The Italian Prime Minister confirmed that Germany had paid Russian natural gas with rubles, and the German Foreign Minister responded quickly

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The Italian Prime Minister confirmed that Germany had paid Russian natural gas with rubles, and the German Foreign Minister responded quickly

2022-05-14 18:06:33 7 ℃

After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, Western countries have initiated a strong suppression of Russia and want to weaken Russia's overall strength in the economy and other fields through such means. This series of actions brought great pressure on Russia, while seriously violating Russia's legitimate interests. Since then, Russia has also quickly counterattacked to announce countermeasures such as the ruble payment order, asking these "unfriendly countries" to settle natural gas costs with rubles. Since then, the ruble exchange rate has risen very obviously, and these Western countries have also been in trouble on the issue of energy imports.

The Prime Minister of Italian said that Germany used rubles to settle natural gas

According to the Russian New News Agency on May 11, Italian Prime Minister Drageta gave a speech a few days ago, saying that after Russia announced the ruble payment order, Germany has now chosen to settle the cost of natural gas in accordance with Russia in accordance with Russia. The report emphasized that the Italian Prime Minister Dragi went to the United States to visit. At a press conference held during the visit, Dragig made a clear statement saying that there was no official statement that it could prove whether the ruble payment order violated the previously announced sanctions measures that previously announced sanctions measures. And describe it as a gray area. Since then, it has emphasized that Germany, as the largest natural gas importer in Europe, has chosen to settle the cost of natural gas with rubles.

Since then, Draji has also emphasized that most European energy imports have established their own ruble accounts, and said that this ruble settlement measures will be maintained for a long time. Reuters on May 10th emphasized that VNG, as a German natural gas giant company, had previously planned to remit the euro into Russia's Natural Gas Industry Bank and exchange it for the settlement of natural gas expenses. The company stated that there was no problem in the process of opening an account, and it was hoped that there would be no difficulties when redeeming rubles.

German Foreign Minister said it will reduce energy dependence on Russia

However, after Drageta claims that Germany settled natural gas with rubles, German Foreign Minister Berbak made a new statement on the same day. According to German media reports, Bell Berk said in a meeting with Ukraine Foreign Minister Kurieba that Germany would have taken action to maintain the normal operation of Germany without Russia's energy at all.

A few days ago, Hungary has stated that 10 EU countries that have opened the ruble account have reached 10, which has maintained natural gas supply in this way. Poland and Bulgaria have been interrupted by Russia due to the rejection of the ruble payment order, which has recently been interrupted by Russia, which has also made the two countries the first country to be fierce by Russia.