Former UN senior human rights experts accepted an exclusive interview with the Global Times: China should give a thousand -faced mirror to the White House

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Former UN senior human rights experts accepted an exclusive interview with the Global Times: China should give a thousand -faced mirror to the White House

2022-05-16 00:07:43 21 ℃

[Global Times reporter Bai Yunyi Li Aixin] The United States has always claimed to be "human rights teachers" and constantly published the so -called "human rights" report to attack other countries. However, Washington's human rights are inferior. Essence The independent expert Alfred-Morris de Zaas, an independent expert of democratic and fair international order before the UN Human Rights Council, said in an exclusive interview with the Global Times reporter that China should send American mirrors to allow American mirrors to let let Washington shines on himself.

Global Times: We noticed that you have recently published a new book, "Building a fair world order, and the coming of the mainstream narrative of fake news, fake laws, fake freedoms". What do you think of the "fair world order"? Is the world order fair now?

Zahs: We already have an international order based on the purpose and principles of the United Nations Charter, and a series of international mechanisms aimed at achieving a fair world order. But the problem is that our international law has rarely obeyed, and the resolutions of international organizations are rarely implemented.

In the past few years, China has played an increasingly important role in the UN Human Rights Council, but this organization has been greatly politically politically. It has become a "horn fighting field" -pastrophic, many countries try to weapon human rights issues in a way of "humiliation" and accuse other countries of committing racial extinction or anti -human crimes without any evidence. In my opinion, the UN Human Rights Council should play a constructive role, such as giving positive suggestions, not to impose a model of so -called "all seasons" to China, India, South Africa and other countries. However, I believe that the entire concept of international law will be more and more influenced by the development of the world. In the future, it (formulation of international law) will no longer be the "one words" (for calculations) of the United States and Europe.

(U.S. Secretary of State) Blintin is always talking about rules -based international order. I want to say to him, "Looking at God's portrayal, is we already have such a framework? This is the" UN Charter ", but how is it implemented?"

Few countries trample on the UN Charter so frequently like my country -the United States. We (the United States) not only launched wars around the world, but also provoked war, but also participated in various agent wars. Many American intellectuals have reflected on this. But unfortunately, these people have no political power and cannot affect the leaders of the US President Biden.

Global Times: In recent years, the United States has frequently accused China of "infringing human rights" on many occasions. What do you think of the US's accusations on human rights issues?

Zahs: China has done a great job -let hundreds of millions of people get rid of poverty. This itself means human rights. Human rights are the right to enjoy peace, life, food, water, and health services. In recent years, China has become more and more active in the UN General Assembly, Security Council and Human Rights Council. I hope that American dignitaries such as Biden and Brinken can recognize this.

I think China needs to do more in information dissemination. China has not broken the monopoly in news communication in the United States and Europe. In this information war or "mixed war", the United States played quite successfully, imposing Washington's views to almost everyone in Latin America, Africa, Asia and other regions.

Global Times: Some American politicians believe that the world order of the United States is being challenged by China. However, there are also observers believe that the real challenge of the current world order comes from Western countries, and China is exactly the maintenanceer of the current world order. What do you think of these two views?

Zahs: In the decades after World War II, the United States has always tried to rule the world. However, we now live in the 21st century and think that it is ridiculous to order everyone around. It was imperialism in the 19th century, colonialism and neo -colonialism in the 20th century.

We must realize a simple fact: China is there. The only thing a smart person can do is to find a win -win model. Both China and the United States have benefited from each other's good trade relationships, but the United States seems to have a paranoia, or it is a paranoia -as long as someone in the world expresses its own interests, and the interests of others (the United States) do not In match, we (the United States) said that this is "aggression" and "threat". This idea is ridiculous.

China has been showing patience and it is very gentle. This also reflects the traditions and culture of China for thousands of years, just like water can be dripped through stones after all. Here, I will also pay tribute to China, because China submits a very important draft resolution at the 48th session of the Human Rights Council in September 2021, that is, "the problem of the problem of colonialism on the negative impact of human rights has the negative impact of human rights to enjoy human rights. ", The draft was passed. This resolution involves the impact of imperialism and colonialism on the people of North America, South America and other regions.

Whenever I hear the United States discussing the so -called "Tibet self -determination", I would say, "Do we understand the history of Tibet? Still come to talk about the self -determination of the Hawaii people!" Why does Hawaii become a state in the United States? It was thousands of miles away from San Francisco and Los Angeles. The then President Clinton, the then President of the United States, apologized to the Hawaiian people evenly in 1993 that he overthrew the Hawaiian kingdom 100 years ago. Of course, Clinton will not take the initiative to return the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The United States likes to act as a judge and judge other countries, but it is not allowed to judge the United States in other countries. This is why the United States does not accept the jurisdiction of the international court or the international criminal court because the United States feels higher than them. This is a wrong mentality. I think China should really give a thousand mirrors to the White House, which is placed in the lobby and every room of the US Capitol, so that the United States can take care of itself. If the United States has self -criticism, it will not only be very beneficial to us, but also help promote world peace.

Global Times: China has been advocating common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security concepts. Do you think that this concept proposed by China will help provides some of the fair world order in the future?

Zahs: I agree with this concept of security proposed by China. I hope that China can do its best to let more people know this vision and let this security structure accept it.

I think China can hold an international security issue summit to invite India, South Africa and other countries to participate. Of course, the United States and European countries are also invited. Only in this way can this summit truly represent the entire world, not the "international community" in the West, which may only represent 15%of the world's population.