Southern Oussem announced the entry into Russia's referendum time: We are going home

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Southern Oussem announced the entry into Russia's referendum time: We are going home

2022-05-14 12:23:29 5 ℃

(Observer Network News) On May 13, local time, the leader of the South Oussean ladder Bibirov announced that it would hold a referendum to join the Russian Federation on July 17.

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According to the Russian News Agency, the current leader of the South Osset Channel Lielov issued a statement on the 13th on the 13th that under the guidance of the "historical wish" of the people of the South Oussean and Russia, in accordance with the South Oussean Class Constitution, Article 50, Paragraph 16, Bibirov signed a citizen voting decree to hold a referendum to the Russian Federation on July 17. The decree takes effect from the date of signing.

"We are going home." Bibirov said on social media Telegram, "It's time to unite it now. South Oussem ladder will be with Russia. This is the beginning of a new grand story."

On the same day, the regional election committee unanimously adopted the initiative of the South Oussean ladder to join the Russian Federation. The relevant documents were sent to the local highest judicial institution for review, and they were approved.

"The Supreme Court held a meeting today and unanimously agreed to make this decision. This set of documents was transferred to the president. He (Bibirov) has signed." Said the President's Office of the South Oussem.

Bibirov is about to leave. In the second round of regional leaders on May 8, Bibirov lost to the opposition leader Gagroyev at a large disadvantage. Russia expressed his hope that the upcoming leader of Gagroyev will maintain a "continuity" with Moscow.

In an interview with Tascene, the President Gagroyev, a President of the South Oussean, also said that when Moscow believed that the time was mature, the South Oussem ladder will organize to join Russia's referendum.

On March 6, 2019, the leader of the South Ossee Channel Anatley Bibrov and Putin met. Picture from Russian Media

Earlier, Bibirov said on March 30 that the South Oussean ladder will take legal measures to join Russia and may hold a referendum in May or June.

In this regard, Georgia condemned the South Ossean ladder to enter the Russian referendum plan "unacceptable". The US State Department responded on March 31, local time saying that the United States would not recognize the results of relevant referendum.

When asked about the U.S. Department's position on the referendum in the South Oussean, the US State Department spokesman Prince said that as before that Crimea was not recognized by Russia and did not recognize the independence of Donedsk and Lugusk, the United States "Will not admit an attempt to split Georgian sovereignty." Prince added that the United States reiterated the principle of respecting the integrity of Georgian territory. "(South Osseta), the fact that the government and the Russian government have no right to determine the future of the South Ossets. This area is part of Georgia."

The Kremlin spokesman Peskov responded on March 31 that Russia did not take any legal measures on the matter, but Russia respected the choice of the people of the southern Oussean.

The South Oussem ladder is located in the south of the Caucasus Plateau, and is separated by the Gaochalmishay Mountains between the Russian Northern Oussean ladder

The South Oussean is located in the south of the Caucasus Plateau. It was an autonomous state under the jurisdiction of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic during the Soviet period. The South Ossets announced its substantial independence in the conflict with Georgia in the 1990s. The establishment of the "South Osset Channel Republic" was established to be recognized and established by Russia after the Russia War in 2008.

Since then, the "South Ossets Class" has been recognized by eight other countries including Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru.

The South Osseta covers an area of ​​3,900 square kilometers and has a population of about 45,000. It is separated by the Gaochaushan Mountains between the North Oussean ladder with a large population of Russia and is separated from the other parts of Georgia.

On March 18, 2015, Russian President Putin and the leaders of the South Olympics signed the Treaty of Integration of Russia and the South Oussean. The agreement includes the establishment of joint air defense and safety areas, open border procuratorial stations, and merging customs agencies, stipulating a series of domestic institutions that southern Oussean merged with Russia and simplify the process. The agreement period is 25 years.