Iraq, struggling on the ruins left by the United States

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Iraq, struggling on the ruins left by the United States

2022-05-14 18:06:00 11 ℃

[Global Times specialist in Egypt, Huang Peizhao Liu Yupeng Wang Yi] Editor's words: On May 1, 2003, the then US President Bush delivered a speech on the aircraft carrier "Lincoln", announcing the end of Iraq's main war. After 19 years, the United States still left Iraq with a mess -the reconstruction work is difficult, the unemployment rate is still high, and the public service is scarce ... In 19 years, the Iraqi people hoped that the country would be on track soon, but the result was to fall into nothing but fell into nothing. Among the sufferings, this is also a huge failure for the United States that implement hegemony and so -called "democracy" in the Middle East. "Global Times" reporter recently interviewed Chinese businessmen and scholars in the Middle East countries who have lived in Iraq for many years, listening to them about the serious harm of the United States to Iraq.

"The most shocking theft in modern history"

A recent article by the British "Open Democracy" political website states that the Iraq war launched by the United States left sequelae of economic crisis, energy shortage, sectarianism, and intensified violence. Some economists estimate that Iraq's poverty rate is 30%or higher in 2021, and the unemployment rate of an unemployment rate is estimated to be 25%before the emergency rate of the unemployment rate, and nearly 60%of the country's population is under 25. The article believes that some Western multinational companies operate the key departments of Iraq, plunder Iraq's resources, and take away the wealth that should belong to the people of Iraq.

Chinese businessman Chen Xianzhong has been operating in Iraq for almost 40 years. He told the Global Times reporter that in 2003, the United States launched the Iraq war to leave the trauma that was difficult to smooth out the ancient civilized country and the original wealthy country. He is most concerned about the problem of unemployment. The demonstrations of the capital Baghdad and several provinces in southern Iraq have continued. At the entrance of the Liberation Plaza and the "Green Area" in the center of Baghdad, there are always young people holding marks and shouting slogans. The demands they put forward are "to work, anti -corruption", and there will always be a lot of around the demonstrations. Riot police.

After the United States launched the Iraqi war, Iraq's national enterprises have not developed. During the Saddam period, hundreds of large state -owned enterprises supported by oil wealth to private enterprises, while others were basically shut down, which made many people who worked in these companies had nothing to do. Chen Xianzhong said that there were more than 2,000 front -line workers in a large Iraqi state -owned clothing company that he often cooperated in the past, but after the war, because there are no orders, the company rarely starts. The subsidy is provided to maintain livelihood. He also said that more than 140 factories in the Iraqi Ministry of Industry were influenced by the Iraq war, and they were basically in a state of stopping production and production. In the past, the equipment and workers' technology of these factories were very good. The industry's industry cannot develop, and many things used by Iraqi can only rely on imports, and ordinary people need to pay for it. The rise in the price of some foods and daily necessities also makes the people at the bottom unbearable. In Baghdad's supermarket, 1 kg of chicken legs rose from about $ 2 two years ago to about $ 4, and the price of eggs also rose by about 20%.

"I operate in Iraq, whether it is a trafficking or a celebrity, I have to contact frequently. Although their social status is different, these Iraqi people have almost complained to me. Since the United States invaded Iraq, the local social atmosphere has deteriorated. This is also a sequelae of the war. "Chen Xianzhong said that the democratic life of the people on the bottom people did not come, and the phenomenon of corruption disappointed them.

Some Western media have also attacked the United States that did not make Iraq a "new liberal utopian". In recent years, when oil prices have plummeted in the international energy market, the Iraqi government has to worry about paying the salary of 4.5 million public sector employees. After the war, Iraq Petroleum's income was invested in the "Iraq Development Fund" led by the United States, and the money had an account of the Federal Reserve. However, in the first few years when the U.S. military occupied Iraq, more than 70 American companies won the reconstruction contract. During the same period, Iraq received only 2%of the contract value paid by the fund. A 2013 research in the Financial Times showed that the top ten contractors received at least $ 72 billion in Iraq. More importantly, the United States contractors have not completed the relevant projects, which is undoubtedly "one of the most bold and most shocking theft in modern history."

"Water Waste" and "Electric Wilderness" lead to the boiling of the people's grievances

"Due to the invasion and occupation of the United States, Iraq's infrastructure was completely destroyed, and the previous U.S. government did not apologize and compensate the people of Iraq on its crimes and damage and damage caused by our country." The article criticized the US government and said, "It is now a time for the Iraqi government and the people, as well as the international community to compensate for all people who destruction of Iraq in accordance with international law."

The infrastructure was completely rebuilt by the U.S. invasion, which was reflected in the use of water and electricity for the people. Basra in the southern city is the largest port and the second largest city in Iraq. The Dagris and the Euphrates are in the Persian Gulf. Chen Xianzhong lived in Basille for a while recently. The tap water of his residence was bitter and salty. It is said that the water from the "two rivers" near the entrance of the Haikou was only simple purification. After the local people in 2018, after the demonstration of water on the street, the Iraqi central government allocated more than 300 million US dollars to improve the water supply system, but it only increased the water supply and the improvement of water quality was not obvious. Some bus citizens reported that tap water that could not drink directly because some interest groups controlled the local purification water plant and mineral water industry. Water supply facilities. According to the Peninsula TV Station, in 2018, at least 118,000 people were hospitalized due to the pollution of water sources, and Baghdad was also rated as one of the most unsuccessful cities in the world by some institutions. According to Chen Xianzhong, in the urban area of ​​Baghdad, many districts have not changed in recent years. The road is even more uneven due to the long years of disrepair. Many buildings built decades ago have become dilapidated. Due to the unstable political situation, few foreign tourists came to Iraq. Friends who used to do tourism business said that 80%of Baghdad's restaurants are now closed.

