Yeltsin mentioned it three times and finally asked Kiri Yanke to be the Prime Minister. Why did he dismiss his job in just 4 months?

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Yeltsin mentioned it three times and finally asked Kiri Yanke to be the Prime Minister. Why did he dismiss his job in just 4 months?

2022-05-20 18:14:56 19 ℃

On March 23, 1998, Yeltsin suddenly ordered the dismissal of the government with the Prime Minister of Chelno Merkin and announced that he appointed 35 -year -old Sergei Kiri Yanke as the first deputy prime minister and agent's power of the Prime Minister. A few days later, Kiriyanke was officially nominated as a candidate for the Federal Prime Minister of Russia.

However, National Duma is not optimistic about Kiri Yanke. For example, the leader of the Russian Communist Party Konov pointed out at the conference: "Kiriliyano lacks life experience, has no work experience, no work team, and no feasible politics program."

In the country's Duma, there are many people who are consistent with Konovov's views. Therefore, in the first round of voting, Kiri Yanke failed to pass the 226 vote limit stipulated by the Constitution.

Unexpectedly, just half an hour after the voting results came out, Yeltsin immediately nominated the National Duma President Kiri Yanke as the prime minister's candidate. He also particularly emphasized that this is because Kirinke rarely shows his face on TV, so many people do not know him, but he is very talented and can effectively combine economic problems and social problems to make corresponding solutions Program.

Despite the Yeltsin platform, in the second round of voting, Kiriyanke was still unable to pass.

Yeltsin is indomitable and is ready to nominate for the third vote.

At this time, the members were a little panicked. Why? Because if they are in the third voting, they still oppose Kiri Yanke, then according to the Russian constitution, President Yeltsin has the right to dissolve the country Duma.

Therefore, in the face of reality, the National Duma had to compromise with Yeltsin. After experiencing a wave of twists and turns, Kiriliyan finally became the youngest prime minister in Russian history.

However, it was surprising that Yelinlin's dismissal finally made Kiriliyan ascended to the position of the Prime Minister. He only took office for more than 4 months in Kiri Yanke, but Yeltsin lifted his post. It is how it happened?

Kirinke's resume is not complicated, but it is quite gorgeous.

In 1962, Kirinke was born in a high -knowledge family in Suhomi, the Republic of Georgia. His father was a Jewish, and he was also a famous philosopher and politician at the time. Not only did he serve as professors and school leaders in colleges and universities for a long time, but also the chairman of the State Ideological Committee. His mother is Ukrainian and a pretty economist.

However, because his parents were busy, Kiriyano was sent to his grandparents' house when he was young.

At the age of 8, Kiriliyano, his father had another new love and abandoned him and his mother. When his mother was sad, he received him and took him to Sochi to live again.

Despite the changes in the family, Kiri Yanke was not affected too much. His Jewish gene allows him to easily rank among the best in learning. After graduating from middle school, he deliberately applied for the Department of Shipping of the Golki Water Transport Engineering College, which was instructed by his father, and returned to his father.

At that time, Kiriyanke's father was the director of the science and Communist Teaching and Research Office. Because he owed his son in his heart, he had always been able to help his son in life and learning. However, Kiriyanke itself is excellent and does not need his father's deliberate help.

Although the teachers suggested that he examined graduate students at the time, he had always eager to live independently, and he declined the teachers' suggestions.

After graduation, Kiri Yanke was enlisted and became an Air Force. Excellent people can be like gold everywhere. Kiri Yanke is such a person. He performed well in the army. He not only joined the party, but was even promoted to the length of the leader.

After the military service ended, Kiri Yanke returned to Golki and was assigned to work in a shipyard. Because he not only has a high education, but also has a strong party spirit, he was soon promoted as the secretary of the communist youth community committee of the shipyard.

As the father of the Gorky's Ideological Committee, he became a leader of Kiri Yanke. With the help of his father, Kiriyanke attracted the attention of the senior officials of the CPSU and was subsequently promoted to the secretary of the Gong Youth Youth League Committee. Later, he was selected as representatives of the Correspondence of the Soviet People's Congress. At this time, he was only 28 years old.

However, the Soviet Union disintegrated just when Kiri Yanke was atmospheric and prepared for the revolution. As a party member and cadre in the system, he was forced to laid off.

However, gold will shine everywhere. After laid off, Kiri Yanke chose to do business management. In 1991, Kiriyano served as the president of youth joint -stock company. When he served as president, Kiriyan quickly let the company turn a profit. Therefore, he was served as the president of the bank by the largest local bank- "guarantee" social commercial banks.

Soon after, Kiriyano became the president of Norcian Petroleum Co., Ltd.. At that time, the Norcyne Petroleum Company had been in a state of severe losses. Under the reform and management of Kirino, the company's performance quickly rebounded, and in just a few months turned losses into profits.

In 1997, Neumzov was appointed by Yeltsin as the first vice prime minister in Russia and the Minister of Russia's Ministry of Fuel Energy. Subsequently, Neumzov recommended Kidiriya from Prime Minister Chelnomelkin. Soon after, with the help of Neumzov, Kiriliyano was promoted to the deputy minister of the Ministry of Fulfur and became Nimzov's assistant.

