Why is Zhang Luo's American Summit embarrassing to end (Viewing Channel)

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Why is Zhang Luo's American Summit embarrassing to end (Viewing Channel)

2022-06-18 06:03:20 19 ℃

As the first home diplomatic activity of the Latin American countries, the ninth American Summit has been embarrassed in Los Angeles in Los Angeles. The overbearing performance before and after the summit was widely criticized and resisted by countries in Latin America.

The American Summit is the least leader in the history. Before the summit was held, the United States refused to invite Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua -Guo Gua to the three nations on the grounds of so -called "democratic standards" to eventually lead to an unexpected diplomatic crisis. The leaders of Mexico, Bolivia, and Honduras made it clear that they did not attend the summit because they opposed the domineering practices of the ancients, committees, and Nigeria. The Caribbean Community countries issued a joint statement saying that they would collectively resist the "Empire Summit". Not only that, even at the meeting, Argentina President, Mexican Foreign Minister, and Prime Minister Belize continued to "bombard" the US government's isolation policy for other countries. In addition, the leaders of Guatemala, Salvador, and Uruguay also did not attend the meeting due to bilateral relations and physical health. Latin American family told the United States with the "low sign -in rate": holding "Monroeism" thinking, manipulating "democracy" issues to interfere and divide unpopularity, and to override themselves on other countries, serve the "American private interest "There is no market.

The theme of this American Summit looks "beautiful": "Construction is sustainable, elastic, and fair future." However, the United States, which pursues "Monroeism," only focuses on achieving its own diplomatic goals at the summit, and has not taken the substantial plan for the new crown vaccine and economic development that the people in Latin America need to solve. Several so -called "results documents" announced by the US high -profile are also "big cakes" on paper on paper: First, the "American Economic Prosperity Partnership" plan. White House officials said the plan is currently only a framework, and whether it can reach the negotiations of the United States with Latin American partners in the next few months. In terms of content, the framework does not involve substantive terms such as tariff exemption and market access. The second is the "America's Health and Restoration Action" plan. The plan only means that it will set up an organization named "American Health Team" aimed at training in the Latin American national health personnel, but it is not mentioned by the current most concerned and most needed vaccine such as the most concerned vaccine in Latin America. Third, the "US -Caribbean responds to the 2030 climate crisis partnership" plan. The plan can be exactly how much to invest to the Caribbean countries, and the United States has not tested itself. The fourth is the "Declaration of Migration and Protection of Los Angeles." As the final statement of the summit, the focus of the declaration is more focused on coordinating regions to help the United States share the pressure of immigrants, but it is basically not very ink to truly lead to the development of migratory development.

There are few substantive results of this summit, which once again proves the nature of the United States' pursuit of "the United States first" and "good mouth". Although the Bayeng government claims to list the Western Hemisphere as "the national interests of life and death" and emphasize that the Americas are the core interests of the United States, it is essentially regarding the Americas as "Americans' America", not "Americans’s Americans. "". Looking back at history, in the nearly 200 years after the United States proposed "Monroeism", more than 30 military intervention in Latin American countries, forcibly exporting American democracy, improving the regime subversion, and engaging in economic plunder. The US -La cooperation agreement with a large number of names has just regarded Latin America as the "strategic backyard" of the United States as the "strategic backyard", "raw material supply", "dumping of goods" and "cultural colonies".

In recent years, the influence of the United States in Latin America has continued to decline. At the beginning of 2021, the average trust score made by the people in Latin America to Washington was only 53 points. The Spanish "National News" reported that the US government originally expected to show the so -called "leadership status" of the United States in the Latin American region by holding the American Summit, but due to improper handling, the result was "everyone is not happy", and the "America Summit becomes becoming the United States’s in the United States. A 'diplomatic nightmare' ".

In the context of the world's polarization evolution and the rapid adjustment of the international structure, the fantasy of the United States who wants to use the American Summit to control Latin America and reshape its western hemisphere hegemony has been drank. More and more signs have shown that the influence and credibility of the United States in the Latin American region have continued to decline, but the hegemony logic of me alone and bullying and overbearing has become increasingly unpredictable.