Biden has no effect on the strategy of China, and the U.S. politicia

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Biden has no effect on the strategy of China, and the U.S. politicia

2022-05-15 06:06:21 9 ℃

According to Observer Network, the United States and the United Kingdom held high -level meetings on the Taiwan issue recently. At the meeting, the two sides discussed how the two countries should cooperate closely when the Taiwan issue occurred to reduce the possibility of using martial arts in China. According to reports, for the first time in the United States and the United Kingdom, how to deal with the conflict, and the meeting also discussed at the conference, how to stand in this conflict if conflict occurred.

The United States and Britain discussed on the issue of Taiwan

At present, the Russian and Ukraine War continues. For the benefit of their own, American politicians have no choice clamor on Taiwan, claiming that the Russian -Ukraine conflict has further highlighted the "" Risk "in an attempt to provoke another dispute. According to people familiar with the matter, Biden was providing some allies with providing some allies that were originally banned from foreign officials sharing Taiwan -related information.

Before the Britain and the United States also made some remarks. On April 26, U.S. Secretary of State Brillin adhered to the United States that the United States will do its best to help Taiwan and ensure that it will not suffer "aggression" in any form.

British Foreign Minister Tellas then announced on April 28 that NATO organizations are the organizations of people around the world, which will help handle the so -called "threats" worldwide and protect Taiwan from free to China. However, it is worth noting that during this period, the United States urgently stopped a total price of $ 750 million in military sales equipment. The US Secretary of State Brosin also suddenly announced the confirmation of the new crown positive, which delayed the United States' talk about China to China. In the final analysis, The United States is not ready to conflict with China. Their purpose is to interfere with the Taiwan issue through Ukraine's problems, so as to preach the so -called China's rise threat theory.

A previous British media published an article. In the article, the Ukrainian issue was put together with the Taiwan issue, and once again, the blue and red soap was generalized. It has continuously provoked the Taiwan authorities to increase the combat effectiveness of the army, instigate the United States and Taiwan to strengthen cooperation, and the United States provides more help for Taiwan. However, the Taiwan issue and the Ukrainian issue itself is two obvious differences. From ancient times to the present, Taiwan has always been part of Chinese territory and is the internal affairs of China's itself. The Russian and Ukraine War was a matter of sovereignty in the two countries. The essence of Ukraine is forced to be involved in a large country's land game. On the surface, the United States helps Ukraine, but in fact, it is to suppress and exclude Russia by the form of Ukraine. These two are completely different. Since the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, the United States has continuously incited the mood of war, and the ultimate purpose is to make itself profit. The continuous outbreak of war will only allow the United States to learn more profits.

The United States uses European pressure on China

It can also be seen from this US -British dialogue that the United States wants to use the power of the EU to contain China, and the United States' strategy of China has reached the point of poor Guizhou donkey skills.

As we all know, the United States is obviously defeated in the trade war between China and the United States. In order to get rid of the dependence on Chinese goods, the United States deliberately increased its import tariffs on Chinese goods.

As a result, so many years have passed, but the result cannot prevent Chinese goods from flowing into the US market.

Especially since the epidemic, domestic productivity has continued to be low, while China's economy has continued to develop steadily. At the same time, many American companies cannot cooperate with Chinese companies, which leads to many vacant industries filled with European companies. This has also reduced the competitiveness of American companies in international competitiveness. From the GDP data, it can be seen that from 2018 to 2021, the US GDP increased by 15%, while China was 23%.

In addition, China's trade volume has increased by more than 30%in recent years, while the United States has only increased by about 9%. The United States has been unable to stop China's rise, and instead hinders its own development. In order to maintain its own hegemonism, you can only use European countries to pressure China together.

