Trump: Democratic Party wants to give Ukraine 40 billion, but our children are hungry

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Trump: Democratic Party wants to give Ukraine 40 billion, but our children are hungry

2022-05-15 06:06:26 9 ℃

[Text/Observer Network Qi Qian] On May 13, former US President Trump issued a sign of Congress to criticize the US $ 40 billion aid bill to "quickly pass". The day before, the record -recording aid bill was delayed by Republican Senator Rand Paul with his own power.

"The Democratic Party has to give Ukraine 40 billion US dollars, but American parents are even working hard to feed their children." Trump issued a statement criticizing members of the recent American baby milk powder shortage, "avoided not talking", bluntly this is " "National Disgrace".

Trump wrote: "In 2022, American families could not buy milk powder for their children. Dilemma. "

He finally emphasized that it was the Democratic Party's "eternal shame" and "the United States priority" in the pain that allowed parents to be able to provide nutrition for their children!

Screenshot of Trump Statement

Recently, due to the supply chain break and the large -scale recall of milk powder, the United States is facing a "crisis" level of infant milk powder shortage. Data show that baby milk powder is in short supply in the United States, with 2%to 8%shortage in the first half of 2021. This number has risen one after another since July last year, and the current shortage has reached a high level of 40%.

The United States CNN reported that hundreds of thousands of US parents are currently exhausted to feed their babies and even fall into despair. Many parents ask for help on social media, and many people can only go to the neighboring state to find milk powder.

"Supply chain, product recall and historic inflation have intensified this problem," said Ben Reich, chief executive officer of DataSembly. "Unfortunately, in view of this type of volatility, we expect infant formula milk powder It will continue to be one of the most affected products in the market. "

In many places in the United States, baby milk powder is short, and the picture is from the United States

On this occasion, the US government and parliament members are still committed to increasing assistance to Ukraine.

The US President Biden asked Congress to approve the US $ 33 billion aid plan for US $ 33 billion. After that, the Democratic Party of Congress increased by about $ 7 billion on this basis, pushing the assistance amount directly to $ 39.8 billion. On May 9, Biden urged Congress to pass the bill quickly through the White House statement.

On May 10th, the House of Representatives of the United States Congress's House of Representatives used 368 votes and 57 votes against the Ukrainian assistance plan worth about 40 billion US dollars. The bill was unanimously supported by the Senate Democratic and Republican leaders, and it would almost pass. Therefore, the leaders of the two parties tried to use the "unanimous consent" clause on the 12th to quickly pass the bill without passing the debate.

On May 12, Rand Paul, a Republican senator of the Kentucky State, prevented the Senate's Senate's "Quick Pass" aid bill for its own power. He expressed his dissatisfaction with Congress regardless of high inflation, and said, "We cannot save Ukraine by destroying the US economy by destroying the US economy."

CNN reports that under the current circumstances, the passing time of the bill will be postponed to next week.