After the former members of Hong Kong moved to the British, they became a waiter and forcibly comforted themselves.

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After the former members of Hong Kong moved to the British, they became a waiter and forcibly comforted themselves.

2022-06-17 12:45:21 16 ℃

(Observer Network News) After Hong Kong requests district members to swore the basic law and loyal to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, some of the opposition district members guilty of guilty of "running the road", and some of them use BNO visas to move English.

However, after the former district members who often shouted "human rights democracy" in Hong Kong came to the so -called "freedom" country in their hearts, they lost their arrogance and obediently became "second -class citizens" ...

Based on the news on June 16th, the report on the Hong Kong News Agency and Wen reported, Zhou Weixiong, a former member of the Hong Kong Opposition District, who has not appeared for a long time, recently released a video on the Internet, saying that he had left Hong Kong in the second half of last year. Then to the restaurant waiter ...

He also said "Ah Q spirit" that he was "very happy" to be a waiter, saying that he would "work hard to integrate new life and British culture."

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Zhou Weixiong, a former opposition district who resigned in July last year, suddenly appeared suddenly after 10 months of "diving". He posted a video on YouTube, telling a series of experiences that he had arrived in the UK from July last year to the present.

According to the news on June 16, Hong Kong Zhongtong News Agency, Zhou Weixiong claimed that after arriving in the UK at the end of July last year, because he had to apply for a BNO visa, he could not work in the first three months of the British. It was not until the end of October. "Transit" appears.

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But Zhou Weixiong's way to find a job in the UK is not smooth.

Zhou Weixiong said frankly that he had worked as a decoration worker in the UK, and later encountered the "appreciation" of his boss to work in the kitchen. In the past, he began to transfer to restaurant waiters.

From the super -salary Hong Kong district councilor to the grass -roots waiter in the UK. I wonder if it is to recover the face, Zhou Weixiong played the spirit of Ah Q, claiming that compared with the first time I did not work in the UK. Now "Qian" is still at the learning stage, and we must strive to "integrate into new life and British culture".

He also adhered to the "fascinators" in the UK with his own experience. He was not low -eyed to go to the UK. He bluntly tried to find a decent work in the UK in the UK. At this stage, the most important thing is to accumulate the so -called "human network".

"Since being so happy to be a waiter in the UK, don't return to Hong Kong!" Seeing Zhou Weixiong's "miserable" and forcibly respected, some Hong Kong netizens couldn't help but embarrass.

Some netizens speculate that if the boss knows Zhou's "chaos" deeds, it is estimated that he will not invite him. "People are willing to invite you, you will laugh!"

Recently, the British government plans to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda, and some netizens "agree" that Zhou Weixiong is "lucky", and it should indeed be "complacent". At least he does not have to worry about being sent to Rwanda by Britain for the time being.

Earlier, the former Hong Kong District Councilor, Zeng Xing and He Zhihong, who also shifted the film how difficult it was for Hong Kong people to live in the UK. Save everywhere. Some people who move Ying and Hong Kong do not turn on the lights, and some people do not leave home.

What's even more ironic is that these people are very concerned about politics in Hong Kong, but when they come to Britain, they are willing to "shrink" and bluntly not consider participating in politics. It is the most important thing to integrate into the local life.