American politician playing Chinese card

This kind of behavior in the United States also obviously makes people feel a "terrorist" emotion in the United States. Recently, the remarks of the Ohio members and senators Tim Ryan have been vividly showing the "Typo> to the fullest. He said: "China tries to replace us and defeats the United States in every field. If we cannot conduct national dialogue on these issues, 10 to 15 years later, Americans have to speak Mandarin." In fact, this kind of time is approaching in the US midterm election, and politicians have shifted topics to Chinese issues. It has become a common method for American politicians from the former head of the United States. From the various people in charge of the former US regime from various people in China, it has received the support of many people and has also received a lot of benefits. Trying a lot of testers. I do n’t know when, playing the Chinese card has become the flow password of the election. It seems that the election has become a more elected who can be used to see who can contain China.

At the same time, Tim Ryan also said that the two parties in the United States should stop the endless disputes of the two parties. They should put their main energy on the issue of China. At the same time, he also felt that the unemployment of American workers was caused by China. On the one hand, he rendered the impact of the Chinese economy on the US economy, causing confusion in the manufacturing industry in the United States, and most people were unemployed. But do not reflect on the problems existing in the country's manufacturing industry: the cost of labor in the United States is high and the product quality is poor. In contrast, Chinese manufacturing is cheap, and it is accepted by the public as taken for granted . On the other hand, it began to use the Russian and Ukraine War to publish the theory of China's rise, saying that China's inaction during the Russia and Ukraine War was incredible. Although China did not obviously support Russia, it was actually brewing a conspiracy conspiracy. Therefore, the United States must introduce the decision -making of China. also attributed unemployment to China, trying to incite the hatred of the American people to China. This kind of species is really targeting China, and Ryan seems to think that this is the support of the American people. But in the final analysis, this is nothing more than a means of to to give themselves momentum and get benefits. The division of the two parties in the United States is very serious. As the US midterm elections are approaching, the election situation in Ohio is not optimistic;

As we all know, inflation in the United States has increased, and the price of oil and natural gas and grain has been rising, and there is no reasonable way for inflation. The people have lost trust in Biden. At the same time, the situation in foreign countries is constantly developing. For example, the continuous rise of more and more emerging countries has caused the United States to break the international monopoly situation and world power has begun to move. Many Ohio people want to support the former regime leaders, and they are questioned to the current leader of Bai Deng. Tim Ryan wants to break through the pressure of the election in this way and transfer the attention of the people through the enemy of the foreign.

However, this kind of imagination is difficult to stop the situation of disputes within the party, and I am afraid that this is the US government once again spoken by himself.

Taiwan has been part of Chinese territory since ancient times

The solemn statement of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is more than once, and the issue of Taiwan has always been a problem of China's own, and it is absolutely not allowed to intervene in any other forces. It is the common wish and strong will of all Chinese people to deal with the Taiwan issue and the complete unity of the Chinese nation. No one or any country can stop it. China will spare no effort to and make the greatest efforts to promote the peaceful unity of the motherland. China does not allow other countries or forces to divide Taiwan from mainland China. No one can shake the strong determination, firm will and strong ability of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Taiwan issue has not been resolved, and the Taiwan authorities tried to rely on the United States to solve the problem, and some of the United States intentionally could not get rid of the department. The United States and Taiwan collude with each other, comparing the of some countries to compare the Taiwan issue with the Ukrainian issue in an attempt to confuse the eyes of the public. This kind of fire playing is a great intervention of China's sovereignty. The behavior and its are harsh, and the purpose is to be toothy!


China's development and increasingly powerful are an indisputable fact. However, the development of China itself is not a threat to the United States. It is that the United States has blindly regarded China's strength as its own imaginary enemy, fearing that China will replace its domineering status one day. However, the increasingly globalization of the international community is the mainstream of the world's development. Unilateralism and hegemonism are no longer the theme of the times. The problem that the United States really needs to face is not how to start a life and death between the first and second and second, but to change the old Cold War thinking and hegemonic thinking. In the context of high globalization today, the United States' intention to suppress China is not only to suppress China, but also the objective laws to compete for development. If the United States has not been able to recognize this, it will inevitably accelerate the collapse of the United States and the increasing internal contradictions.