Americans' patriotism education, rolled in the inside to beyond your imagination

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Americans' patriotism education, rolled in the inside to beyond your imagination

2022-05-16 00:08:18 24 ℃

When it comes to "patriotism education", many people feel that this is the characteristics of China;

It is believed that Western countries only emphasize individual and freedom, and do not emphasize collective.

In fact, American patriotism education is really a lot, and it is one of the most successful countries in patriotism education.

Let's talk about the most shocking scene -the national anthem and national flag in the United States.

When the song "Star Banner never falls" sounds, the Americans will stop no matter what they are; while listening solemnly, they put their right hands at the heart.

I remember last time, I went to a carnival held somewhere in the United States. Just in the morning to enter the venue, hungry people ran to the stall to buy breakfast.

At this time, the big horn released the national anthem.

Speaking time and then fast, everyone instantly frozen.

What are you doing? Those who eat hamburgers do n’t bite, holding turkey legs, chicken legs are not fragrant, and those who coax their children also put their children down.

The old man sitting on the wheelchair suddenly stood up suddenly.

Everyone was still in place, covering the heart, slightly bowed his head, his mouth trembling, and singing.

This is the rules: Before opening every day, the audience will sing the national anthem, salute, and start a day of activities.

After singing the national anthem, there is also a part of applause and cheers, as if just attended a graduation ceremony, or the New Year's Eve party.

You can see the excitement, joy, and the awe of your heart from the micro -expression on your face.

Seriously, I thought many people would be disdainful and scorned with their faces, and began to criticize the government.

I was unconvinced at the time: was it joking? American? What country love?

In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, American gymnastic general Douglas was scolded "not patriotic" because at the award ceremony and in the process of raising the national flag, she did not put her hands on her chest like other teammates.

The popularity of the United States is broken: "It is the opportunity for the country to give you the competition. You have no reason not to pay tribute to the national flag."

"This is disrespect!"

The United States is still the country that loves the national flag everywhere.

There is one at home and one on the car.

This is like this:

T -shirt, cloak, bath towels, earrings, suits, what are the styles.

There are also tablecloths, tableware, mouse pads, key chains, mouthwash cups, books ...

It is even full of taste.

The national flag we see in China is normal size, and the school playground is raised as the size of the national flag. But the American flag can be enlarged infinitely. The flag is large, so that it can't be put in a house.

Can't let go of a truck.

The court was "cut".

The building also sinks a little.

People who lived in the United States were stunned by this big cloth from the gate of the car shop and business center.

U.S. middle school students to raise their national flags are like this ...

On the Quora forum, some people: "Why are Americans so addicted to the flag?"

Americans replied: "For me, it is for glory and respect."

Some pride overflows the screen: "Because this is the most beautiful flag."

Some give the textbook -like orthodox answer: "The significance of the national flag is more profound than that of a piece of cloth. It represents people who are struggling for this country's independence and prosperity."

"We have only 240 years of history in the United States, but we need to remind ourselves repeatedly that the United States is a great country. In order to do this, we need to hold up the banner and stir up our arms."

A fencing athlete: "The national flag is my representative and the representative of all Americans."

A retired American veteran, read the news of someone burning the national flag, and said angrily: "In the past, every holiday, I would hang out the national flag. From today, I will always hang the national flag."

How about it, it is difficult to imagine that this was said by Hey-Bro-What's-UP? In addition to the national flag, Americans also like to post the words "I am American and I am proud".

Politics in the United States is always staged. When Trump was in office, many young people were brainwashed and believed that the division of the United States was no longer able to save. In fact, the United States is still the best country, unique and worth defending.

He said that in order to save young people's brains, he must grasp patriotism education.

In May 1st this year, the White House issued a signature announcement of Biden, announcing that it will be set up on May 1st as a "loyalty day". On the same day, the national flag was hung.

Many people do not understand why an immigrant country in the United States talks about loyalty if they can't move. Because American patriotic education has already formed a complete system, it has begun from kindergarten. The 4 -year -old American child, the first thing before class every day is to swore to the American flag. High -grade children were led in the radio. Other children stood in the classroom, stroked their chests in their right hand, and followed them. "I would like to swore loyalty here, be loyal to the flags of the United States of America, and also loyal to the republics that are carried by the sky behind the national flag." If you are an oath, if you just meet the parents to pick up the child, the parents can not move. Participate in the oath.

In addition, children will learn to paint the national flag and make the flag.

After being promoted to elementary school, he began to learn the life of the president, rendering "the greatest America, and it is proud to be an American."

There are many large and small memorial halls in the United States, such as Lincoln Memorial Hall, Jefferson Memorial Hall, Kennedy Cultural Center, Roosevelt Memorial Hall, Washington Memorial Tower, etc. These places are basically free. Even if you don't want to admire the American gods, you can't stand the temptation of free, don't go for nothing. In addition, more than half of the public holidays of Americans are the nature of commemorative day.

Martin Luther Gold Day, President's Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. There are not only celebrations and parade across the country, but the restaurants even provide free meals to veterans.

The road is on the side of the road "Thank you soldiers".

The United States also explicitly stated that on the day of the anniversary, all entertainment venues were not open, and Washington Special Economic Zone stopped working at hand for a minute. Elementary school students must wear the Gourman's uniform to participate in the event. In the Arlington Cemetery in Washington, the guards were patrolled throughout the weather throughout the weather since 1937, and foreigners may not be good at it. The martyrs were not protected.

In order to recruit people to participate in the army and expand the mass foundation, the U.S. military spared no effort to plug in advertisements in various places.

Sometimes people use people's curiosity to collect personal information semi -strongly.

At the carnival, the U.S. Army occupied a large area, showing their big tanks and various equipment. The military bands played aside and brought VR combat experience. But if you want to put on their VR glasses and play a gun game that can't be played in two minutes, you must spend 5 minutes and fill in a personal data table ...

The "participation culture" has penetrated into the life of Americans.

Some fast -food brands, as long as you express your gratitude to the veterans, "without them without us today," they donate a knife for veterans.

American films have also stabilized patriotism. While creating American superhero, superman, Spider -Man, Batman, relying on their own power, saving everyone, rebuilding the earth on the ruins, turning decay into magic. On the one hand, in "Independence Day", "American Sniper", "American Team", and "Gump" passionately lecture on American history, highlighting the extraordinary ability of Americans.

After seeing so much, I finally understood why Americans can quickly and harmonize in various occasions and shout "USA! USA!".

Is there any punishment for those who do not patriotism and those who destroy patriotism? In the United States, blasphemy and national anthem, insulting martyrs is also a criminal.

On June 22, 2020, four men tried to destroy the statue of the former President Andrew Jackson near the White House on the 22nd. On the 27th, the Ministry of Justice accused the four people with a maximum sentence of 10 years. The inspector said: "We will never let go of the monument to destroy the monument."

How far in patriotism is in the United States, it has also caused disputes.

In 2001, US President Bush promulgated the USA Patriot Act to prevent terrorism from expanding the scope of government regulatory. The government and the police have the right to search for citizens' telephone, email, finance, medical care and other records. This bill is controversial due to citizen privacy.

Finally, we must emphasize two sentences.

Americans insist on their core values ​​and inheritance from generation to generation. It was nothing; but as a country developed by immigrants, Trump -style radical patriotism breeds. "Its race", "only accepts its own culture", has a fundamental contradiction with American society.

This is why everyone asks why Americans are so patriotic, but they still love to do things.