US parliamentarians threatened not to give PetroChina. One day later, PetroChina signed an agreement with Russian Qi Company

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US parliamentarians threatened not to give PetroChina. One day later, PetroChina signed an agreement with Russian Qi Company

2022-06-18 00:15:44 16 ℃

Recently, domestic oil prices will start the topic of the "10 yuan era". "China Economic Times" pointed out on the 17th that the era of oil prices at 10 yuan will not be fleeting. The supply of international crude oil markets due to Russia and Ukraine conflicts and the peak period of summer demand. Continue to rise.

Just when people were under pressure on the "rise and rising" of oil prices, the American lawmakers came up with another crooked idea and suggested prohibiting the export of oil to China to produce oil. However, as the so -called "west is not bright, the east is bright", good news from China Petroleum Group came on the 16th, and China and Russia jointly signed the "Technical Agreement of the Sino -Russian Far East Gas Supply Project".

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U.S. oil prices are soaring, and it is difficult for Americans

In the context of the tight energy supply in the world, high oil prices have become an unbearable pain of Americans.

According to data from the American Automobile Association last Saturday, the average price of ordinary gasoline has exceeded the $ 5 mark for the first time in history. The United States CNN pointed out that this record is not surprising. Because in the past few weeks, US gasoline prices have been steadily rising.

The rising oil prices not only bring pain to the car family, but also the main factor in the most severe inflation in the United States in 40 years.

Although the Federal Reserve has adopted the "big movement" of 75 basis points in interest rate hikes, the effect may be counterproductive. On the 17th, Reuters pointed out that due to concerns about the decline in the US economy, the US stock market fell sharply on Thursday. This is the sixth decline in the 7 trading days of the US stock market Standard 500 Index.

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When it comes to the US economy, US President Biden continued to defend himself. Bayon bluntly said that the United States is a "country that has experienced psychological trauma." He acknowledged that the people are really "frustrated" at present, but he still "dump" the high oil price problem to domestic petroleum companies and Russia.

Facing the record of record, Biden is even more "innocent": How can it be my fault? I am not a panacea.

American councilor's idea of ​​crooked and strongly pulled China

Just when people across the United States were complaining about high oil prices, American senators wanted to use China to divert people's attention.

On June 15, two US senators Rubio and Scott proposed a bill called "prohibiting export of oil to China". The word is as expected, and the bill proposes to prohibit all oil products produced to the United States to China.

The reason they give is: the US oil prices are so high, why should they sell it to China? Domestic consumers should be considered first. In addition, the two members have not forgotten to render the "China threat theory", and they say that selling oil to China is to support the "main opponent of the United States."

(American Senator Marco Rubio)

Not to mention the fact that the United States' oil exports to China only account for 6.3%of its total exports. The U.S. government originally believed that energy independence was achieved, and energy sanctions imposed on Russia would not harm the US market. However, the shock wave of oil, natural gas, and power prices did not let go of the United States. And it was obviously that his own policy had a problem, but came to talk about China. The minds of the two members of the United States were "Sima Zhao's heart, everyone knows."

"The west is not bright and the east is bright", good news from China and Russia

Just when the American councilor was not good at China. Good news came from PetroChina. On June 16, Huang Yongzhang, deputy general manager of PetroChina Group, and Malcolov, Vice President of Russia's Natural Gas Industry Co., Ltd., held video conferences. During the meeting, the two parties jointly signed the "Technical Agreement of the Sino -Russian Far East Gas Supply Project".

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After seeing this news, many Chinese netizens were relieved. Some netizens commented that this contract is a great benefit for the two major powers of China and Russia. One is stable consumers, and the other is stable energy suppliers. China ’s natural gas and oil imports do not have to worry. Some netizens are praised for this kind of mutual benefit and win -win cooperation. Many netizens left a message saying: Long live China -Russia friendship.

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