After taking office, Kiriliyano took over the extraordinary ability and solved several very difficult problems. For example, the coastal Border Region was due to the arrears of electricity costs, which caused a large -scale power outage problem. After Kiriyanke's on -site understanding the situation, he finally solved the problem of arrears of electricity costs in a clever method. In addition, the problem of negotiating oil transit with Chechen and the strike of the counterattack of Kuzbas miners have been properly resolved because he handled it properly. Kirinke was also affirmed by Yeltsin and Chenmelkin. After just half a year, he was promoted to the Minister of Fuel Energy. Kyeyano of Pingbu Qingyun has become one of the youngest senior officials in the Russian federal government. While Kiriyanke focused on his work, he and his colleagues always maintained a friendly relationship and never participated in factional battles. This humble and polite attitude and low -key style of acting made him a harmless style of humans and animals. Therefore, even if he was repeatedly promoted, the colleagues he worked with him were not too jealous of him, but praised him.

However, even if he was smooth on the career, young Kili Yanke did not expect that in less than a year, he could quickly be promoted from the position of deputy minister to the position of Prime Minister . Therefore, when Yeltsin elected him as a prime minister candidate, he had no political capital, which naturally caused many people's opposition. In fact, even he did not respond for a while.

However, Kirinke still expressed to Yeltsin that he would definitely make better results on the prime minister's seat and help Yelin's promise to share more worry.

However, after Kiri Yanke served as the Prime Minister, he soon discovered that the Prime Minister was difficult to be. why would you said this?

It turned out that during the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited the US $ 90 billion foreign debt and a large amount of internal debt left over the Soviet Union. In other words, Russia has carried out very heavy debt since independence. Therefore, it is a lot of economic pressure to repay debts every year.

Coupled with the "shock therapy" promoted by Yeltsin, the national economy has severely declined, prices are vicious, rubles have severely depreciated, factories have stopped working in large quantities, and fiscal revenue has decreased sharply. At this time Essence

Former Prime Minister Chernomemin was exhausted, trying to do everything, and to stabilize the decline economy, but still did not work much. Faced with anger, Yeltsin must find someone to carry a pot. Therefore, Yeltsin relieved Chelin Melkin on the grounds that "lack of vitality, lack of active spirit and new ideas and new methods, and did not solve a series of important socio -economic problems."

Yeltsin's relief of Chelinomelkin's position was another reason that Calinmelkin was very popular at the time, and even some officials in the Presidential General Office supported him, which made Yeltsin's fear of it. Therefore, Yeltsin needs to find someone without ambitions to replace him.

Therefore, his personality is calm, low -key, unintentional politics, and only cares about Kili Yanke, who is hard -working, and enters Yeltsin's eyes.

But Kirinke could not reverse Russia's economy. In fact, there is no way to reverse, because as the "shock therapy" at the source, there are great problems in itself, and Yeltsin insists on this source, what can Kiri Yanke have any way! Coupled with the country's Duma is not optimistic about him, the plan he formulated was often denied, so he could not reform at all.

Well, this year's fell in international oil prices, which caused the international financial crisis. Russia was deeply killed, inflation was more serious, the rubles depreciated sharply, enterprises and banks closed down, and workers were unemployed. It is undoubtedly worse than snow, so the public's dissatisfaction with Yeltsin has been upgraded again. National Duma also took the opportunity to impeach Yeltsin.

Yeltsin must not admit that he has caused all this, so he lifted Kyiriya, who had only been in office for more than 4 months.

In fact, Yeltsin still recognizes Kiri Yanke, so after Primkov as the Prime Minister, Yeltsin wanted to enable Kiriliya as the Deputy Prime Minister again. However, Kiriyanko believes that when he is the prime minister, he failed to curb a major losses caused by the economic crisis, so it should be reasonable to be dismissed, and he is unwilling to become a politician. He hopes to continue to do management work, which is relatively more suitable He.

After Xiaye, Kiriyanke founded the "new power" party of the Russian social and political conservative campaign. When Putin was campaign president, he strongly supported Putin. At that time, the slogan he proposed was "Choosing Putin as the president, and the selection of bases as the national Duma."

After Putin was successfully elected as president, there were many problems within Russia. For example, the economic oligarchs of a large amount of assets were mastered, and there were too much local power, and even the situation of the federal government's arrangements was frequently appeared. For example, the Federal District of the Volga River has always been very power. Therefore, Putin appointed Kili Yanke as a full -power representative of the Federal President of the Russian Federal Federal President in Volga, and a State Consultant of the Russian Federal Federation. After Kiri Yanke took office, he quickly established an efficient team, calming the various contradictions and conflicts between the Federal District of the Volga River and the Russian government. Subsequently, through legislation, the local power was rationally complied with the Russian government, which greatly weakened local power.

Kirinke's approach was highly praised by Putin. Subsequently, Putin's power on other places, as well as the law, recovered local power one by one, strengthened the centralized power of the Russian government.

Since then, Kiriyanke has also served as the head of the atomic energy agency.Kiri Yanke has reorganized atomic energy agencies to make the Russian National Atomic Energy Group Corporation the largest power generation company in Russia.Soon after, Kiri Yanke was transferred to the Presidential Office as the first deputy director, and his work was very good, which made Putin very satisfied.There are even rumors that Putin intends to be a presidential successor, but the rumors may be false, but Kiri Yanke is still an indispensable left arm and right arm of Putin until now.It is indeed real material.

Looking back again, Kiriyano was appointed by Yeltsin at that time.Yeltsin asked him to step down only 4 months after he took office, not only because of Yeltsin's backpot, but also the result of Yeltsin's pumping seedlings.After all, Kiri Yanke is actually a very capable person. Fortunately, Putin wise eyesight, giving him the opportunity and time to experience, and because of this, he grew up to a real political strong man.