelude, but the prelude is not a climax.