After the fifth time he served as the Prime Minister, can he solve the danger of Sri Lanka?

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After the fifth time he served as the Prime Minister, can he solve the danger of Sri Lanka?

2022-05-15 12:05:22 27 ℃

Sri Lanka, who was in crisis, ushered in a new Prime Minister -73 -year -old Ranier Wickermaxinha.

On May 12, local time, Sri Lanka President Gota Baya Rajapaksa appointed unified KMT leader Victorma Singer as the new Prime Minister and took over the former Prime Minister who resigned on May 9th, Gotabaya's brother Maxinda · Rajapaksa.

The new Prime Minister is actually not "new". In fact, this is the fifth time Victor Marinha has served as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. On the evening of the 12th, Victor Marinha was sworn in at the presidential residence of the capital Colombo, and he said he would lead Sri Lanka out of the crisis.

However, the analysis believes that in the face of the worst economic crisis for more than half a century and the political and social turmoil caused by it, the "veteran" who has been in Sri Lanka's political arena may be difficult to break the situation for decades.

On May 12, 2022 local time, Victormazinha sworn in the prime minister in the presidential residence of the capital in the capital. Figure/IC Photo

New Prime Minister, former Prime Minister

Because of the continuous economic crisis, Sri Lanka has recently broke out of continuous anti -government protests.

According to the BBC report, on May 9th local time, the supporters and anti -government protesters of the then prime minister Maxinda Rajapaksa had a violent conflict in Colombo. Subsequently, Ma Xinta announced his resignation of the Prime Minister through social media.

Ma Xinta's resignation did not calm down the people's anger. Although Sri Lanka implemented a curfew again across the country, demonstrations from various places have not stopped, and even violent arson attacks have occurred. According to the BBC report, at least nine people have died in riots since Ma Xinda resigned, and more than 200 other people were injured.

A protesters told BBC in Sri Lanka that although they had a curfew, they came to the protest point. "We are more and more painful now: there are no kerosene, no gasoline, no diesel, no electricity."

On May 12, 2022, local time, Sri Lanka Koronapo, after the curfew, military personnel patrolled on the street. Figure/IC Photo

On the evening of May 11, Sri Lanka President Gotapa said in a national speech that he would designate a new Prime Minister who received most of the parliament, and then set up a new cabinet to lead the country to continue to move forward. The next day, Gota Baya appointed Victormaxinha as the new Prime Minister.

Victor Minda is a veteran of Sri Lanka. He served as Prime Minister Sri Lanka in May 1993, December 2001, January 2015, and December 2018. However, he never completed a complete prime minister's term. According to Sri Lanka Constitution, the prime minister's term of office is 5 years.

In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, Wang Se, a assistant researcher at the South Asian Institute of China Modern International Relations, said that for Sri Lanka, in the face of continuous political, economic, and social crisis Political vacuum and anarchy, this is the first step in the current chaos.

"As for why I chose Victormaxinha in the end, perhaps because Gotapaaya has been difficult to find someone who is willing to take this 'hot potato'. Earlier, the biggest opposition party expressed his refusal to join the new government, unless the president Ge Ge Ge Ge Tabaa resigned, but Gotabaya was obviously reluctant to resign. "Wang Se explained.

The Indian media NDTV reported that after Madama resigned, Gotabaya came into contact with the leaders of many political parties, but the largest opposition party unified the national forces and the third largest party people's liberation line stated that only President Gotapa Yaya resigned can he work, and can he resign, and can he resign. Willing to lead the new government. Gotabaya was obviously unwilling to resign. As a result, Victormaissinha almost became the only choice for the new Prime Minister.

But Victormaxa is very thin in parliament. The unified Kuomintang led by him was the largest party after Sri Lanka's independence, but after the parliamentary election in 2020, the party had only one of the 225 seats in the parliament, which was himself.

"The primary task of Victor Masinha is to form a extensive representative and cross -party joint government. But this will be a very difficult task, because the attitude of each opposition party only has the same attitude when opposing the president. Others At that time, they all have their own interests and it is difficult to unite. " Wang Se said.

