Ukraine ’s exports of grain and oil exports to the port. After Iran’ s land, the trip has been shortened for more than a month. Why do few people know before?

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Ukraine ’s exports of grain and oil exports to the port. After Iran’ s land, the trip has been shortened for more than a month. Why do few people know before?

2022-05-14 12:22:59 6 ℃

On May 12, local time, the Seven Kingdoms Group held a three -day foreign minister meeting in Germany. Ukraine Foreign Minister and Moldova Foreign Minister is also invited to attend. According to foreign media reports, during the meeting, many foreign ministers and agricultural ministers will discuss how to solve the problem of the backlog and export of Ukraine.

It is reported that Ukraine exported more than 50 million tons of grain within 8 months before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but due to the conflict, nearly 5,000 railway containers were covered in the border to neighboring Poland and waited for pass. Ukraine The main Black Sea port also has a backlog of grain oil seeds up to 25 million tons.

↑ Data diagram. Odea Port, Ukraine

In addition to the food in Ukraine, the transportation costs of geopolitical and epidemic are affected by the increase in transportation costs, and more and more cargo circulation across Eurasia is forced to turn to highway transportation. In this process, according to foreign media reports, Iran has gradually become a key hub for cargo transportation in Eurasia. This emerging land trade route is shortening the transportation time of cargo, saving the cost of transportation and refrigeration costs for consumers and exporters.

At the end of last year, the "Xiangxiang" Logistics route "Xiangxiang"

According to foreign media reports, in order to avoid the port port of geopolitical conflict areas and the bottleneck of shipping, it is often criticized for highway transportation that has been criticized for a long -term and low -efficiency road transportation. Among them, Iran is becoming a bridge between European and central and other parts of the world, and passing through the country's land trade route can shorten the transportation time between Europe and West Asia from 6 weeks to 6 days.

↑ The land trade route passing through Iran can shorten the transportation time between Europe, West Asia, and the Middle East from 40 days to 6 days.

According to Iran's "Tehran Times", Iran is gradually playing an important role in the transfer of goods across the Europeania. "This route was not known before, and it was not used frequently. But in terms of cost, it has certain advantages." Said Hassan Guni, the team director of ULUSTRANs, the Istanbul logistics company, said that his company is mainly from this. Travel international goods.

It is reported that the truck route from the UAE and Pakistan via Iran and the Turkey only opened last year. In October, a truck set off from Haymar, UAE, and took a ferry in another city of the country to the Port of Southern Iran. Next, the truck continued to drive 2100 kilometers along Iran's highway, and then drove 1,100 kilometers along the Turkish border, and finally reached Isaellen, the Mediterranean port of Turkey. This trip spent 6 days, saving two weeks of flights 21 days from the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean.

↑ Turkish and Iran's border ports are waiting for trucks to pass the clearance.

During the same period, a truck set off from Pakistan and passed the 4,900 kilometers of highways to Istanbul in about a week. This route saved 33 days compared to the sea transportation through the Arabic sea port. The shortening of ground transportation strokes not only reduces the cost of transportation and refrigeration, but also eliminates the demand for insurance purchase demand to prevent pirate attacks or other maritime accidents. At the end of last year, the Iranian Highway Bureau negotiated with officials in the UAE and Turkey and finalized these routes.

Truck transportation fee may make Iran offset the impact of US sanctions

Foreign media quoted an analyst from an economist saying that these land trade lines passing by Iran were a "public secret". Worried about the US sanctions again, Iran did not widely publicize these truck routes. It is precisely because of the influence of severe sanctions in the United States that these truck routes passing through Iran have been hindered.

Some insiders in the transportation industry said that the UAE has completely accepted these road routes, but Pakistan's banks hesitated. The person said that the key issue facing exporting companies was secondary sanctions from the United States. "Bank of Pakistan's bank is questioning any transactions involving Iran." According to the US sanctions on Iran, products only in Iran can be regarded as Iran Products and will be restricted.

However, some legal experts have pointed out that the US sanctions on Iran also have subtle "loopholes". "If a Turkish company pays the port of Iranian dollar with US dollars," Pillsbury Law Firm partner Matt Oresman said something wrong. This is probably not a violation of sanctions. "

However, since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with the continuous rising costs of shipping, some companies have shifted to the truck route from Turkey to the Iranian truck route. "From Turkey to the UAE, this is the best route. But if they can solve the delay of customs, it will be faster." Hassan Guni said that using this route means After a long time waiting, and the "200 liter limit" of Iran gas stations to supplement fuel.

According to international transportation officials, about 40,000 trucks cross from Iran each year, and the transportation fee of $ 400 to $ 800 per truck can offset the impact of US sanctions. Electrical, machinery, components, electronic products and heavy equipment.

"The world needs this route to maintain the circulation of goods." Asley Kakir, from the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the Commodity Exchange Alliance, said that the bottlenecks currently facing global trade have led to inflation in multiple countries and hindered the global economic recoveryShe said: "If the United States pays attention to this trade route, it may become a problem. But we must maintain commodity circulation in some way." According to the "Tehran Times", in order to make full use of the importance of the country's land freight,The Iranian government is formulating many plans and increasing its transportation capacity in the agenda.According to the ITO News Agency, on April 29, local time, Iran and Russia signed a comprehensive traffic cooperation agreement in Moscow. Iranian Road and Urban Development Minister Gasemi said in an interview that it will complete Rush with Russia's help and cooperation.The construction of railways between Azerbaijan to Astala (Iran) to increase the amount of goods between goods and transportation between Russia and Iraq, and even European and South Asia.

Red Star News reporter Hu Yiling

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