Europe was reduced to a "chessboard"!France or has "abandoned himself", Hungary Prime Minister made an example

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Europe was reduced to a "chessboard"!France or has "abandoned himself", Hungary Prime Minister made an example

2022-05-19 18:02:42 19 ℃

There is a saying: first -class countries do chess players, second -rate countries are chess pieces, and third -rate countries are chessboards.

As early as last year, former European Minister of European Affairs Bruno made a judgment: "Today's Europe is more like a chessboard than a player."

The outbreak of Russia and Ukraine's conflict has made the entire Europe "chaos a pot of porridge". Regardless of whether European countries acknowledge it, the relationship between Europe and the United States is changing from "partners" to "vassal".

Needless to say, failureism is spreading in Europe.

For Europe, May 16, 2022 is a historic date.

In the afternoon of the same day, Swedish Prime Minister Anderson and the chairman of the main opposition party Christer held a joint press conference to jointly announce the decision to apply for the Swedish government to apply to join NATO.

The day before, Finnish President Ninito and Prime Minister Marlin issued a joint statement that Finland officially decided to apply to join NATO and submit a paper application to NATO headquarters next week.

At present, it seems that Finland and Sweden have opened their heads. Although there are NATO member states such as Turkey, it is also sooner or later with the support of Britain and the United States and other countries to join NATO.

But this does not mean that other member states of NATO should "indulge" NATO northward expansion, especially the EU.

However, as early as May 3rd, when the heads of Fen Rui attended the closed -door meeting of the German Federal Cabinet, German Chancellor Tzuz said that if Finui decided to join NATO, then "can rely on our support."

On May 15th, German Foreign Minister Bell Berbak stated again that if Fenui made a decision, "we warmly welcome" and have done a good job of preparing for quickly approval.

This is not over, French President Macron officially stated on the afternoon of the 16th: fully supports the decision to apply for Sweden to join NATO.

All signs show that France, as the "two carriages" of the EU, has now made decisions on behalf of the EU with actual actions. It seems that there is no intention of blocking the EU on the sixth expansion of NATO.

Although in the context of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, French and German practices seem to be "affectionate", but this does not mean that French choice is correct, at least not "vision".

Simply talk about 3 points.

First, when Finland decided to apply for joining NATO a few days ago, French President Macron did not make more statements. However, after Sweden made a decision today, Macron voice supported Sweden. Obviously, he could not talk about "sincerity."

Needless to say, Macron has been waiting for the dust to settle, and he may still turn around between Finland, Sweden and Russia, but it only ended in failure.

Compared with Germany's firmness, France may not be willing to continue to be strong in NATO. Macron originally claimed "NATO's brain death". Although he had the meaning of "scolding" NATO, he also hoped that he would be autonomous in the EU, and even set up a real " European Army.

However, when Macron responded to Russia and Ukraine's conflict, he had exposed a little "weak and incompetent" roots. The role of the conflict medal was "weak", and now he can only follow the wave.

Second, when the Queen of Europe is still in office, Germany has always tried to cooperate with France to promote the Russian and Zhou leadership summit. Unfortunately, it has repeatedly suffered internal opposition from the European Union and eventually gone.

When it was time to take office, it failed to maintain a good Russian and German relationship. The "Beixi-2" natural gas pipeline project has been repeatedly difficult to make difficulties until the conflict broke out indefinitely.

The key is that there are two voices in German politics. The united government has begun to appear.

On the issue of Russia and Ukraine, Bell Berk's attitude of supporting Ukraine and NATO is far more positive than Souls. Germany cannot contribute to European strategic sovereignty. At present, even the government is "face -to -heart discord", it is also different from energy issues.

Third, for the EU countries, France should have been "leading sheep", but the performance in the Ukrainian situation is disappointing, and it is faintly "led to the British and American nose. In this case, it is no wonder that many EU member states are completely for Washington's "horse heads".

When people's hearts are scattered, the team is not easy to bring. Among the 27 countries of the European Union, there are pro -French and Germans, pro -British and American, and some so -called "neutral". If French and Germany cannot "twist this forces into a rope", then the EU will be destined to be in trouble in mutual accusations of each other. Essence

In this context, the EU's most "unique" country, Hungary, has undergone a change that cannot be discussed.

On the 16th, the election results of the Hungarian Parliament were released. The ruling party won 135 of the 199 parliamentary seats, which made the best result in the past 12 years. The former Prime Minister Olban was elected Prime Minister of Hungary.

This re -election means the fifth time in the Olban leadership in the Hungarian government.

He has been the Prime Minister of Hungary for more than ten consecutive years. In 2022, he led the ruling party to achieve the best results in recent years, which is enough to illustrate the trust and support of the Hungarian people.

Don't forget, in the case of "one side" in Europe's public opinion that supports sanctions on Russia, Olban has repeatedly rejected the European Union's sanctions against Russia. On the 16th, he took the lead in objection and allowed the EU to continue the sixth round of sanctions against Russia to continue on the 16th. Hermond.

In the Olban's view, Hungary, which is extremely dependent on Russia's oil and gas, must be guaranteed by energy security, but the EU is abusing power, "imposing foreign culture and ideology to Hungary." Such criticism can be described as a word of words, which not only denies the legal basis of "the EU represents the interests of the EU members of the EU", but also exposes the essence of the EU's various countries that "interfere" in the Hungarian internal affairs.

In short, there are many inspiration points for this incident.

First, the EU's "one -vote veto system" has its rationality. Regardless of the strength of the EU member states, as long as this power is in hand, it can ensure that their own interests will not be regarded as "chips" by the European Union. It is also the basis for the EU to form.

Of course, the existence of this power will inevitably hinder the integration of the European Union. There will be a country who will take the opportunity to "mix sand". The British and American conflicts in Russia and Ukraine perfectly show the influence on some member states of the European Union. Becoming a long way to go.

Second, if any country leader, if it is true for the interests of the country, more pragmatic and less affairs will be supported by the public. Of course, the Hungarian Prime Minister's 5 times will prove this.

In contrast, Australian Prime Minister Morrison evaded responsibilities and offended many countries. He completely regarded himself as the "horse stale" in the United States and ignored the fundamental interests of the Australian people. It is likely to fail in the election at the end of May.

Third, the status of Europe has indeed signs of "precarious", and its independence has been lost in the hands of the United States. In this round of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, Europe rarely has the opportunity to "say no" to the United States, and it is even more difficult for the United States to pay attention to European energy and national defense requirements.