The problem of power shortage also caused the people of Iraqi to suffer. Due to the weak infrastructure and excessive dependence on the import of power from Iran, Iraq has frequently appeared "national electrical shortage" in recent years. Especially in the hot summer, the electric shortage made the people of Iraqi. They questioned: "We are the oil -producing country, why do we still send a delegation to Iran to negotiate to buy diesel? Is this too ironic? The low efficiency of government affairs seriously obstructs our country's industrial development. "In June and July last year, hundreds of demonstrators in Wasters in southern Iraqi ran to the Azijie Power Power Station to protest and clashed with the Iraqi security forces. When the then Minister of Electric Power, Ham Tib was forced to submit his resignation, the local media said that this was the 18th Power Minister who had stepped down in the past 10 years. "No one can survive a summer."

In an interview with the Global Times reporter, Jabala, a member of the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Commission and the columnist of the Pyramidae: "At the beginning of the Saddam regime, the Iraqi people rejoiced and thought that they could live a stable day. It brings them a decent life, but the result is contrary to their wishes. Even the people like Iraqi who were fixed by media lenses and smashed the statue of Saddam were dissatisfied, because they did not expect that they had faced in these 19 years. It is a frequent explosion, shooting, and increasing life. "

"Political imbalances, economic withering, social collapse, significant decline in living standards for the people, and newborn malformations, rising cancer incidence of cancer, and severe environmental damage caused by the US military's depleted uranium bombs are the substantial harm of the United States' war to Iraq." Jabala emphasized that the United States has left Iraq a complete stall, bringing a series of obstacles and difficulties to the reconstruction of the country's post -war, restoring social order and political stability. He believes that the Iraqi people have seen clearly that the United States has launched a war not for ordinary people, but to seize the interests of the United States. "The United States forcibly promoting the so -called 'democracy' in Iraq in Iraq, in fact, is actually hidden in the United States' selfishness and strategic attempts to control Iraq. 'American democracy' is not suitable for Iraq's national conditions and political soil. As a result, Iraq's post -war wounds It is difficult to heal, moaning on the ruins caused by the American invaders. "

National Political Bureau is restrained by the "quota system"

The war caused 1 million civilians in Iraq. The U.S. military in Iraq was not famous on the battlefield, and their prison abuse in the Abu Grab prison near Baghdad also shocked the world.

The Russian Independent TV website published an article entitled "The Destruction of the entire Country: Why the United States launched a war in Iraq" on May 1st, saying that 19 years ago, President Bush announced the end of the main war in Iraq, but the U.S. military has not stopped since then stopped stopping. Bombing of the country. Until December 2011, the United States withdrew all combat forces from Iraq, leaving the country's open Pandora magic box. Since then, the extreme organization "Islamic State" has raged and once controlled the about one -third of Iraq's territory, which caused great harm to the Iraqi civilians. Although the United States has long announced the victory over the terrorist organization, a report released by the United Nations last year showed that about 10,000 "Islamic State" armed personnel were still active in Syria and Iraq.

Not only that, the political interference of the United States on Iraq has also seriously affected the country's reconstruction path. Former Iraqi Ambassador to the United States, Su Mada, wrote that since the Saddam regime falls, a "power triangle" consisting of political parties, militia arms, and state (governments) has formed in Iraq, but the country is the weakest. It is the weakest. It is the weakest. There is only one normal government, but independent political will is extremely limited. The British Independence News Media "Eye of the Middle East" said that after the US invaded Iraq in 2003, it led a "political quota system" in the country -the president was served by the Kurds, the Prime Minister was Shiita, the Speaker was Sunni School Essence Iraqi has a population of more than 40 million, of which about 78%of the Arab nations (Shiite accounts for about 60%, Sunni is about 18%), and Kurdish accounts for about 15%. In addition, there are Turkmen and Armenia. The Iraqi said that such a "three -power separation" is the most willing to see the United States. The purpose is to restrain each other of different denominations, and the more chaotic the situation in Iraqi, the more beneficial to them control the more favorable to Iraq and the entire Middle East. In the new Iraqi National Parliament election held in October last year, the "Sader Movement" led by the Anti -American religious leader Sader, the Anti -US -Sader, won 73 seats because of "anti -corruption, anti -corruption" election The slogan caters to a lot of public opinion. A member of the National Parliament from the school told Chen Xianzhong: "Corruption is the current largest social tumor in Iraq." There are many Iraqi parties. At present, there are about 200 political parties and political entities to form a number of political parties alliances, but in this parliamentarian to see In this case, such a political party system cannot change the current status quo. The country cannot develop mainly because of the interference from external forces such as the United States. Some government officials are very clear that if they do not listen to the United States, they cannot sit in the current position.

Iraqi merchant Thaha Lavi told Chen Xianzhong that after last year's election, the problem of the cabinet has not been smooth due to the conflict between sects and the competition for interests. The new National Assembly held the first meeting on January 9 this year. According to the constitution, the parliament should choose a new president within 30 days after the first meeting. However, the presidential election was postponed several times for "the number of members attending the meeting without the number of legal persons". The Middle East media believes that this is the sequelae of the United States for the formation of the "political quota system" in Iraq. Relevant reports on Qatar Peninsula TV states that Iraq's protests demanded a thorough reform of the governance system, that is, demanding the dissolution of the "political quota system". Many people think that such a system will only encourage sectarian violence from all over Iraq. Not only that, there are young people complaining that government departments must be nominated for nominations and their employees, which also affect their employment. Mu Hayim, manager of the action department of Bagida's security company, told Chen Xianzhong that after graduation, he went to many departments to apply, but he was rejected. Essence In desperation, Musim had to do things at the security company, but this made his family always worry about his safety.