The United States deliberately obstructed Russian representatives to attend the meeting, and the United Nations can’t stand it. The spokesman broke in person

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The United States deliberately obstructed Russian representatives to attend the meeting, and the United Nations can’t stand it. The spokesman broke in person

2022-05-20 12:35:57 18 ℃

According to the surging news report, the United Nations News Commission meeting was held in the near future that the United States publicly hindered the Russian delegation to participate and did not issue a visa to two experts. Only got the visa.

All countries that are stared at by the United States will be restricted by all aspects. With their own strength and global appeal, the United States will combine other countries to cross -chase the target countries and try to be isolated in Russia in many fields. Although Russia itself is not afraid of the United States, it is still uncomfortable after all with so many allies. After the outbreak of the Russian -Ukraine conflict, the United States continued to increase sanctions on Russia's economy and wanted to weaken Russia's strength. The basic condition of a country's development is the economy. If the United States can really have a huge impact on Russia from economic level, Russia's losses will far exceed estimates.

The United States openly obstructs Russia's participation

The United Nations is the largest international organization. There are major matters that need to be discussed, or there are important votes that need to be carried out in the United Nations, but because the United Nations Headquarters is in the United States, this also means that there are many operating space in the United States. Voting in the United States, or the United States trying to stop this vote, the United States can disturb votes by not issuing visas by other countries. Although this behavior is illegal, the United States does not care. They focus on whether the result of the matter is only the result of the matter. Real the effect of what you expect.

At a recent meeting of the United Nations, the Russian representatives had accused the United States of hindering Russian representatives, and politely scolded the United States. Russian representatives have stated that Russia has already given a visa application, but it has not been delayed to get visa issued by the United States. It is reasonable to say that the visa is far from so long, not to mention that other countries have received visa early in other countries. Russia is not delayed, which is a typical targeted behavior. In fact, this is not the first time in the United States. In the past, the United States has also appeared many times. The most excessive time is not to issue visas to some representatives of some countries, which seriously interferes with the normal progress of the matter.

The United Nations vocal power is quite Moscow

In response to the American approach, the United Nations will not be able to stand this time, and the vocal power is straight, saying that it is not allowed to happen. UN Secretary -General spokesman Dugrik said that he had warned the United States before, but the other party did not improve. It will continue to communicate with the United States on this issue in the future to ensure that representatives of each country participate in the UN meeting.

Because these behaviors done in the United States are indeed a bit unknown, and once caused dissatisfaction among many countries, many countries have also made a request to move the United Nations from the United States. easy.

First of all, this country must have absolute strength, which can ensure the security of the United Nations. Another reason is that the United Nations moved to other countries, and it is difficult to ensure that such similar situations will not occur. I just hope that countries can jointly supervise such damage to the United Nations. The behavior of its own rules, I hope that the United States can correct it, and do not continue to use this way to obstruct the meeting normally. The United Nations is not a private tool for any country. We should face this problem. Now the global situation is not optimistic, problems such as food, epidemics, and inflation have troubled countries around the world. We should focus on these places instead of all alliances. It is not advisable to fight each other.