The 10 -year -old girl is on fire!Foreign Minister of the Philippines reposted many times, Hua Chunying replied

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The 10 -year -old girl is on fire!Foreign Minister of the Philippines reposted many times, Hua Chunying replied

2022-05-15 06:06:01 9 ℃

Recently, a video of "Chinese little girls interpreted the situation of the Russian and Ukraine with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms" became popular on the Internet, and triggered the Philippine Foreign Minister Troto Locchen for many times.

It is understood that the girl in the video is ten years old this year. On May 12, her father told reporters that she posted this video. I hope that everyone will not learn English blindly. Follow the connotation.

Philippine Foreign Minister Comments: Opinions

In a popular video, Chinese little girls first expressed sympathy for people who suffered in the war, and then analyzed the similarities between the Three Kingdoms and Russia and Ukraine with a fluent English. She said that Ukraine is like "Jingzhou, where the soldiers must compete", and NATO wants to absorb Ukraine as a member of them. Russia cannot sit still, so Russia and Ukraine conflicts broke out.

After the video was released, it quickly became popular on overseas social platforms. The reporter noticed that the Philippine Foreign Minister Torodo Locchen has reposted this video many times on April 28 and commented that "I read a lot of books before I understand the truth. Romance "understands." Luo Qin lamented that the little girl's speech was "the most intelligent comments on the situation in Russia and Ukraine", and praised "this generation of Chinese is the biggest hope of China and the whole world." Luo Qin also said that the confident appearance of the Chinese girl made him think of his granddaughter and wanted to send her granddaughter to China to study so that she could also "have insights like a girl in the video."

On May 12, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying replied on the social platform, and was very welcome to this, and was happy to send her a TV drama version of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" DVD. "This set of DVDs is not only interesting, but also helps her learn Chinese."

Little girl father: Thank you netizens for their recognition

On May 12, the publisher and girl's father of this video said that the video was red and uneasy. "Thanks to netizens for their love and recognition of their children, and to accept the criticism of netizens with an open mind." He emphasized that the child did not have Everyone sees so well, does not have the ability to analyze system analysis, use ancient sarcasm, etc., and it is bound to be affected by adults. He said that the video displayed only daily English exercises, "Similar to the selection of controversial topics in the debate, then establish a point of view, and then borrow certain tools to explain this view."

It is understood that the girl's father was originally an English teacher and later founded an English training school. In 2018, he took a 6 -year -old daughter to participate in the CCTV Hope Star Contest. In the final, the father and daughter performed the classic clip of "Hamlet" on the same stage. With the outstanding performance on the stage, the girl finally won the second place in the country. During the interview, the girl's father said that she had opened a bookstore for her daughter in order to see more classic books and absorb more classic culture and literary knowledge. In 2021, he introduced in a video that the training school opened a free bookstore to the community, and a small theater that allowed children to have the stage of performance. Regarding English education, he said, "I hope that every child can read the world and express himself."