"In Jin Jianxi's" sharp "eyes, Yin Xiyue hurriedly put down the wine glass"

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"In Jin Jianxi's" sharp "eyes, Yin Xiyue hurriedly put down the wine glass"

2022-05-16 00:08:08 28 ℃

(Observer.com) It has been a few days since Yin Xiyue officially appointed South Korea ’s president, but in these two days, a small clip at his inauguration commemorative dinner caused heated discussion on the Korean network.

According to a number of Korean media reports on the 13th, at that time, Yin Xiyue was preparing to drink with a wine glass, and his wife Jin Jianxi immediately turned his head and stared at him with a "sharp" look. In this eye, Yin Xiyue took a sip, " Hurry up and put down the wine glass.

South Korea's "Central Daily": In Jin Jianxi's "sharp" eyes ... Yin Xiyue hurriedly put down the wine glass

At 11 am local time on May 10th, the 20th presidential inauguration ceremony of South Korea was held in the Parliament Hall of the Parliament of Ruyu, Seoul, and Yin Xiyue officially swore to work.

The day was the first time that Yin Xiyue and Jin Jianxi appeared at the official occasion at the same time. One hour before the inauguration ceremony, the couple went to the National Cemetery of Seoul together. At the ceremony, Yin Xiyue greeted the Wen Zaiyin couple with his wife, Jin Jianxi. Jin Jianxi first bowed to Mrs. Wen Zaiyin, Jin Zhengshu, and then shook hands with Jin Jianxi with a smile. After the inauguration ceremony, the two went to the Silla Hotel in the Central District of Seoul to attend the commemorative dinner.

Surprisingly, on the 12th and 13th, many Korean media, including the Korean "Korean Daily", "Central Daily", and "Seoul News", have reported a small fragment of the dinner, that is, Jin Jianxi's dinner "uses it. Eyes discouraged the president Yin Xiyue to drink ", and said that the picture became a topic of discussions on the Internet.

As for the specific situation, according to the "Seoul News", "At the inauguration dinner held at the Shilla Hotel, President Yin was taking a drink with a glass of wine. Mrs. Jin stared at him with a strong eyes. "

"Seoul Economy" also said, "From the live video, it can be seen that President Yin took a glass of wine and tried to take a sip. In this case, when he saw Mrs. Jin's" eyes' " . Until he put down the wine, Mrs. Jin looked away from President Yin. "

The "interaction" of the Presidential couple caused differences between the Korean people. According to the Korean media, Yin Xiyue's supporters expressed their affirmation that Jin Jianxi persuaded Yin Xiyue who usually liked to drink, and said that "this is a virtuous help." Some of them also boasted that Yin Xiyue was "very cute to let go of the wine glass when you felt his wife's sight", saying that he "will observe his wife's face, just like me", and some people also say that they also want to meet "Xian inner help" like Jin Jianxi. Essence

According to the "Seoul News", Yin Xiyue has been known for drinking drinks since the prosecutor. His favorite wine is "shochu+beer", and there is also rumors that he drinks 100 cups of shochu every week when working in the place.

In addition, according to the "Korean Daily", Yin Xiyue is also known as "love wife's house". During the election, he was asked in a variety show "whether he often cooks for his wife". He said at the time: "Sometimes it is necessary to do this to be kicked out." Yin Xiyue and Jin Jianxi married in March 2012, and At that time, Yin Xiyue was 52 years old and Jin Jianxi was 40 years old.

However, some Korean netizens have a criticism of this, thinking that Yin Xiyue's response represents Jin Jianxi "may become the king in the future." On Facebook, Kim Rongmin (김용민) also shared a picture of Jin Jianxi pulling Yin Xiyue on Facebook on Facebook, ironically: "Although Yin Xiyue took office, Jin Jianxi may be in power."

According to the "Korean Daily", the relevant person from Jin Jianxi told the newspaper that Jin Jianxi plans to be a "quiet internal assistance" to the greatest extent. In addition to the official activities she must participate in, she will avoid participating in other public activities as much as possible. The operating art exhibition planning company will also stop business. When asked if Jin Jianxi really prevented Yin Xiyue from drinking, the person replied: "It is not yet possible to confirm this part."