Will the United States withdraw from the ranks?Zelenezki began to find a retreat, shouting Putin for negotiations

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Will the United States withdraw from the ranks?Zelenezki began to find a retreat, shouting Putin for negotiations

2022-05-15 06:06:01 6 ℃

As the US 40 billion aid was blocked in the Senate, Zeelianzki's attitude also ushered in a major transformation of 180 degrees. According to Observer.com, on May 13, local time, Ukrainian President Zelezki said in an interview with the media that in order to create conditions for the negotiations, Ukraine was willing to temporarily put on the Crimean issue with Russia.

This statement of Zellezki has changed significantly with the previous two days of speeches. On social media, we can even find Zeelianki shouting "Crimea always belongs to Ukraine".

In fact, the "rapid turn" in the attitude of Jestonky in the talks with the talks with the United States is inextricably linked to the United States' assistance. In fact, the U.S. government's total of 4 million US dollars in U.S. assistance has passed the review of the House of Representatives. The two parties intended to directly skip the debate voting phase through the "quickly passed" mechanism, and pushed this aid bill to Bayeng.

But at this time, the Republican Party jumped out of a "hoe green" named Rand Paul, which prevented the bill from passing the procedure quickly. In this way, the 40 billion US dollars of US dollars on Ukraine re -entered the state of "Xue Dingzheng". Only after the Senate re -voted next week can the results of the bill review. In fact, to a certain extent, this bill can represent a attitude of the United States to Russia and Ukraine. Judging from Rand Paul's speech, it seems that the inside of American politics is not entirely a iron plate.

Rand Paul said in his opposition that the United States could not help Ukraine at the expense of his economy. This sentence also shouted the voice of many American people. At present, the economic situation in the United States is absolutely influential. The epidemic and high inflation are like two Damoris swords hanging on the head of the United States. If these two problems are not handled well, the US economy may slip all the way down the abyss at any time. Under such a background, whether to continue "blood transfusion" for Ukraine has also become a problem that the US government must consider. Before the review of the bill next week, no one knows whether the US government's attitude towards Ukraine will adjust.

Waiting is long, as well as Ukraine. On May 13, local time, U.S. Ministry of Defense spokesman Kobe explained the importance of the bill to Ukraine. He said that if the bill failed to be authorized by May 19, the US support for Ukraine would be interrupted directly. Obviously, Ukraine, which loses the United States, obviously does not have the strength to confront Russia alone. And Zelianzki does not have the "ability" that affects US decisions. It can only be urgently adjusted the so -called negotiation strategy and try to leave a step back.

In addition, Ukraine also seems to have learned the exquisite set of "sausage" tactics in the United States and wants to treat the negotiation itself as a chip. When the Hermuson region under Russia's Hulmatong was reported to make a request to join Russia, Zelei Ski shouted to Putin through the media that if Hermuson held an independent referendum, Ukraine would withdraw from all the negotiation process. Essence Later, Zeelianzki proposed an additional condition. If the defenders of Mali Ubol were destroyed, Ukraine would withdraw from the negotiations.

But this set of "sausage" tactics does not seem to be used in the face of Russia, Putin has never revealed the willingness to negotiate. In response to the appeal of Zelezzky's negotiations before, the Russian government has been under "Tai Chi", saying that there is no time to meet the two parties. Obviously, Russia has no longer fantasies about reaching the goal of "special military operations" through peace talks. Therefore, for Zellenzki, if you want to save himself, you can only pray that the United States has no plan to abandon Ukraine for the time being.