Victor Minda seems to be in the chest. According to NDTV, when asked if there was only one seat in the parliament, he could maintain the position of the Prime Minister, and he said, "In this regard, I will prove most support."

According to reports, the ruling people's liberation front and several small parties have stated that they will support Victormaxinha. However, there are also some parties that the appointment of Victormainha is unconstitutional, because he has not received the majority of Parliament's support nor enough public support.

The president refused to resign, and the crisis was still difficult to solve

According to Sri Lanka's "Daily Mirror", on the morning of May 13, local time, Victor Masinger came to the Prime Minister's office and officially started its prime minister's term.

The fifth time he served as the Prime Minister, and Victor Masinha faced the problem than before.

On May 12, after being appointed as the new prime minister, he said, "I accept the post of the Prime Minister to save the country and enable the people of this country to achieve three meals. Basic materials such as fuel, oil and gas, and electricity are sufficient "".

Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis since 1948. Affected by many factors such as the new crown epidemic and the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, Sri Lanka's foreign exchange foreign exchange is seriously insufficient, which means that the country's unable to pay the cost of imported food and fuel, which has led the public to face the shortage of basic supplies such as food, medicine, fuel. On May 12, 2022, local time, Sri Lanka Coronapo, after the curfew was lifted, the public lined up at the Central Bus Station. Figure/IC Photo

Wang Si believes that Victormaxinha is a politician with political feelings. He hopes that when the country is facing a crisis, he will come forward and lead the country out of the crisis. At the same time, he also hopes to re -revive the influence and political reputation of the Kuomintang. However, "Sri Lanka's current political and economic crisis is already very severe. Even the Victormaxinha, which has rich political experience, may be difficult to break the situation."

Victor Minda said on the 12th that he would focus on resolving the economic crisis after taking office. But he emphasized, "I can't solve this problem alone, and I need international help."

Wang Se also pointed out that the economic crisis of Sri Lanka may be difficult to solve with its own strength. In the short term, Victor Masinger may need to discuss debt restructuring with international currency funds such as international currency funds, as well as China, India and other countries. question. However, in the long run, Sri Lanka also needs to carry out economic reforms, including the adjustment of industrial structure and promoting industrialization, so that it can truly lead Sri Lanka out of the crisis.

However, although the new Prime Minister has been in office, Sri Lanka's turbulent state may be difficult to end in the short term. According to the BBC report, many Sri Lanka people are dissatisfied with the act of appointing Victor Masinha as the Prime Minister, because Victor Minda is considered to be very close to the Rajapaksa family.

In fact, many protesters called on President Gotapa to resign and proposed the abolition of the presidential system. However, in the TV speech on the 11th, Gotabaya only stated that he would transfer some presidential power to Parliament and did not give a specific timetable. According to the NDTV report, the Council of the Sri Lanka Parliament said that it will hold a debate against President Gotabaya on May 17.

Wang Se pointed out that Gotapa let his brother Maxin Da step down, hoping to calm the people's anger. Although he was facing great pressure from public opinion, he always refused to resign. However, in the current situation, an important appeal of the people of Sri Lanka is to get rid of the rule of the Rajapaksa family. Therefore, Gotapa does not step down, and the people's anger will be difficult to calm down.

On May 11, 2022 local time, after the demonstrators and Sri Lanka ruling supporters clashed in Sri Lanka, the curfew was extended for another day, and the military patrolled in the city. Figure/IC Photo

"At present, the Sri Lankan anti -government parade is still continuing. If Gotapa does not continue to take some actions, the conflict and turmoil of Sri Lanka will probably continue." Wang Se said.

Victor Minda said on the 12th that it would allow a major protest point protest near the Presidential Secretariat to continue and expressed his willingness to talk to the protesters. When asked if he was worried about the protesters asking him to resign, he said, "If I can bear the work of responding to the economic crisis, I can also deal with this issue."

According to the Daily Mirror, from 6:00 on May 13, Sri Lanka will cancel the curfew. After that, the curfew will be restored again at 14:00 on the 13th until 6:00 on May 14.

Beijing News reporter Xie Lian