Zhapollo -Suddenly announced that all the people who borrowed from the Ukrainian bank did not need to pay back

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Zhapollo -Suddenly announced that all the people who borrowed from the Ukrainian bank did not need to pay back

2022-06-17 12:45:43 19 ℃

Today, the Russian conflict is still a focus issue that the international community is concerned. Russia has previously made a statement that it has announced that this special military operation in Ukraine has entered the third stage. With the continuous advancement of the Russian army, many regions have been controlled by it, and the activity space of Ukrainian armed forces will be further compressed. In order to achieve Russia's established goals, the Russian army will continue to plant subsequent action plans. A new news came at such a critical moment that people who borrowed from the Ukraine Bank could not use subsequent repayment.

Zhaparlo -announced that the loan is returned to zero

According to the Russian satellite news agency, Zapolo's military and civilian administrative agencies have made a clear statement a few days ago, announcing that local residents' loans in Ukraine banks will be zero. It is reported that before the news of the announcement of Zapolo, Heruson in southern Ukraine also made a similar statement. The person in charge of the local military and civilian administrative agency emphasized that these funds provided by the public will be used to kill civilians. Under such circumstances, it is completely unreasonable to pay the funds to the bank. The loan debt is to zero, so as to refuse to pay "murder".

In fact, after the outbreak of the Russian -Ukraine conflict, Western countries represented by the United States actively provide assistance to Ukraine and sanction and suppress Russia in various ways. A large number of Western countries also chose to evacuate from Russia, forcing Russia to make concessions on the Ukrainian issue in this way. According to the latest news, after McDonald's withdrawal from Russia a few days ago, Russian local companies acquired it and reopened "Russia McDonald's." According to the news disclosed by relevant sources, the speed of new restaurants will reach more than 50 per week.

The situation in Ukraine is not optimistic

In addition, although the US Western countries actively provide assistance to Ukraine, the overall situation of Ukraine is still not optimistic. According to the Ukraine News Agency, Ukraine President Zelei has previously revealed the news, claiming that Russia has not changed its tactical goals and still insisted on imposing pressure on the Nighton berest area. Quite fierce. In addition, the Ukraine in front -line areas such as Lixica is also facing a huge pressure from Russia.

As the Russian army continues to advance and controls more areas, the situation of Ukraine will become more unfavorable, and Russia may achieve the established goal of this special military operation.

Part of the information reference source: China Youth Network