Singapore travel demand has increased, and the passport issuance cycle takes at least six weeks

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Singapore travel demand has increased, and the passport issuance cycle takes at least six weeks

2022-05-14 18:06:21 5 ℃

After the restrictions on travel at the end of April in Singapore, the number of passport applications soared. The Singapore Immigration and level bureau (ICA) said that the number of passport applications has "soared" to more than 7,000 copies per day, and 14,000 applications were received a day at peak.

According to the Singapore Asian News (CNA) reported on May 13, the shortest processing time for the renewal of the Singapore passport has risen to six weeks. Immigration and levels said that this was because the number of passports was "overwhelming."

In contrast, before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Singapore officially received approximately 2,000 passport applications per day.

In response to a large number of applications, immigration and levels stated that officials in the bureau would extend their working hours for this. In addition, the immigration and level building buildings have set up more passports to handle counters and add queuing areas.

The new media "Straits Times" reported on the 11th report that several Singapore citizens urgently needed to handle passports. A retired female insurance manager told the Strait Times that she urgently needed to apply for a passport to go to her house in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The neighbors told her that the house had suffered a flood and the roof collapsed.

Another 33 -year -old man needs to work to Nepal before May 25. He submitted a passport application on April 1. Due to the emergency of affairs, he recently went to the immigration and level bureau to urge the handling and get a new passport.

A business manager waiting for the passport to be issued to the "Straits Times": "(Singapore) 1 million passports are about to expire. Everyone has an urgent reason -whether it is leisure, work or family -and leave to leave to leave. Singapore."

According to the Lianhe Zaobao, the immigration and level bureau expressed their understanding of many Singaporeans' eager to start travel, especially at the time when the school holiday was coming in June. Therefore, the authorities are trying their best to meet high needs.