Late news, she is also positive!

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Late news, she is also positive!

2022-05-19 18:04:34 20 ℃

American White House:

Biden's daughter's new crown virus test is positive

On May 18, local time, the White House of the United States stated that Biden's daughter Ashley Biden's new crown virus test was positive.

Minister of Health and Public Services during the visit of Germany

New crown virus test is positive

On May 18, local time, according to the Association, Harvel Bezsera, Minister of Health and Public Services, was positive. According to reports, Harvel Bessel was a meeting to participate in the Health Minister of Health Minister (G7) held in Berlin. He was tested after a slight symptom, and is now isolated. On the 17th local time, he met with Germany's Minister of Health Lawbach, the head of the German Center for Disease Control and Disease Control and several German health experts.

More news

According to statistics released by the University of Johns Hopkins, as of 0:20 am on the 18th of Beijing time, a total of 100,000 cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States reached 100,000 cases. According to statistics from Reuters on the 16th, a total of 100,1217 cases of new crown pneumonia were in the United States.

What does the number of deaths over one million mean the United States?

The American population accounts for only about 4.3%of the global population, but the death of new crown pneumonia accounts for 16%of the global death cases. The death of 1 million people means that one of the average of about 330 Americans died in the new crown pneumonia. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the United States has more than 1,100 people died of new crown pneumonia every day. New coronary pneumonia has become the third largest cause of death for Americans for two consecutive years, second only to heart disease and cancer. The number of 1 million numbers is equivalent to all the population of San Jose, the top ten major cities in the United States. In the United States, about 250,000 children have lost their parents or main caregivers due to the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, and they are unfortunately reduced to "new orphan". About 9 million people lost their loved ones due to the epidemic of new crown pneumonia. In the United States, the risk of aboriginal people died in the new crown pneumonia is 2.1 times that of non -Latin white people. The risk of Latin -speakers died of new crown pneumonia is 1.8 times that of non -Latin white people. Essence Behind these numbers fully exposed the failure of the US system and the disorder of governance, highlighting the inequality of American society.

Both parties are addicted to political struggle

Farewind people's health and safety

An important reason for this situation is that the two parties in the United States are obsessed with political struggles and ignore the health and safety of the people. The US media recently reported that the Bayeng government recently relaxed some epidemic prevention measures while asking Congress to approve the special impact of epidemic prevention.

The health of the elderly is ignored and ignored

It is worth noting that data released by the German Statista Investigation Company in March this year show that about 75%of the new crown death cases appear in people over the age of 65, which account for about 17%of the total population. The Washington Post website published an article: "We are losing our elders, not only because they are fragile groups, but also because of a more ingrained epidemic: think that the life of the elderly is not worth cherishing."

New crown epidemic highlights structural racism stubborn illness

The United States' anti -new crown African -American alliance issued a report recently to introduce the serious impact of the new crown epidemic on the United States and Africa, and call for measures to take measures to solve the problem of health inequality. The co -founder of the alliance, Ride Taxon, said that the US Centers for Disease Control has recognized that structural racism is the fundamental reason for the differences in the health of different ethnicities in the United States.

The mortality rate of minority ethnic groups under the new crown epidemic is higher

According to data from the Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Death in 2020, the mortality rate of the United States has increased by age, of which the mortality rate of Latin American and African descent has increased the highest. Latin -American men's mortality rates rose 42.7%compared with 2019, Latin American women rose 32.4%; African -American men rose 28%, and African women rose 24.9%. Experts said that this has a lot to do with racial inequality in American society, because there are more colored ethnic groups in front -line staff, and their probability of infection with new coronal viruses is higher.

The rich, the richer, the poor, the poor, the higher the inflation and the higher

In order to cope with the economic difficulties under the epidemic, the Fed has implemented a super loose monetary policy over the past two years, reducing the cost of loan, pushing up asset prices, and making the wealthy class make a lot of money. At the same time, the loose monetary policy brings severe inflation, increasing the pressure of life of low -income class, and many people's life is becoming more and more difficult. Data released by the US Department of Labor recently showed that the US consumer price index rose 8.3%year -on -year in April, at a high level in 40 years. ● Selection in the past

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