Overnight the political situation in China's neighboring country, Prime Minister Sri Lanka stepped down; the birth of the "pro -Chinese" president of the Philippines

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Overnight the political situation in China's neighboring country, Prime Minister Sri Lanka stepped down; the birth of the "pro -Chinese" president of the Philippines

2022-05-14 18:06:35 6 ℃

The international situation is unpredictable that the impact of the new crown pneumonia's epidemic has not yet disappeared. The outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict has brought a new round of crisis. While the energy crisis sweeps the world, the food crisis and the supply chain crisis have continued to outbreak. Many countries It is also directly facing an economic crisis. On May 10, local time, the three Chinese neighbors changed greatly.

Three neighbors are "turning the sky"

The first was that the Prime Minister Sri Lanka was eventually forced to resign. Before he stepped down, on May 8th, local time, he solemnly stated to the people of the country that he was ready to sacrifice everything for the people. Some foreign media pointed out that at that time, this remarks meant that it had been prepared to resign and cleared the road for the new temporary government, hoping to solve the most serious economic crisis in China for decades.

Secondly, the new President of the Philippines was released. The little Macos successfully elected the new president. He has always been considered a friendly faction to China. The secondary focus on the trade of China and the Philippines, emphasizing that the most important trading partner of the Philippines is China, and affirmed China's importance to the Philippines. It is believed that the relationship between China and the Philippines will directly affect the development of the Philippines economy.

The last one is South Korea. The old and old presidents of South Korea have completed the final transfer. Yin Xiyue successfully took the president's stick from Wen Zaiyin. It is well known that Yin Xiyue is an extremely pro -beautiful faction. Major changes have become hot, but at present, South Korea seems to have no intention of changing the original relationship with China for the time being.

The international situation is not optimistic

Many countries have replaced national leaders this year. In addition, the United States is about to usher in the presidential midterm election. , due to the various aspects of the epidemic, Biden's current support is not high. , some analysis pointed out that it does not rule out that Biden has made more risks in order to get more support. Was Biden will have a big movement and it is still unknown. It is obvious that the Middle East is not flat. It is obvious. Local conflicts broke out again between the Israeli -Israeli. The two sides were not allowed to deal with the disputed areas. Palestine suffered casualties. Turkey launched an attack on Syrian Kurdish forces. In addition, he launched an air strike on Iraq.

There are turbulence in many countries. At this time, China must be stabilized. You must know that the surrounding area of ​​China is not so peaceful. Japan is even more eye -catching about the Chinese Diaoyu Islands. A few days ago, there were Japanese local members who tried to land on the Chinese Diaoyu Islands. Facing the changing international international, it is the last word to develop steadily. After all, China has always been very clear. It is necessary to be beaten behind, and the fists can speak hard.

Part of the message Reference Source: Red Star News