Sweight cards?US Democratic House leader: We are "in war"

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Sweight cards?US Democratic House leader: We are "in war"

2022-05-15 18:04:40 24 ℃

【Text/Observer Network Liu Chenghui】

Since the large -scale military conflict broke out in Russia in February this year, the United States has played an extremely important role behind the stage. Today, heavyweights in the United States seem to break through this layer of window paper.

"We are in war at war, but some people spend time accusing our president!" When the Bayeng government was attacked for economic problems, the leader of the US House of Representatives (Democratic Party) leader Stani Huoye (Steney Hoyer) Recently, it triggered an uproar in American netizens.

In fact, not long ago, some Democratic members of the Democratic Party proposed that "the United States and Russia are actually fighting the agent war."

On May 13, local time, the two -party member of the United States debated the Energy Policy of the Bayeng government in the House of Representatives. Republican councilors accused President Biden of Bayeng's high domestic oil prices and still hindered American oil production.

Hearing this remark, Huo Ye immediately got up to refute and defended Bayeng.

"Free market is one of the reasons for this situation (oil price rising). I support the free market." Huoye said, "This is not the price of Biden, this is the price of the world market -it has risen Once, the demand is going up. "

"I don't know how (Republicans) accused Bayeng of restricting oil production, and for this excuse ... You know, the number of licenses issued by Biden for only one year of oil drilling is equivalent to special specialties The Trump administration issued three times in the first three years. "

House Democratic leader Huo Ye defended Biden's economic policy on the 14th

Hoye's counterattack is not over yet,

"Unfortunately, during the war of war, we spend all our time accusing us of our president,"

Later, Huoye repeatedly mentioned the term "war".

"I hope everyone can let go of this and really pay attention to our enemies. I know there are many political factors of this, but we are in war ... We are in war."

Huo Ye's remarks really shocked some American netizens.

"We fight? When did I do, I must miss it!"

"The United States is fighting? I must miss the declaration of war issued by Congress."

Glenn Greenwald is also very surprised.

"This senior House of Representatives Democrats are 82 years old, and this is his 20th Congress. But this is nothing, there is something that is more explosive than this -he announced that the United States is fighting with Russia today. I want to figure out what he meant. "

Some people believe that the word "war" is not so strict. Although the United States does not release a declaration of war, sometimes conflicts will be called war, and Huoye does not say that the United States is in a state of war.

Some people interpreted, "Although we have not fired bullets, each of us is paying for it, we are in the war."

The US conservative media Fox News mentioned that the United States has not started war with Russia because the declaration of war requires the formal bill. And now, the United States and Russia are unlikely.

Nevertheless, since the outbreak of the Russian -Ukraine conflict, the West has promoted sanctions against Russia, while continuously adding a military assistance to Ukraine, the United States and Russia have faced lines at the same time in economics, politics, diplomacy and other fields, and their military action has also been frequent. Recently, many American media disclosed that the US intelligence department deeply involved in the Ukraine crisis, providing intelligence to Ukraine, and supporting its military operations.

In fact, it is not only the Huo family who emits similar war -like remarks.

For example, on May 8th, the Democratic Republic of Massachusetts Seth MOULTON selected in Massachusetts bluntly stated in an interview with Fox News, "We are not just to support Ukraine. Fundamental speaking, we and we are with each other. Russia is in a state of war, although to some extent through agents. Winning is very important for us. "

Democratic Representative Moron was interviewed by Fox News

However, the White House denied the remarks of Democratic politicians.

According to the US non -profit news agency The Intercept, the White House Deputy Secretary Andrew Bates bluntly stated in a written statement to the media- "disagree" Morton.

"President Biden has made it clear that the U.S. army will not be conflict with Russia in the future. We support the Ukrainian people to defend their country." Statement said.

However, Molton disagreed with the White House statement.

"No matter what you want to say, this is a new type of conflict that involves far exceeding Ukraine ... No matter what the result, we can no longer make mistakes. The new order, "Morton said.

Since the outbreak of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, the United States has aid Ukraine's weapons and equipment alone has reached 3.8 billion US dollars. Biden also chose to sign the "Ukraine Democratic Defense Rental Act" on May 9th on May 9th, which is intended to simplify procedures for the United States to provide military assistance and other necessary resources to Ukraine. The House of Representatives of the United States also passed a Ukrainian assistance plan worth about $ 40 billion on the 10th. The case is still waiting for the Senate for approval. Faced with the aggressive moves of the United States and the West, Russian Foreign Minister Raferov attended the Congress of the Foreign and Defense Policy Committee on the 14th and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the West launched a "comprehensive mixed war" against Russia, which is difficult to predict how long the war will last, but the result will be that everyone will suffer losses.

Lavrov emphasized that Russia has tried its best to avoid directly conflicting with the West, but now this challenge is in front of us, of course, we will accept this challenge. We are no stranger to sanctions, and various forms of sanctions have always been targeted at us. West practiced the "real robbery" when promoting anti -Russian policies.